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Semisonic - Delicious

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Semisonic - Delicious

  • Semisonic - Semisonic
    "Morning comes, and morning goes Now it's me against the sun The day goes by, darkness grows And it's over before it's done Well I know it'll be alright if I just get on the road If I run I can free my"
  • Delicious - Semisonic
    "You're delicious When you call me I've got nothing left to wait for You're delicious When you see me I've got nothing left to pray for hoo hoo yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah, yeah hoo hoo yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah,"
  • Delicious - Catherine Wheel
    "I must have been crazy I think I was being brave I think I was Bruce Lee I might have been Michael Caine so give me something to cover my eyes weakness and distress what am I "A B C D you're in the belly"
  • Delicious - Shampoo
    "Delicious Delicious You're so old and we're so young We're gonna have some fun 'Cause we want to We don't wanna cause no fuss You wanna be with us We don't want to Bridge: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon We're"
  • Delicious! - Jim Backus And Friend
    "Friend: Ooh we're gonna have fun Jim: Yes F: It's a cozy table, isn't it? J: And champagne my dear, heh-heh F: Mmmmmm delicious, ha-ha J: You like it? Heh-heh F: Mmmmmm delicious, ha-ha! J: Hee-hee-hee"
  • Delicious - Daniel Powter
    "You look so delicious The way your body move Cherry lipstick kisses Send me to the moon You got me so excited Come wrap your legs around me Let’s get on it You’re so delicious I wanna take a bite Baby,"
  • Delicious - New Edition
    "April, (?) When you get that smile in your eye. Something inside Goes wild wild wild. Sunshine Chase away my rainy days. Our summer leave Is here. Please stay. I'll hold (HOLD) you in my arms next to"
  • Delicious - Ben Adams
    "Verse 1 Ba babaa ba ba da da Ba babaa ba ba da da Delicious baby Girl you're so hot you could be flammable You make me feel like going cannibal You're lips are moving but, i can't concentrate Undress"
  • Delicious - Poets Of The Fall
    "I hear a sigh, longing for loving in this life The how and the why, that keeps us running through the night Touching divine, for me it has only your face I'm looking to find pieces of wisdom I've misplaced I"
  • Delicious - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart/Andy Taylor/Robin Le Mesurier) Everyday I get up And drag myself out of bed While you're still sleeping On your tummy With your long legs spread Call me a copy cat Dressed Kiss you good-bye I'm"
  • Delicious - Sleeper
    "You're a big manBut youre out of shapeI could help youGet it back againWe should both go to bedTill we make each other soreWe should both stay in bedTill we make each other roarYoure a big manBut youre"
  • Delicious - Zox
    "What a difference a day makes Silence so delicious on days like these And by the time that my resolve breaks I've already found the beauty down on my knees You know i want to be something I never want"
  • Delicious - Andy Bell
    "Said you were restless I didn't like your dresses Thought you would move To another part of town I got your message Been sifting through the wreckage For this excuse We call a life A DIY quickie slow divorce Marriage"
  • Delicious Demon - The Sugarcubes
    "Bjrk Heeeeeeee how! He how! He how! Einar One person calls someone To pour the water, because it takes two to pour the water, Bjrk To plough takes two as well, But only one to hold up the sky. Einar To"
  • Delicious Way - Mai Kuraki
    "Nami ga oshiyosete hikari ni yureru gogo Iyana koto wa suna no naka ni umete Kizutsuita mama yumemiru koto naku Otona ni naru no wa tsurai suashi dekaketeku ima Oh Delicious Way Natsu no kaze wo kanjite"
  • Bold & Delicious - Sweetbox
    "Yeah yeah yeah yeah, ga ga ga ga Da da da da, woa woa woa woa I wanna feel Yeah yeah yeah yeah, ga ga ga ga Da da da da, woa woa woa woa I'll be your mother, secret lover, little sister I can be anything"
  • Cloning Time (Semisonic - Closing Time) - Song Parodies
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) Cloning time George has just attacked us, now he's destroyed my world Cloning time When I heard the title, I just felt like I was gonna hurl Cloning time Here's"
  • Delicious Circus - Foxxi misQ
    "Lady chocolate It's like a Circus What a Delicious hora, kimi no kokoro wo tokasu Give me your focus saa hajimaru kon'ya kagiri no Secret party Jumpin' on the bed chuucho sezu Watchin' out your head hazunde"
  • Bold & delicious - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Yayayaya Gagagaga Dadadada WowowowowYayayaya Gagagaga Dadadada WowowowowDaitan sugiru kana tte kuraiGa choudo iiShiryobukaku toka enryobukaku tokaShoujiki mendokusaiSaa issho ni, Bold & deliciousDamatte"
  • Religious - delicious - Charon
    "Cant turn away,The only way is a river,And you know that it drowns,A wolf in disguise,I see you trough but youre running.Angel in disgrace,You wont give your soul to the devil but you know that you can.Cold"

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