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Scorpions stiil

  • Fan de scorpions - Babasonicos
    "Atrveteatrvete a viajar conmigoatrvete a vendar los ojosatrveteatrvete a las cosas nuevasy en esa quimera me propongo yo.Seamos estupendos amigosdejemos la crtica de ladola msica no tiene mensaje para"
  • Scorpions And Mudpies - Shamra
    "tied up my sheets And threw them out the window We met in the street And hid by the Camino You nodded at me A silent innuendo We pressed our soles together That night in the gazebo My Chuck Taylor's Got"
  • Fan De Scorpions - Babasnicos
    "Atrvete Atrvete a viajar conmigo Atrvete a vendar los ojos Atrvete Atrvete a las cosas nuevas Y en esa quimera me propongo yo Seamos estupendos amigos Dejemos la crtica de lado La msica no tiene mensaje"
  • Harem Of Scorpions - Cancer Bats
    "(feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against) Starving - like a pack of wolves in the city We'll chase our future down the barrel of a gun To what end? Haunted - by the siren song of the concrete Never ending"
  • In Trance (Scorpions Cover) - Fates Warning
    "I wake up in the morning And the sun begins to shine The day did sneak up on the night I see your face, and I see myself And I get a little taste of life I try to stand it for a while But I'm in a trance Hey"
  • I'm Still Loving You - Scorpions & - Vanessa-Mae
    "Time, it needs time To win back your love again. I will be there, I will be there. Love, only love Can bring back your love someday. I will be there, I will be there. Fight, babe, I'll fight To win back"
  • Beware Of The Tales Of Scorpions - A Girl A Gun A Ghost
    "The furnace is cold, the timber rotten and old. The parasites have found the time to kill something bold. It's a lover's embrace without the lovers, It's the thrill of the chase without the hunters! It's"
  • Lovedrive - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) A girl to drive a car to love The music rocks me down the motorway My whore's got wings we're taking off And I can't stop this flight of speed today It's a lovedrive on"
  • The Sails Of Charon - Scorpions
    "Dark night, there is no light In the realm of the black magic man Souls flight into the cold blight Of the destroyer's magic land Poor man! Those spirits are stronger They're the ones who will reign You're"
  • All Night Long - Scorpions
    "Jack it in none of them He'll get along Some like the violin, some like the horn She can't play on and my mind's goin' round Hot lovin' woman is back in town Well just to make me feel alright All night"
  • Hound Dog - Scorpions
    "You ain't nothing but a hound dog Crying all the time You ain't nothing but a hound dog Crying all the time You ain't never caught a rabbit And you ain't no friend of mine When they said you was high"
  • Long Tall Sally - Scorpions
    "Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John, he says he has the blues but he has a lotta fun. Oh baby, ye-e-e-eh baby, woo-o-o-oh baby, havin' me some fun tonight. Well, long tall Sally has a lot on the ball and"
  • Hey You - Scorpions
    "Hey you, I'm in love with your eyes And the sound of your name Hey you, I'm in love with your smile And the way you're dressed today Hey you, well I like the way you walk Just like a star moves on stage Hey"
  • Can't Get Enough (Part II) - Scorpions
    "That's the stuff that turns me on More than gold and mony I need sounds loud and rough Like the bee the honey my love I can't get enough Move you legs stamp your feet The language of your body Is right"
  • His Latest Flame - Scorpions
    "A very old friend Came by today 'Cause he was telling everyone in town About the love he just found And Marie's the name of his latest flame He talked and talked And I heard him say That she had the longest,"
  • Edge Of Time - Scorpions
    "Only the Lord knows the answer To the mess this world is in At the end of the rainbow We're scared to death once again Life's getting shorter every hour It keeps on feeding in my face Why can't"
  • I Can't Explain - Scorpions
    "I got a feeling inside It's a certain kind I feel hot and cold Deep down in my soul I said I can't explain I'm feeling good enough baby I'm dizzy in my head And I'm feeling blue Things you say but maybe"
  • Over The Top - Scorpions
    "Down in the city Where the girls look pretty Some just like a miracle They're so attractive So hyperactive But they're cool and they talk cynical Give me a chance I don't want romance Don't be so serious"
  • Life Goes Around - Scorpions
    "You're climbing up the ladder on this shaking monkey tree. Dreams are coming true that are just far beyond belief. You're facing every storm that's blowing right into your face. What happened was it's"
  • Crossfire (instrumental) - Scorpions
    "It seems to me a nightmare becomes reality The last days of the paradise are gone for you and me We're living in the crossfire And we'll be killed at first Why cannot people that we made the leaders of"

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