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Scott Walker Its Over

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Scott Walker Its Over

  • Mr Walker Its All Over - Billie Jo Spears
    "I left Garden City, Kansas with a ticket And a yen to see New York I typed eighty words a minute So your corporation let me go to work I fetched paper clips and coffee Even helped you dodge you're domineering"
  • Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott) - Miguel
    "quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador Quick step catch a wave on us take a shot make"
  • Its Over - White Lion
    "Theres a little note beside this empty bed I hear the back door slam Rn baby youre on your way You know I cried a thousand times before you left You say that this is it But baby cant you wait You take"
  • Its Over - Mest
    "You've been waiting for You never knew for sure Cause time was goin' by And never asked you why When I would talk to you The words they went right through Your head But I couldn't tell You were under"
  • Its Over - Dubstar
    "Into the coloured field of view my eyes are on the toe line Into another space and now it's clear that I will soon be found And this is the first time that it's made vague sense So into the coloured field"
  • Sally Walker - Iggy Azalea
    "Lil Sally Walker walkin' down the street She didn't know what to do, so she jumped in front of me Lil Sally Walker walkin' down the street She didn't know what to do, so she jumped in front of me I"
  • Scott-fitzgerald - Liesbeth List
    "O Zelda, onze liefde had zijn uur Toen kwam de winter met zijn raven As en sintels resten van ons vuur Gras groeit over graven De dagen waren lang en zomers De jazzband speelde nieuw en wild We leefden"
  • Shadow Walker - Mekong Delta
    "He was thinking it out and started writing it down the crazy thoughts in his head He was on a roll to find his self control but it was taking it's toll instead Meanwhile outside as the normal crowd did"
  • Doom Walker - Bobaflex
    "Warning, warning the planet earth is under attack run for your fucking lives Verse Now, now begins the invasion Stay in attack formation Blast every human in your sights Rape this planet"
  • Sleep walker - ICP
    "Welcome everyoneNate it's good to see you backPeople we have a new member todayI'd like you to meet himHe's gonna stand up and tell usWhat's going on with him andWhat he wants to change about himselfIf"
  • Mr. Walker It's All Over - Lynn Anderson
    "I left Garden City Kansas with a ticket and a yen to see New York I typed eigty words a minute so your corporation let me go to work I fetch paper clips and coffee even help you dodge your domineering"
  • Its Over Now - Bad Examples
    "Id like to remember you the way you look this very moment But now were past it and Im memorizing that you were in it Someone has to make the move to say good-bye so say good-bye Its over now, its over"
  • Its All Over - Headstones
    "It's All Over Over the moon, and over the top and over the people, yeah, who told you to stop It's all over, It's all over, Just like I told you, It's all over Over the sky, and into the future You do"
  • Its Over Now - 112
    "What is this numbers in your pocket? I remember when you used to throw those things away why do u want to keep in touch now who gave you a reason to act so shady baby you know you can call me anytime anything"
  • Its Over Now - Cause And Effect
    "Cause And Effect Miscellaneous Its Over Now it's over now ------------- i guess it's over now. i think we've seen the end. when our common dream. faltered in the between. though i've tried so hard to"
  • Its Not Over - Adina Howard
    "(feat. Ee-De) How did it go down? How did you touch her? sitin' there drinking that hipnotic, (yeah) screaming what have i done to you, i should of knew your girl cheef for beefin' she made some"
  • Jo Ann Walker - Triumvirat
    "Jo Ann Walker was a girl of trade She had friends all over town Jo Ann knew it was a stroke of fate That she had to walk the streets up and down And every time a car would stop Sweet Jo Ann just waved"
  • Tight Rope Walker - Discover America
    "He saw your bike chained to a tree right outside the library. Pulled over to go inside to see if you might need a ride. But his head started thinking. His confidence shrinking. He couldn't make up his"
  • Maggie Walker Blues - Doc Watson
    "My parents raised me tenderly, They had no child but me. My mind being placed on rambling, With them I couldn't agree Just to leave my aged parents And them no more to see. There was a wealthy gentleman Who"
  • Its Not Over Yet - Black
    "So many problems, so many dreams, so many hangdog faces. So many ways to say "oh! I'll never see another day with you in it". So listen while you can, the first time that you ever have. I just grew tired, grew"

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