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Sean Kingston Seasonal Love (feat. Wale)

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Sean Kingston Seasonal Love (feat. Wale)

  • Seasonal Love (feat. Wale) - Sean Kingston
    "That summer time love Is it in the way the time love This way before Get you ready to go One night to love Got that seasonal love That summer time love Is it in the way the time love This way before Get"
  • What Is It (feat. Sean Kingston) - Baby Bash
    "Bash Tell me, what it do Tell me, what it do Kingston (What is it) What What What is it Hey Hey Hey Hey What is it Let me see you go mama, go mama What is it Get your girls and pull on"
  • I Wanna Luv Ya (Feat. Sean Kingston) - Mafia Clowns
    "Baby, your love is a murder Is a one way ticken It’s killin’ me And it’s takin’ to heave Hey Girl, I want to love you Hey Girl, I want to love you"
  • Eenie Meenie (ft. Sean Kingston) - Justin Bieber
    "Eenie meenie miney mo Catch a bad chick by her toe If she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her go She's indecisive She can't decide She keeps on lookin' From left to right Girl, come a bit closer Look"
  • Wake Up In It ((Feat. Tyga, Pusha T, French Montana & Sean Kingston)) - Mally Mall
    "So what's it gonna be now? Girl I'm tryna wake up in it So don't fall asleep now Girl I'm tryna wake up in it Fall asleep, fall asleep now Girl I'm tryna wake up in it Fall asleep, fall asleep now Girl"
  • Make My Love (feat. Sean Paul) - Jay Sean
    "Hey, It's Sean Paul on side Demn, demn call Jay Sean Feel di gyal dem Telling them again what we tell them Pass me a drink to the left yeah Say her name was Delilah And I'm like you should come my way I"
  • On Ya (ft. Sean Kingston) - Meital Dohan
    "Why gotta unwind fun time When she go, when she hit the floor She get down and she blows my mind All the dudes in the club they lookin’ at her But she on my time I’m on, I’m hot, I hit the jackpot Cause"
  • In & Out (feat. Wale) - Marcus Canty
    "Should I do it? I’d be surrounded by so many other girls If you’re offer me to do it and I don’t wanna do it. ‘cause if I do it I will be missing all that somethings That I’m so scared turning, keep it"
  • Kingston - Sean Kingston
    "Kingston, Kingston, Kingston I see them coming from afarI got my eyes open I'm ready to warWhen I fight mon' they know who we areA Kingston they come from, A Kingston they come throughI see them coming"
  • Coffee (F***ing) feat. Wale - Miguel
    "I wish I could paint our love These moments and vibrant hues Wordplay, turns in to gun play And gun play turns into pillow talk And pillow talk turns into sweet dreams Sweet dreams turns into fucking in"
  • Baby Boy (feat sean paul) (radio version) - Sean Paul
    "Certified quality A dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology Buck dem da right way - dat my policy Sean Paul alongside - now hear what da man say - Beyonce Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya Beyonce"
  • Rock You (Feat. Sean Garrett) - Jesse McCartney
    "Yeah once again there's some what's in the pen Sean hear ya boy case but I'm blowin' in the wind I got my young boy Jesse gettin' at the Missy Don't you be with me and we be gettin' undress-ed What you"
  • Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean) - Ariana Grande
    "As soon as we forget how we felt Dealing with emotions that never left Playing with the hand that we were dealt in this game Maybe I'm the sinner, and not a saint Gotta stop pretending what we ain't Why"
  • Ebony Eyes (feat. Sean Paul) - Rico Bernasconi
    "It's Meant To Be The Way How You Drop It And Move Dat Thing Fi Me So Me Love Fi See Ebony Eyes a Shine Like Dem a Jewelry So Let It Be-eee! All Night Long Me Fi Give You My Energy Bring It Come To Me Best"
  • Kingston Advice - The Clash
    "In these days you can get no rice No razor blades but you can get knife In these days see the people run They have no food but the boy have gun In these days they don't throw the stone Nor use the voice"
  • All I Need (Feat. Chris Brown & Wale) - DJ Khaled
    "There’s been so many, it’s been dope My vibe Prosecco like a retired rep though I’ve been official and been official Let’s go I’m just looking for a good time tonight Weed and champagne, it’s a good"
  • The Matrimony (feat. Usher) - Wale
    "Forever, this is forever! If there's a question of my heart, you've got it It don't belong to anyone but you If there's a question of my love, you've got it Baby don't worry, I've got plans for you Baby,"
  • Breathe Feat.Sean Paul - Blu Cantrell
    "verse#1: you say you love me say you love me but you're never there for me, yea mm hmmm but you'll be crying slowly dying when i decide to leave uh ohhh b-section: all we do is make up then break up why"
  • You Don’t Know What to Do (feat. Wale) - Mariah Carey
    "You need to go Don't look so surprised Cause we had a love That won't be immortalized Say you need me now So lost without me now But our little romance is through Because basically boy, you You just don't"
  • Show Out (feat. Big Sean & Young Jeezy) - Juicy J
    "Yo Jeezy, Big Sean! Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out Everytime I go out, you know I bring the dough out Everytime they go out, you know they bring they ho out Everytime I go out, you know"

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