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Scott Walker - Next

  • Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott) - Miguel
    "quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador Quick step catch a wave on us take a shot make"
  • Next - Scott Walker
    "Naked as sin, an army towel Covering my belly Some of us blush, somehow Knees turning to jelly Next, next I was still just a kid There were a hundred like me I followed a naked body A naked body follwed"
  • Street Walker - Band, The
    "Band, The Islands Street Walker Sightseer in the middle of the night I'm looking for action, something real tight But can you make it when we turn on the lights Of the city Street walker in the middle"
  • Street Walker - The Band
    "Sightseer in the middle of the night I'm looking for action, something real tight But can you make it when we turn on the lights Of the city Street walker in the middle of the day Been up all night trying"
  • Scott - Deathray
    "scott if i ever see you i am gonna kill you and then... i will get sent back to jail the pope'll send the bail in tens... and twenties cause his god is funny spent all my f***in' money and i still feel"
  • Lens (ft. Travis Scott) - Frank Ocean
    "My girl made him wait till the hours of the night To hit you with the You know it’s mid right Can’t be on time for the free rides can’t be my type I’m a low life Crank this sometime Then I’m your whole"
  • Song For John Walker - Dj Krush
    "(feat. Anticon) There's a little Johnny Walker Lindh in every Meadow Creek middle school And when the rap tape grows up Each wave topples at first wind before the self settles in the body The names"
  • Walker - Lady Pank
    "Korytarzem Gdynia - GdańskPromenadą Gwiazd idzie człowiekI nie pytaj go kim jestWydra to czy pies - co ma w głowieCzy to dzień czy to nocNic nie dziwi goI tak idzie sobieCzy to dzień czy to nocNic nie"
  • Mr Walker Its All Over - Billie Jo Spears
    "I left Garden City, Kansas with a ticket And a yen to see New York I typed eighty words a minute So your corporation let me go to work I fetched paper clips and coffee Even helped you dodge you're domineering"
  • Mr. Walker It's All Over - Lynn Anderson
    "I left Garden City Kansas with a ticket and a yen to see New York I typed eigty words a minute so your corporation let me go to work I fetch paper clips and coffee even help you dodge your domineering"
  • His Name Was Coalhouse Walker - Ragtime Soundtrack
    "His name was Coalhouse Walker. Was a native of St. Louis some years before. When he heard the music od Scott Joplin In St. Louis Bought himself some piano lessons Working as a stevedore. Here"
  • Next Step In Love - Clay Walker
    "(Clay Walker) Solid gold candle holders And an old bottle of wine You let your hair down on your shoulders And you pressed your lips to mine The rain beat soft against the window As the night turned into"
  • Scott Bower - They Might Be Giants
    "Scott Bower, Scott Bower My lifestyle determines my deathstyle Scott Bower, Scott Bower My lifeboat determines my deathboat (Scott) All hands on deck (Scott) It's my turn to deal (Scott) There's no way"
  • All His Children - Scott Walker
    "When you're standing alone With the mountain and the ski When the arms of the world open wide Well, the trick is that plain as a falling rain And you're sure as the time and the tide You see, we're all"
  • Hero Of The War - Scott Walker
    "He's a hero of the war All the neighborhood is talkin' 'bout your son Mrs. Reiley get his medals Hand them 'round to everyone Show his gun to all the children in the street It's too bad he can't shake"
  • The Amorous Humphrey Plugg - Scott Walker
    "Hello Mr. Big Shot Say, you're looking smart I've had a tiring day I took the kids along to the park You've become a stranger Every night with the boys Got a new suit That old smile's come back And I"
  • The Girls From The Streets - Scott Walker
    "Suffocating eyes and fast hellos and last good-byes Surround the night of me Mustache large like smoke from his cigar Coughs up a joke and laughs a net of sound Swallowing the pinwheel clowns Consuming"
  • If You Go Away - Scott Walker
    "If you go away On this summer day Then you might as well Take the sun away All the birds that flew In the summer sky When our love was new And our hearts were high And the day was young And the night was"
  • Bon Scott - Kingdom Come
    "Stood up spoke his mind Never pointed finger Cried out many times A god's given bringer Are you digging this Going back in time Music old or new You always come to mind Bon Scott that it is Your words"
  • Scott Bakula - Sunspot
    "I used to watch Quantum Leap, every night with my girlfriend. Al and Sam, they leaped through time, and I felt like they were my best friends. Ziggy said theres a 98 percent chance of a broken heart. Scott"

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