Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind - t%C5%82umaczenie po polsku -

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Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind - t%C5%82umaczenie po polsku

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Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind - t%C5%82umaczenie po polsku

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Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind - t%C5%82umaczenie po polsku
  • Sean Paul Sean Paul
    "*Intro* shake that thing miss kana kana, shake that thing yah annabella, shake that thing miss donna donna, jodi and rebecca *Verse 1* woman get busy just shake that booty nonstop when that beat drop just"
  • Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind
    "Ooh ooh ooh HELLO Ooh ooh ooh Girl I got you so high And I know you like So come on push it on me If it feels alright Put it, drop it low and break it off... No, she doesn't mind Aight, she doesn't mind,"
  • Youngbloodz Sean Paul
    ""Like Glue" (Intro:) Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat trend now, yeah yeah Sean-A-Paul, so mi go so then (Chorus:) Well I don't really care what people say I don't really watch what dem waan do Still I"
  • Rihanna Break It Off (feat. Sean Paul)
    "Break It Off Breakin it off And settin it off in da real way Makin da girls dem chill dey mind Makin dem have a good time Ya man SPZ long side RiRi Come down now Rihanna Tek it to dem Tek it to"
  • Sean Paul Baby Boy (feat sean paul) (radio version)
    "Certified quality A dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology Buck dem da right way - dat my policy Sean Paul alongside - now hear what da man say - Beyonce Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya Beyonce"
  • Luther Vandross She Doesn't Mind
    "SHE DOESN'T MIND Luther Vandross and Reed Vertelney (album: POWER OF LOVE - 1991) For love you pay the price You give it up, you sacrifice And if necessary you compromise Sometimes it's bitter sweet You've"
  • Vandross Luther She doesn't mind
    "For love you pay the priceYou give it up, you sacrificeAnd if necessary you compromiseSometimes it's bitter sweetYou've got to try eight days a weekTo create a good enough love to keepYou see hearts belong"
  • Arash She Makes Me Go (ft. Sean Paul)
    "Bring that body, come give me girl I got to think I can rock your World, Bring that body, come give me girl A long time I’ma lock you girl! Drop it girl, then pop it girl Don’t push my button, suck it"
  • Simple Plan Summer Paradise (ft. Sean Paul)
    "I gotta find my way back Back to summer paradise! Sean Paul – Simple Plan My heart is sinkin' As I’m liftin' Up above the clouds away from you And I can’t believe I’m leaving Oh I don’t kno-kno-know"
  • Rico Bernasconi Ebony Eyes (feat. Sean Paul)
    "It's Meant To Be The Way How You Drop It And Move Dat Thing Fi Me So Me Love Fi See Ebony Eyes a Shine Like Dem a Jewelry So Let It Be-eee! All Night Long Me Fi Give You My Energy Bring It Come To Me Best"
  • Pachanga Como estas( ft. Sean Paul)
    "VERSE 1 Bring somebody on this night, make them feel whats on your mind si sientes conmigo esta cancion, escucha y presta mi atencion When you hear this on CD, the track is pumping you mami Oh ladies,"
  • Pastuch Seks po polsku
    "Nie kochajmy się już w łóżkach nigdy więcej Wszędzie tam powoli na prędcy Zimniej, goręcej NIE CHOWAJ SIĘ POD KOCEM PRZED MOIMI OCZAMI Nie krzycz w poduszkę Lecz pod gwiazdami Kochajmy się po kawie Przed"
  • Nieznany Titanic po polsku
    "Każdej nocy w moich snach widzę Cię, czuję Cię i wiem, że nadchodzisz jak co noc... Przez dłużą odległość i przestrzeń między nami przychodzisz i ukazujesz mi się... Blisko, daleko gdziekolwiek jesteś wierzę,"
  • John Legend All of me (po polsku)
    "Zwrotka 1 Co zrobiłbym bez Twoich mądrych ust Przyciągają mnie do siebie odrzucasz mnie W mojej głowie mętlik - nie żartuje - nie umiem zatrzymać Cię. Co kryje się w cudownych myślach Twych Jestem na"
  • Everything But The Girl Sean
    "There's a Belfast girl I loved and lost On the rolling hills around my home Now she stays home nights behind locked doors Since a plastic bullet stopped him And he don't come no more There's a Belfast"
  • Gareth Gates She Doesn't Even Know
    "She's like a model and i'm not exactly the model type we talk everyday the most we say is hi and goodbye. I feel like a stranger but my neighbours i've know her all my life. I order and call her so"
  • Jay Sean Make My Love (feat. Sean Paul)
    "Hey, It's Sean Paul on side Demn, demn call Jay Sean Feel di gyal dem Telling them again what we tell them Pass me a drink to the left yeah Say her name was Delilah And I'm like you should come my way I"
  • Squeeze She Doesn't Have To Shave
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) She was washing the dishes When she burst into tears It was the time of the month She was up to her ears I put my arms round her neck I said sit down a while Cry as much"
  • Dalbello Make Up Your Mind, Paula
    "when he walked in the apartment She was hungry... she was cold When I overheard the argument It was half a minute old With his finger on the trigger And an aim as true as Capone "You better love me like"
  • Blu Cantrell Breathe Feat.Sean Paul
    "verse#1: you say you love me say you love me but you're never there for me, yea mm hmmm but you'll be crying slowly dying when i decide to leave uh ohhh b-section: all we do is make up then break up why"

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