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Schulz larsen
  • Orkiestra Na Zdrowie Schulz
  • Zazie Larsen
    "Le rveil, tout les matins c'est pareil Je ne l'entend pas C'est comme a C'est comme a Tout ces bruits que tu fais courrir sur moi Ca ne m'atteint pas C'est mieu comme a Tant qu'on se parlera sur ce"
  • Atomica Larsen
    "i've built a union of defeat to the guard the falling of my dreams and you can take it all away but theres so little left to seize i try my best to overcome i must have tried a million times so much is"
  • British Sea Power Oh Larsen B
    "You're fractured and cold but your heart is unbroken My favourite foremost coastal Antarctic shelf Oh Larsen B, oh you can fall on me Oh Larsen B, desalinate the barren sea Oh I, I think it's over again Like"
  • TWENTY ONE PILOTS Chlorine feat. Ava Max (Robin Schulz Remix)
    "Sippin' on straight chlorine, Let the vibe slide over me, This beat is a chemical, beat is a chemical, When I leave don't save my seat, I’ll be back when it’s all complete the moment is medical, moment"
  • Spitalfield From The Desk Of B. Larsen
    "We drove through the night, listening to pavement on the stereo, and wondering to ourselves, will we see the sunrise, before the drugs wear off? Crossed so many borders that cease to exist at least for"
  • Robin Schulz All This Love
    "Robin Schulz"
  • Purple Schulz Sehnsucht
    "Sehnsucht lyrics Regen fllt, kalter Wind Himmel grau, Frau schlgt Kind Keine Nerven und so allein Das Paradies kann das nicht sein. Mnner taumeln md' nach Haus Die kalte Seele fliegt hinaus Kind mu weinen,"
  • Marit Larsen October Month
    "I'm surrounded by walls They grow closer when I sleep And the ceiling falls When I try to stand up on my feet I'm looking for doors They disappear when I breathe There are plenty of floors But they can't"
  • Marit Larsen You'll Be Gone
    "She looks for all the signs Checks your shirt when you get home to make sure She keeps an eye on your telephone Instead of asking you She asks everyone you're with and ends up In dark conclusion you're"
  • Marit Larsen Poision Passion
    "You give me this and leave me alone here Do you presume the battle's won? I'll keep my head above the water 'til you admit the damage's done (Chorus) Dry shimmer dazzle afternoon Your poison passion came"
  • Marit Larsen Sinking Game
    "Dive in with me I got dust on my feet I got guilt on my hands I need to give myself a second chance Dive in with me I got mud to my knees My partner in crime Tell me have you got the time? (Pre-Chorus) I'm"
  • Marit Larsen To The End
    "A dream in a jar A memory scar Though trapped in a frame Not one day the same I fell and I weep 'til I'm too tired to sleep And I ask permission to land To strike up the band Yet I'll build and I'll sow I'll"
  • Marit Larsen Walls
    "I'm surrounded by walls They grow closer when I speak And the ceiling falls When I try to stand up on my feet I'm looking for doors They disappear when I breathe There are plenty of floors But they can't"
  • Marit Larsen Recent Illusion (Single)
    "How hard can it be to Have an to keep what everyone has? Out walking the street The beautiful meet They're starting to laugh I know too much I've seen to much I crave too much I'm out of touch My recent"
  • Blaine Larsen At The Gate
    "Will it be my Uncle Ronnie, I barely knew him when he left He was only nineteen when he crashed that red Corvette Will it be my great grandmother with some cookies that she baked Oh, I wonder who's gonna"
  • Blaine Larsen Best Man
    "My mama got married to someone I barely knew They had me and then they had my sister too I was too young to understand why he left But how it broke Mama's heart, I'll never forget It was three years before"
  • Blaine Larsen If Merle Would Sing My Song - Merle Haggard
    "I've been walkin' these streets of Nashville Since I was a little kid Either in these boots or in my dreams I spent all I had to buy this Martin And I've been richer since I did Even though I can't afford"
  • Blaine Larsen Man He'll Never Be
    "Slow down girl, you're talkin' much to fast What's that girl, you think your love with him will always last How can you say that? It's like you're blind, ''cause you can't see the truth Like you forgot"
  • Blaine Larsen Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
    "Girl, you're getting that look in your eyes And it's starting to worry me I ain't ready for no family ties Nobody's gonna hurry me Just keep it friendly, girl Cause I don't wanna leave Don't start clinging"

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