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Seether Tonight

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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - Seether
    "I'm not gonna waste this This opportunity's mine I'm sick of complaining About a beautiful life How did we get here? Did we forget all the things inside? And how do we stay here? Do we embrace all the"
  • Goodbye Tonight - Seether
    "Show me the light with the meaning Give me what I would not burn Show me how to love without reason Teach me what I still need to learn And pour us both the drink my friend Come here And pour us both"
  • Simplest Mistake - Seether
    "Watch it blow my mind It's something I am ill-prepared to remedy But let it slow the time It takes to die and close your eyes to your enemy Defy! Self-made millionaires won't take ideas >From all the little"
  • Little Black Backpack - Seether
    "I know it's, it's a shame a shame i can't show it i see it, i can see it now but i'm so far below it don't wanna, don't wanna talk about it i say why not don't wanna think about it i say there's"
  • Careless whisper - Seether
    "I feel so unsure,As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor.As the music diesSomething in your eyes,Calls to mind a silver screen,And all those sad goodbyesChorusIm never gonna dance again,Guilty"
  • Tonight - Bruce Springsteen
    "Every day I <can't believe> I wanna be around you Gotta gotta gotta gotta be, I wanna be with you What I want ... baby, ... But god, I just can't stop and let you go And I can't leave you Tonight! All"
  • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Genesis
    "I'm coming down, coming down like a monkey, but it's alright Like a load on your back that you can't see, ooh but it's alright Try to shake it loose, cut it free, just let it go, get it away from me. Cos"
  • Tonight - Kate Alexa
    "I gonna see the sun rising up till the morning light The time forget about reality and lose your sanaty Just for the night (chorus) Tonight were gonna have some fun The partys just begun Tonight tonight"
  • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Bleach
    "Wake up with yawn, it's dawn and I'm still alive Turned on my radio to start a new day Let's get them DJs chatting, hard to survive amazing news got over on the airwaves TONIGHT love is racing TONIGHT"
  • Tonight - The Bates
    "Do you feel the noise All you girls and boys Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight Do you feel the heat Do you like the beat Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight One, two,"
  • Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Beat Crusaders
    "Woke up with yawn. It's dawning, I'm still alive Turned on my radio to start up new day As goddamned DJ's chattered how to survive Amazing news got over on the air wave Tonight, Love is rationed Tonight,"
  • Tonight - Bon Jovi
    "She can steal the stars and the moon She can kill you with a wink of her eye Not like the other girls who fall in love the very first time She's so young, (so young) baby's old enough for me She's so shy,"
  • Tonight - Tina Turner
    "(David Bowie / Iggy Pop) Everything will be alright tonight Everything will be alright tonight No one moves No one grooves No one thinks No one walks tonight Tonight Everyone will be alright tonight Everyone"
  • Tonight - Hard-FI
    "Tonight, tonight I'm gonna take what's mine, Tonight, tonight under a bright neon light And if I ever find a way right out of here, Tonight, tonight I'm gonna disappear. Tonight, tonight oh sweetheart"
  • Tonight - Tina Turner & David Bowie
    "Everything's gonna be alright tonight Everything's gonna be alright tonight No one moves, no one grooves No one talks, no one walks tonight Tonight Everyone will be alright tonight Everyone will be alright"
  • Tonight - Kesha
    "Tonight is the bes time of my life can you feel it i can feel it! .. bitch we'rre going out tonight bitch we'rre going out tonight bitch we'rre going out tonight bitch we'rre going out tonight bitch"
  • Tonight - The Echoing Green
    "Underneath the open sky Beneath the stars we cry And I can't see your eyes How I wonder where you are Sometimes you seem so far Especially tonight Tonight Tonight Though I know you have to run How I"
  • Tonight - Babyface
    "Tonight written by Babyface Verse 1 Listen baby, Girl I can't help myself I don't want nobody else Girl can't you see I was meant for you You were meant for me Verse 2 Listen baby, And it's clear as"
  • Tonight - New Scene
    "Darkness, alone Our hearts like stone Children of love There's hate enough Seas of pain We're losing again Love and lust In cities of dust Tonight Our love Tonight Tonight our love's forever Dancing"
  • Tonight - Rubettes
    "Tonight won't be like any night Tonight the stars up in the sky Will be shining for me and my baby tonight Tonight we'll climb the highest height Just talking till the morning light Me and my baby tonight. Oh"

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