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  • Samantha Mumba Sensuality
    "Boy,you're bringing something down in me,baby.... Could this be my sensuality? (Oh yeah) (MMHM MNH) (yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah) (Oh yeah) There's something that you're bringing down in me Sensuality Tonight,it's"
  • 2 Unlimited Sensuality
    "{ANITA:} SensualitySensualityYour love got a hold on meHey... Hey...Physical attraction{RAY:} Like a walk through the valley of paradiseClouds disappear and the sunshine risesInner thoughts overflow like"
  • Drafi Deutscher Sensuality
    "Was es auch immer war eines das war mir klar ich wer' der Sieger sein. Kommt dann ein Mdchen an das ich nicht kssen kann la' ich sie ganz schnell allein. Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand bin ich immer"
  • Isley Brothers Sensuality
    "Here I lay, so close to you Knowing that you'll see me through Another night when we'll feel the joy The joy that makes me smile more and more And every day I dream Of holding you close to me And every"
  • Tori Amos Original sensuality
    "There was a gardenIn the beginningBefore the fallBefore GenesisThere was a tree thereA tree of knowledgeSophia would insistYou must eat of thisOriginal sin?No, I don't think soOriginal sinsualityOriginal"
  • Bjork Big Time Sensuality
    "i can sense it something important is about to happen it's coming up it takes courage to enjoy it the hardcore and the gentle big time sensuality we just met and i know i'm a bit too intimate but"
  • Kidney Thieves K
    "I'm elevated I'm stimulated I'm re-created I'm glad you made itSpiritualize my sensuality, in your eyes, between you and meYou're elevated You're stimulated I'll be creative For you I'll save itSpiritualize"
  • Erasure Sexuality
    "Sexuality Do it Anyway you like it Give it Everything you got Shake it Move your body Move your body Love it If you like it or not Sexuality Sensuality -Chorus: Come up to my room Let's not pretend Too"
  • Kidneythieves K
    "I'm elevated I'm stimulated I'm re-created I'm glad you made it Spiritualize my sensuality, in your eyes, between you and me You're elevated You're stimulated I'll be creative For you I'll"
  • Stella Soleil Dance With Me
    "Will you dance with me Will you hold me close Will you dance with me Can we just let go Oh dance with me With your hand Against the small of my back Losing all sense of time and the past Can you feel"
  • River City Rebels Cloudy Times
    "I'll drink that whiskey for you, my love, my love! Tie me up, cut me up, send me to my knees, hey yeahey. Cloudy Times, sex, alcohol! That's all I need. Bacardi luck, Irish luck, I'll come runnin' runnin'"
  • Jah Wobble Sweet Divinity
    "F/ Sinead O'Connor I never ever thought I'd say these words that I say to you a rapsody in blue You'll want sense your caress leaves me heavenly such a renaty Clean your mind Clean your day Clean your"
  • Spacemen 3 Transparent Radiation (Flashback)
    "Selfless man slip by my side Uttering words about the turning tide, and She slowly furnishes my continuous ride Towards insanitary bits of hide Hair quite long and lavender-dyed Split nostrils are green"
  • Psyche X-Rated
    "You've got the face and the temperament Time for action on the World Wide Web Links for every taste from A to Zed All that you want with Adult Check Privacy, security No limits sensuality The camera's"
  • Hagalaz' Runedance Dreaming Wild White Horses
    "Down by a willow-tree, a hidden place so rare Across a silent lake, where their secrets lie bare The most delightful scene to see The dancing messengers of purity Wild manes in the wind, she holds the"
  • J.J. Cale Rio
    "(J.J. Cale) Rio de Janeiro Hot wind of brazilian nights Rio de Janeiro I tip my sombrero on a tan girl in the moonlight Their close encounters make a man Feel just right Rio de Janeiro The steamy place That"
  • Blind Myself Black Magic Bitch
    "Black Magic Bitch I'm weak, she's so strong Empty words Hot minutes, exciting breast Trembling hands Pretty nose killer fears I try to defeat myself There's no success for me I try to fight myself"
  • Destiny Passing Moments
    "Why do your eyes shun me. And why does your presence paralyse me. Why don't you look back on those days. Losing myself inside my heart you die with me. And with the pain of longing the flower of passion"
  • Bif Naked Snowboarding
    "This phallic snowboard beckons my sensuality The silence of the snowfall is playing with my concentration These blasted goggles hinder the shading of this god forsaken run whipper snappers whipping by Shredding"
  • Faithless What About Love
    "Come on [3x] I know you so intimately Anger and misery The reason for my heart's fragility How will it be if you simply set me free Restore my ability, to hold my head high To speak only truth where I"

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