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Seel it stell

  • Stella - Ida Maria
    "God was there, always had the best of drugs, knew where to get them, brought a ladyfriend and i believe her name was Stella, and he said Stella, Stella, i wanna give you the world if you just stay with"
  • Stella - The Tubes
    "(Tubes/S. Crew) I wake up screaming at the moon but Stella doesn't hear I howl so loud it shakes the room but it's like she wasn't there The dream is repeating endlessly With always the same cast"
  • Stella - Tubes
    "(Tubes/S. Crew) I wake up screaming at the moon but Stella doesn't hear I howl so loud it shakes the room but it's like she wasn't there The dream is repeating endlessly With always the same cast"
  • Stella - All Time Low
    "3 p.m on my feet and staggering Through misplaced words and a sinking feeling I got carried away Sick, sick of sleeping on the floor Another night, another score I'm jaded Bottles breaking You're only"
  • Stella - Virginia Coalition
    "Young man with a tear in his eye A beginner to the broken heart He said "Mama, no matter what glue I use, my world just falls apart" So he packed his bags and cash And hitchhiked up 95 And it was 2 AM The"
  • Stella Dear Sweet Stella - Porter Wagoner
    "Stella dear dear sweet Stella My memories of you are sweet my thoughts of you are kind You're as warm as summertime as colorful as autumn As gentle as the snowflakes falling on a winter's day You're as"
  • Stella blue - Grateful Dead
    "All the years combine, they melt into a dream,A broken angel sings from a guitar.In the end there's just a song comes cryin' up the nightThru all the broken dreams and vanished years.Stella blue. Stella"
  • Stella Blue - The Grateful Dead
    "All the years combine they melt into a dream A broken angel sings from a guitar In the end there's just a song comes crying like the wind through all the broken dreams and vanished years Stella Blue When"
  • Stella Splendens - Qntal
    "Stella splendens in monte ut solis radium miraculis serrato exaudi populum cuncurrunt universi gaudentes populi divites et egeni grandes et paruli ipsum ingredientur ut cernunt occuli et inde revertuntuntur gratiis"
  • Stella Hurt - Elvis Costello
    "You should wear your red galoshes Walking o'er the city pride Streets are paved with heaven's pennies Gutters full of suicides Teddy steadily fell from graceful Somewhere near Arcadia Once she overheard"
  • Bella Stella - Highland
    "Bella Stella m'innamoro della notte Con la sua magia?dentro me Can you hear me Sto pensanto a te Double d on the fat track With the ABE guess as the fat mack Double d on my side ya, Representing bella"
  • Stone Walls And Stell Bars - The Stanley Brothers
    "Stone walls and steel bars a love on my mind I'm a three time loser I'm long gone this time Jealousy has took my young life All for the love of another man's wife But I've had it coming I've known all"
  • Astrophel And Stella - Tangerine Dream
    "What if we new beauties see, Will they not stir new affection? I will thinke they pictures be, (Image-like, of saints perfection) Poorely counterfeting thee. But your reasons purest light Bids you leaue"
  • E Lucean Le Stelle - Xzibit
    "Trunk shit Burnin motherfuckers to the third degree Burnin all the way to four when it's time for an encore Hardcore, unexplanable like the Trinity Taking out the enemy with double shots of Hennessey And"
  • Stella Is A Planet - Tripping Daisy
    "she's the melting pot of summer she's a baloon with a gentle breeze she can move around in waves of thunder she is up when your asleep she's a pretty thing that goes eeeeewwwwww wow she turns me into"
  • Workin' On It (ft. Lennon Stella, Sasha Sloan) - Meghan Trainor
    "never been asked to dance cause i never been pretty one never like compliments cause it’s always been so hard belivin’ them you say I am beautiful and I say you’re full of it nothing personal I am still"
  • Stell Dir Vor - Lukas Hilbert
    "Stell dir vor, die Castingshows werden ihre Stars nicht los Stell dir vor, die Charts sind leer Lukas keiner kauft die Platten mehr Stell dir vor, du bist zu dick Hilbert du hast trotzdem einen hit Stell"
  • Stell Dir Vor - Fehlfarben
    "Stell dir vor in fnfzig Jahren gibt es Lwen in der Heide unter Palmen liegen wir an der Nordsee Wir lieben uns im ewigen Sommer und nur Opa kennt noch die Zeiten mit Winter, Regen und Schnee Die Zukunft"
  • Stell Dir Vor - Audio88
    "Stell Dir vor, es ist kein Krieg, aber alle gehen hin... Es gibt keinen Krieg zwischen arm und reich. Wer kein Geld hat, hat auch keine Waffen, also knnen arme Menschen gar keinen Krieg fhren. Auch die"
  • Stell Dir Vor - Mono & Nikitaman
    "2006 - Wir brauchen noch immer keine Kriege - weder im Norden, im Sden, im Osten, noch im Westen! '' '' Fang' an zu trumen und stell' dir vor es ist Krieg und keiner geht hin, das Schlachtfeld bleibt"

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