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Scorpions Moment Of Glory

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Scorpions Moment Of Glory

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Scorpions Moment Of Glory
  • Scorpions Moment Of Glory
    "(Music: Klaus Meine; Lyrics: Klaus Meine) A moment of glory called evolution Could I see the world with the eyes of a child A new beginning, a moment of freedom Like angels are singing a song full of"
  • SONICFLOOd Moment Of Glory
    "Woke up this morning to a holy invitation My eyes were opened to a world of inspiration I felt the wind blow on my face I felt the sunlight of Your grace Woke up this morning witha child-like fascination"
  • Rod Stewart Moment Of Glory
    "(R. Stewart, C. Kentis, J. Golub, C. Rojas) Here is a story that is bound to amuse ya (about a fine young couple startin' out in life) A dedicated husband and a real fine worker (who lived for his children"
  • Stephen Covell Glory
    "Come watch the trees explode in the morning's burning glory Listen to the dawn as it builds the beginning of my story Nothing lasts forever, at least not the way that we had planned Though we dig and"
  • Cancer Bats Harem Of Scorpions
    "(feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against) Starving - like a pack of wolves in the city We'll chase our future down the barrel of a gun To what end? Haunted - by the siren song of the concrete Never ending"
  • Shamra Scorpions And Mudpies
    "tied up my sheets And threw them out the window We met in the street And hid by the Camino You nodded at me A silent innuendo We pressed our soles together That night in the gazebo My Chuck Taylor's Got"
  • Fates Warning In Trance (Scorpions Cover)
    "I wake up in the morning And the sun begins to shine The day did sneak up on the night I see your face, and I see myself And I get a little taste of life I try to stand it for a while But I'm in a trance Hey"
  • Benny Goodman Glory Of Love1
    "GOOD NIGHT, MY LOVE Benny Goodman (Mack Gordon & Harry Revel) Good night, my love, the tired old moon is descending. Good night, my love, my moment with you is now ending. It was so heavenly, holding"
  • Avalon The Glory
    "In the solitary moment of His birth On this barren dusty land All of heaven kissed the face of the earth With a miracle of love God became a man But He was sent away to draw his final breath When he"
  • Randy Newman Glory Train
    "LORD: Will you pass on over? ANGELS: Yes, Lord. LORD: Will you all pass over? ANGELS: Yes, Lord. LORD AND ANGELS: Will you pass on over And join the Lord? LORD: Have you been redeemed? ANGELS: Yes"
  • Building 429 Glory Defined
    "There's always a better way there's always a bridge that needs crossings there's always the straight and the narrow the wide and the shallow But I know that you're guiding me and the best is yet to come You've"
  • Stephen Schwartz Glory
    "Battles, Barbarous, and Bloody Glory!Glory! Glory!Glory! Praise be to Charles our Lord Triumphant is his Sword Allegiance is his Word Glory! Glory! Glory! Glory! Blood! Blood is red as Sunset Blood"
  • Skrewdriver Glory
    "Deutschland erwache! It took us twelve hours since the journey began Until we finally came to the Fatherland Dortmund City was the rendezvous Proud German comrades doing what they could do, and now... Bring"
  • Pippin Glory
    "(LEADING PLAYER) Glory! Glory! Glory! Glory! Praise be to Charles or Lord Triumphant is his sword Allegiance is his word Glory! Glory! Glory! Glory! Blood! Blood is red as sunset Blood is warmer than"
  • Hillsong Glory
    "Great is the Lord God Almighty Great is the Lord on high The train of His robe fills the temple And we cry out highest praise Glory to the risen King Glory to the Son, glorious Son Lift up your heads Open"
  • Jaci Velasquez Glory
    "Jim Boggia & Andy Kravitz CHORUS: I see the glory There's glory all around in the world And glory has been found--it surrounds me And opens my mind and heart Looking for meaning Wandering around with no"
  • Lloyd Cole Glory
    "I was out stumbling in the rain Staring at your lips so red You said, "blah, blah, blah, I got a pillow stuck in my head" How could I argue with a mirror? She looked at me Yes, I hear her. When I see"
  • Audio Adrenaline Glory
    "You and me were meant to be a little lower than angels And on this ground I have found, finally found the reason To sing glory, to sing glory I long to walk hand in hand down a golden road with father"
  • Hillsong United Glory
    "Verse 1: Great is the Lord God almighty great is the Lord on high The train of His robe fills the temple and we cry out highest praise Pre-Chorus: Glory to the risen king glory to the Son glorious Son Chorus: Lift"
  • Fool's Garden Glory
    "It's what you think, it's what it's like, so many pieces remain tonight, you've had it all and now you can't get up. It's just the way the story goes, the glass is cut and none of those who've licked"

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