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Schiller feat. Moja Brennan - Miles and Miles

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Schiller feat. Moja Brennan - Miles and Miles

  • Miles And Miles - Schiller
    "(feat. Moya Brennan) How time can fade away there seems too much to say we stumble through the day miles and miles my heart cannot divide this feeling deep inside how far from fear I lied miles and miles"
  • Miles - Mother Mother
    "Miles, and miles, and miles. Before we reach the sand. Cacti and cacti for miles.. miles of dry land, dry land. We gonna make it, ohh we gonna make it. We gonna take it, ohh we gonna take it easy. Once"
  • Miles - Dave Dudley
    "(You have the good times) I got the miles While in the ways of love I stood still And each mile that I've traveled they've all been up hill And when I think about 'em I just cry like a child You have the"
  • Miles - Over The Rhine
    "Miles words and music: Detweiler recording: Besides I wanna be real, something you can sink your teeth into. I want you to feel, all it is that I feel for you. Im firelight for your seeing hands. Rich"
  • Miles - Christina Perri
    "I'm scared today, more than I told you I was yesterday. Give me a moment to catch my breath and hold me every second left. Proud of me, that's the only way I want you to be. Look at me and love what you"
  • Miles - Hearts Of Black Science
    "City birds flying home Fading eyes bleeding eyes Clap your hands sing for me What have we done to ourselves Paranoid whats my name Bleeding ears and flowing tears In the streets of lonely souls The"
  • Miles - Sponge
    "two brothers the walking dead pray for silence the said one shot to the sky the other held down by disguise sex for an angry man to whores they can count on him 0ne made of paper the other glass one will"
  • Miles - Denison Witmer
    "We'll get in my car around 10:30 at night For the New York City skyline destination of our sight It's the biggest healing session that I've had for some years The laughter and the driving and the letting"
  • 4000 Miles - Blackalicious
    "(feat. Jurassic 5, Latyrx) J5 Blackalicious Yo We take a journey through music right now [2X] Yo, when music temptations cant be resisted Fifths will be unconsistent make me a misfit Listed as"
  • Miles and Miles - Folksongs For The Afterlife
    "There's just one way to find What you might leave behind It's a long shot A dedicated lie A forty second high It's a long shot One I can't describe And I should know I can see into you for miles Let"
  • Miles & Miles Away - Edyta Górniak
    "The nights get colder, around this time of year Nothing helps to keep me warm The days get older, oh so slowly gone When you're far away from home Nothing can stop the night from falling Nothing can stop"
  • Miles Away - Alexa Wilkinson Feat. Josh Kelley
    "I wouldn't mind if we stayed like this forever Remember the last time we were like this together Wrapped up in blankets and lost in your kiss, I never Thought it could end where it should've began together After"
  • Miles And Miles Away - David Phelps
    "Words and music by Sam Mizell & Steve Siler You tried to run so that no one could desert you, Always looking for the perfect place to hide. You build up walls so that no one could ever hurt you. And"
  • Miles Away (feat. Kellin Quinn) - Memphis May Fire
    "I pack my bags and say goodbye to my wife For what seems like the millionth time. They said it gets easier, but they lied. She looks at me and says "really baby, I will be just fine," but then she looks"
  • Miles And Miles Of Texas - Asleep At The Wheel
    "I's born in Louisiana, down on the old bayou Raised on shrimp and catfish, Mammy's good gumbo I got the ramblin' fever, said goodbye to maw and paw Crossed that old Red River this is what I saw I saw miles"
  • Miles And Miles Of Pain - Tripping Daisy
    "Do you know the reason people die When wanna take a ride through the world holding nothing at all Looking high, looking low Everything is great until You bust your little bubble falling gently down below Well"
  • 100,000 Miles - Michael Franti And Spearhead
    "100,000 Miles I need a reason to get up before I wash my face The junkies, the Hookers, the dealers the place kickin' off my covers trippin' off the fact that I haven't called my gramma in a long, long"
  • 500 Miles - Bad Astronaut
    "If you miss the train I'm on You will know that I have gone And I'm 500 miles from my home A 500 miles, a hundred miles A 500 miles, a hundred miles You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles Not a"
  • Miles Away - John Foxx
    "Miles away I'm walking in like someone else again Miles away I'm watching summer through an English rain And I'm a new man when I walk away It's crazy Shaking the daze from my head again I know I must"
  • Several Miles - Ron Sexsmith
    "Several miles have come between All for the best it seems and just in case you're listening To this song, I will make it clear that I still love you Whatever happened, it don't need to be second"

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