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  • Imprint This Stake With Your Name - Circle Of Dead Children
    "Imprint this stake with your name Through my heart Understand this ordinary twisting fate A hate birthed again Dull sensed and fetal crowned we fear for life Knifing our way through tragedies timbers"
  • Under Your Nose - Pale Saints
    "paint dries and feelings die what you wanted was always under your nose your face lies and changes your size (sighs) i wanted the whole picture but you never wished to what you wanted was always under"
  • White - Borknagar
    "Again The empty room White and unmarked, though touched With a sensible structure Underneath the surface Hiding in the corner of the eye Or resting outside the field of vision No doors or windows No entrances"
  • Cardiff Afterlife - Manic Street Preachers
    "If the love between us has faded away Left in the rain, Scratching at the stains The paralysed future The past sideways scrawl I must give up on this It makes no sense at all Makes no sense at all In"
  • The Soft Collision - Machines Of Loving Grace
    "Soft now- the lips that dragged me down Soft now- until I hit the ground The night is soft The light is soft And i don't want to wear this off- tonight Sleep alone- seems to me The virus bleeds Soft"
  • Instinct - Harmful
    "Ive got to know, youve got to listen Now youve got everything and Im just missing She came out of the embrace pushing me violently... on the contrary I sensed she was expecting me Youve got to know, Ive"
  • End Of The Beginning - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "Here we are searching for a sign Here we are searching for a sign It's the end here today But I will build a new beginning Take some time, find a place And I will start my own religion As the day divides"
  • Mickey - The Mumbling Midget - The Residents
    "Mickey the mumbling midget was ten years old today Mickey the mumbling midget somehow ran away Mickey the mumbling midget was not in his cage Mickey the mumbling midget soon would need a shave Lassie looked"
  • Follow my heart - REO Speedwagon
    "I saw you at midnight, in a dream that I had.From nowhere, you stood there, and you seemed so sad.And a vicious decision is drivin me mad.Should I follow my head, or follow my heart? You were different,"
  • March Of The Undead 2 - Machinae Supremacy
    "I keep trying to find my place In this world of sickened pleads And fallen grace I have fallen out of phase With whatever paused The evolutionary race. But I'm not stalling, I'm not scared And I am pretty"
  • Sinner - Gary Hughes
    "Born of a nightmare nad your heart never breaks One of the black lair's fateful mistakes, No one sensed the storm was comin' No one sensed the mountains start to crumble The laws tore Dawn and the light"
  • Without you - Emily Lily
    "Today in the morning I thought about you I sensed your presence then I knew that very longingly But I didn't make it feel Without you So sadly for me Sometimes he is happening that also tears will"
  • S.O.S. - Saxon
    "The band played and the cameras turned As the bottle smashed on her bow The flagship of the gilded age Moved slowly out to sea Never had such luxury Been seen afloat before They said she was unsinkable The"
  • Leaving - Mike Borgia
    "I closed the door in a darkend room as she shut her eyes. She came to me a dozen times and I started to question why? Sensed it was more than it intended to be and was willing to take that chance. Put"
  • Rolling Chances - Raintime
    "Awaking inside those feelings That won't go! I've sensed this before Another weak and cruel desire Bothering me and it won't leave me alone! I won't pay this toll I always felt that this could"
  • T?refall - Midnattsol
    "When the ice sings her lullaby When seeds are spread Blue sky is inside Only once I sensed the spring Living memories Like yesterday In sunshine they belong Not in frozen minds (Not in frozen minds Should"
  • So Futuristic - Figurine
    "It wasn't your perfume No, I don't think I sensed it It wasn't your wristwatch And its oversized digits It wasn't your handbag Though I don't think you hid it Titanium lipstick Maybe that did it Cause"
  • Divine Astronomy - Human Fortress
    "I practice the cults on a sacred science When I open up my own books of might I know that our world turns around the sun I'm unspoken by those who have fear of light I'm the devil, I'm hellbound It's"
  • Rape & Repent - Ancient Drive
    "Ancient Drive Miscellaneous Rape & Repent The seducement: Thought I was so near that beauty That I sensed her perfume and fear She dresseth in a scarlet dress, flaming as the Wind blows Her"
  • Feela - Lamb
    "You saw me crying but you didn't want to look You heard me hurting but you didn't want to listen This could have been something This could have been really something Tell me something more Tell me something"

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