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Sentimental Rap Beat With Pitched Voice - "I Miss You"

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Sentimental Rap Beat With Pitched Voice - "I Miss You"

  • Sentimental - Alexander O'Neal
    "Take a walk down memory lane And see where the path might lead you Familiar things do change In our minds they stay the same I can hear the voice of my mama Calling out her children's names She says, "Come"
  • Sentimental - Donna Summer
    "Last nightwe showed how much we caredbut sadness filled the airhow it made us cryas we waved goodbyethen you left me standing thereLast nightI came home on my ownand watched a movie showand the saddest"
  • Sentimental - Roy Orbison
    "Orbison/melson I get so ooh sentimental Darling when it comes to you, I'm just too ooh sentimental And it's breaking my heart in two. I said a-hey,hey now At the end of the day now, I get carried away"
  • Sentimental - Christian Walz
    "I wanna be your baby I wanna be more than I can Could even be your lady if you were born a man Chorus: Sentimental Don't wanna say goodbye Sentimental I never can deny With every moment bound to be a magic"
  • Sentimental - Gareth Gates
    "Girl I don't believe them when they tell me you don't love me Sometimes you seem to think so little of me Everybody tells me that they see what's going on So good to criticise that what we have is wrong I"
  • Sentimental - Deborah Cox
    "(That's the only time I get sentimental) I used to mess around But I never let it get into me 'Cause I didn't take you serious, baby Now to be without your love Only makes me realize What I could of had"
  • Rap - Adriano Celentano
    "Once again on the mic i seek a beat Wit a freaky technique I'm on the flow i'm here too A lady on the mic comin' straight at you And bringin' knowledge to the youth oh Yes we always speak the truth We"
  • Sentimental Guy - Ben Folds
    "There's a moment in my mind I scribbled and erased a thousand times Like a letter never written or sent These conversations with the dead I used to be a sentimental guy Now I'm haunted by the left unsaid I"
  • Sentimental Fool - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry/Mackay) Surely you cannot be leading me on' Well if that's so, however can I love again' How could I believe again' How can I hold on' Sentimental fool Knowing that fate is cruel, You ought to"
  • Miss California (Rap Remix) - Dante Thomas
    "(Pras) (Dante) Uh, I mean I'm just sittin right here (California) Ckeckin out these ladies right here, baby you hot (This is where he saw her) I mean you sexy, oh my God, (I long to love her) Imagine one"
  • Never Miss A Beat - Kaiser Chiefs
    "What did you learn today, I learned nothing What did you do today, I did nothing What did you learn at school, I didn't go-o Why didn't you go to school, I don't know It's cool, to know nothing It's cool,"
  • Rap Music - Pacewon
    "New Jersey stand up! "Pacewon" Yo! "Pacewon" Yo! "Pacewon" "Pacewon" (This is how the East Coast rocks) (This is how the East Coast rocks) (This is how the East Coast rocks) (This is how the East Coast"
  • Crazy Rap - Afroman
    "(Wait a minute, man. Hey, check this out, tell it. It was this blind man, right? Man, check this out- it was this blind man, right? He was feelin' his way down the street with this stick, right? Hey."
  • Zelda Rap - Benefit
    "Back when I was riseing up All the suckers used to play Acting like they all that And no one knew the way To Ganon's castle, Level nine Link had the power, I had the mind I held the magic sword way up"
  • Happy Rap - Junior Senior
    "We're going one step forward, two steps back One step forward, two steps back We're going one step forward, two steps back Four steps forward, back on track! Whoo! Back on track! We're going one step"
  • Keep the beat - Rakim
    "She asked could I keep the beat So here's the beat, everytime it pounds, you get weak Comfy, imbedded like a pillow, bouncin wit an echo My voice is moist, and plus mellow I got it going on, you're gonna"
  • Sentimental (White Feathers) - Crass
    "Feathers burn so easily, the cat is blinded in the garden, last vision the lark is flame. The cattle shed gives off the smell of sunday kitchen, the gentle eye, the dispensable perfection. Before the flash"
  • Match The Name With The Voice - Busta Rhymes
    "Greatness, yeah, yeah Aiiyo, turn the beat up a little bit louder Truck Volume Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah We bout to play a lil' game, match the name with the voice So when you pick your favorite emcee"
  • Pretty Voice - Cloud Cult
    "A scene begins With our next melody Sung by a bashful bird Humming a violet sky There are no words But there is understanding It's been so long Since I've heard your pretty voice Raise up the lights And"
  • The Voice - Vicious Rumors
    "(Lyrics: M. McGee, G.Thorpe // Music: G.Thorpe, M.Mcgee) Seven years are gone behind me (Seven years are gone) A flash before my eyes (Before my eyes) The truth revealed is everlasting (The truth revealed"

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