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Schmitt tel seat

  • Tel - Alain Bashung
    "Tu perds ton temps mariner dans ses yeux Tu perds son sang Tel Attila Tel Othello Tu te noircis Dans quoi tu te mires Dans quel tang l'avenir Laisse venir Laisse le vent du soir dcider l'avenir Laisse"
  • Tel - Anahi
    "toda emocionada esperandote no como ni estudio ni quiero salir suena, suena el telefono quiero que seas tu me habla mi amiga quiere ir a pasear o habla mi prima para saludar y yo quiero escuchar"
  • Tel Aviv - Jill Sobule
    "I'm climbing the stairway That leads from the kitchen In a bar in Tel Aviv He asks for my age He thinks I'm a virgin That's why he asked for me Somebody's missing me Somebody's missing me Somebody come"
  • Manhattan – Tel Aviv - Noa
    "Manhattan Tel Aviv With a detour to the deep southside Where its very violent A bouquet of violets Lies trampled to the ground Manhattan Tel Aviv With a detour to the deep southside Where its very violent"
  • Koshaku Na Tel. - Anzen Chitai
    "Sen yen natte Koshaku na denwa no no no no no Kanjou sen de Machi boukeja no no no no no Douse douse katte na koibito nara Baka bakashii wa Nani datta ano deipo kisu wa Hora motto iitto ne datetta Nani"
  • Driver's Seat - Sniff 'N' The Tears
    "Doing alright A little jiving on a Saturday night And come what may Gonna dance the day away Jenny was sweet Show a smile for the people she needs I'm trouble, let's drive, I don't know the way you came"
  • Driver's Seat - Sniff N The Tears
    "Doing all right A little jiving on a Saturday night And come what may Gonna dance the day away Jenny was sweet She always smiled for the people she'd meet I'm trouble and strife She had another way of"
  • Passenger Seat - Stephen Speaks
    "I look at her and have to smile As we go driving for a while Her hair blowing in the open window of my car And as we go the traffic lights, I watch them glimmer in her eyes In the darkness of the evening And"
  • Shotgun Seat - Gluecifer
    "With the top down And a hitcher And a stream of steady talk I got the beat on And a kerosene bottle And a light on the cigar Light green Light up the kerosene White light Goin right into the night You"
  • Mercy seat - Vicki Yohe
    "In the darkness Where everything is unknown I face the power of sin on my own I did not know of a place I could go Where I could find a way to Heal my wounded soul. He said that I could come into His presence"
  • Mercy Seat - Hillsong United
    "In the darkness, where everything is unknown I faced the power of sin on my own I did not know of a place I could go Where I could find a way to heal my wounded soul He said that I could come into His"
  • Baby Seat - Barenaked Ladies
    "You left Billy with the kid And all the selfless things you did with Billy You left your home town in the spring And turned your back on everything You thought your life would just go by Without a pause"
  • Passenger Seat - SHeDAISY
    "Passenger side, I slide on in Vinyl seats soft from the heat of the sun Chewin' on a Slim Jim, can't stop thinkin' 'bout him Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's the one Mmm, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's the one Ooh, ooh,"
  • Front Seat - Dropkick Murphys
    "Some times I get so fired up I never feel like coming down. But your attitude you have is tearing us apart. You constantly whine and moan, waxing passively. I've got a solution for you today. chorus:"
  • Passenger Seat - Death Cab For Cutie
    "I roll the window down and then begin to breathe ... in the darkest country road and the strong scent of evergreen from the passenger seat as you are driving me home Then looking upwards I strain my"
  • Hot Seat - Vic Chesnutt
    "Ventolin and Vivarin and primatene secret tequila shots and a patch of morphine in the morning and in the throes what a great day to come out of a coma I've been in the hot seat sweating it out oh, sweating"
  • Mercy seat - Johnny Cash
    "It all began when they took me from my homeAnd put me on Death Row,A crime for which I am totally innocent, you know.I began to warm and chillTo objects and their fields,A ragged cup, a twisted mopThe"
  • Window Seat - Erykah Badu
    "So, presently I'm standing Here right now You're so demanding Tell me what u want from me Concluding Concentrating on my music, lover, and my babies Makes me wanna ask the lady for a ticket outta town... So"
  • Back Seat - LL Cool J
    "ah yeah I wanna send this one out to all the jeep lovers worldwide city to city, ghetto to ghetto some flavor for you and yours and your jeep you're the type of girl that got class and style still in"
  • Seat 6 - Gadjits
    "Sorta like a toothache Hit all the nerves that make me quake Highly suggestive hints you deliver make the air turn hot Make the air turn hot and yet I shiver She always had a special friend and I always"

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