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Scorpions Heroes Dont Cry

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Scorpions Heroes Dont Cry

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Scorpions Heroes Dont Cry
  • Scorpions Heroes Don't Cry
    "(Music: Rudolf Schenker / Lyrics: Klaus Meine) Heroes don't cry Heroes don't cry Standing here in front of you A wave of joy and sadness fills the room Your soul has crashed into a wall Your world just"
  • Culture Club Dont Cry
    "Give me time To realize my crime Let me love and steal I have danced inside your eyes How can I be real Do you really want to hurt me Do you really want to make me cry Precious kisses Words that burn me Lovers"
  • Gamma Ray Heroes
    "We can win, we can lose We can swallow the bad news In the end we all know Our life is just a show Everybody plays a game and in our hearts there's hidden our real face Who is the man who says I'm never"
  • Jeanette Heroes
    "Yeah, were true blue heroes Really true blue heroes Now we gonna break down the walls Cause were true blue heroes Our chances are not zero Yeah, were on the top, we didnt fall It is a new world Here we"
  • Virus Heroes
    "One time my father said to me When you grow up, you be the best man you can be When I look back on how fucked up my life has gone He said, Well son that's the thing that will make you strong Bridge: I"
  • Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson Heroes
    "Son you make me feel so proud I pop the buttons of my shirt I know I said I'd take you to the lake today But I'm going to have to break those plans and it really hurts. Every time I go fishin' it'd always"
  • Camel Heroes
    "Latimer/Hoover Image of mine are you just a myth? Aiming for the stars and a need to exist Singing your life to its final bar, Staging all the scenes to avoid who you are. Idol of mine will you lead"
  • Crushead Heroes
    "jenny`s sittin on the stairs waiting after school the father in the factory hard working so cruel the mother in the appartment washes the dishes every day days go in days go out always the same feels like"
  • Roni Size Heroes
    "Shidoobeedoo, beda, bedaiiShidoobeedoo, da, down da downI dont know no heroesThey can tell the storyI dont know no heroesThey can get the gloryAnd when ya dancin with yourself and ya know that its so riiight,"
  • Naruto Wind Dont' cry
    "Cultivate your hunger before you idealize. Motivate your anger to make them all realize. Climbing the mountain, never coming down. Break into the contents, never falling down. My knee is still shaking,"
  • Steelheart Mama Dont You Cry
    "Sweet little thing you take the breath outa me My heart of lust craving fantasy Let's roll around in mud and play in the sand A one night stand, yeah a dream come true Skin on skin, feel my love for you I'll"
  • Visage The Damned Dont Cry
    "A blade in the back, don't please attack A knife in your back, won't fight back A blade in our back, go go attack A knife in your back, please fight back Harder they come run boy run Fight fight stand"
  • Madonna Dont cry for me Argentina
    "It won't be easy, you'll think it strange When I try to explain how I feel That I still need your love after all that I've done You won't believe me All you will see is a girl you once knew Although she's"
  • Black Grape Kelly's Heroes
    "Dont talk to me about heroes Most of these men sing like surfs Jesus was a black man No Jesus was Batman No, no, no, no, not at all That was Bruce Wayne Who got the biggest Who got the biggest Who got"
  • Hi-STANDARD No Heroes
    "Used to trust in you Used to see the world in you Nothing's what you gave to me Nothing in return What's your purpose? I wonder What's inside you? No one can see You'll do anything to get More money and"
  • Hi Standard No Heroes
    "Used to trust in you Used to see the world in you Nothing's what you gave to me Nothing in return What's your purpose? I wonder What's inside you? No one can see You'll do anything to get More money and"
  • Bon Jovi Celluloid Heroes
    "(feat. Ray Davies) Everybodys a dreamer and everybodys a star, And everybodys in movies, it doesnt matter who you are. There are stars in every city, In every house and on every street, And if you walk"
  • Randy Bachman Vanishing Heroes
    "I used to save my pennies for admission And wait all week for Saturday matinees Just to see the good guys beat the bad guys And win the ladies hearts along the way No one ever rides into the sunset anymore Whatever"
  • Pretty Maids Lethal Heroes
    "Get a little frightened sometimes Get a little cold inside Catching bad news on the radio Get a little information There's a lack of destination With the talk of global arms control A fatal pollution A"
  • Lucky Dube Little Heroes
    "Little heroes, go down The drain day by day Future leaders they go down The drains day by day They cry so loud yeah But the whole world Is not listening Only you mothers of the world Can save the children There'"

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