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Seven old

  • Seven - Autonomadic
    "When I was six years old Teacher told me I was slow "You must learn to count to ten -- You can't just stop at seven." But seven scabie Grahams And seven Gevar lambs And seven kits with seven cats And"
  • Seven Old Ladies - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Miscellaneous Seven Old Ladies Seven old Ladies (supply first...seventh as you know them.) The ______ old lady was old mrs. Pymm She went inside on a personal whim She somehow got stuck"
  • Seven Fingers - Black Francis
    "I was born with seven fingers and seven toes In my dark face sadness always shows And my hair is striped with black and red and gold And I'll die before I get me very old But tonight I'll be with you And"
  • Seven Wonders - Peter Hammill
    "Well, it must have been here somewhere, that which the culture highly prized: the list of ancient buildings, the attitude of mind, the wisdom of the prophets, the catalogue of books... You can't get off"
  • Seven Stones - Genesis
    "(Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford) I heard the old man tell his tale: Tinker, alone within a storm, And losing hope he clears the leaves beneath a tree, Seven stones Lay on the ground. Within"
  • Seven Years - M.C. Breed
    "(feat. SFD) Yeah Seven years of this bullshit SFD gon' put that shit on the line for yo ass (Seven years of bullshit) Ain't this kinda funny how the shit done changed now? It's been seven years of"
  • Seven Sisters - Mary Lou Lord
    "On Seven Sisters lay down your innocence Cash in your ignorance learn about the truth And it's no playground it's one big let down It looks like a backstreet bargain baby But you just got screwed And on"
  • Seven things - Miley Cyrus
    "Sha, sha, shaI probably shouldnt say this,but at times I get so scaredwhen I think about the previousrelationship we shared.It was awesome, but we lost itit's not possible for me not to care.And now we're"
  • Seven Curses - Tom Russell
    "(Bob Dylan) Old Reilly stole a stallion But they caught him and they brought him back And they laid him down on the jailhouse ground With an iron chain around his neck. Old Reilly's daughter got a message That"
  • Seven Curses - Bob Dylan
    "Old Reilly stole a stallion But they caught him and they brought him back And they laid him down on the jailhouse ground With an iron chain around his neck. Old Reilly's daughter got a message That her"
  • Seven Days - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Over time mistakes were few but i believe they,re mine Faded mind youth was old and the years were so unkind I,m the one i face the change i know that stands before me Beleive in me cause i damn sure dont"
  • Seven Thirty Seven/shoe Glue - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Down the street, around the corner Over the bridge, that dirty water. College campus, mighty minds And a reactor right behind. Passed the candy factory Salvation Army, fire station through the square I"
  • Old - Kottonmouth Kings
    "I'ma get you so high... I'ma get you so high... I'ma get you so high... I'ma get you so high... Here I go my mind starts joggin' And I know I shouldn't have been hoggin, that indo... I know everythings"
  • Seven Deadly Sins - Rage
    "They run the endless debate Who's right and who is wrong In their eyes we've all failed in life Old men in silk and diamonds Decide who's right to kill A soldier with god; not so his wife It's just another"
  • Three Times Seven - Doc Watson
    "I'm three times seven and I do as I doggone please There ain't no woman this side of heaven gonna get me on my knees I'm three times seven, gals, and that makes twentyone Lord, I just won't tame: I'm gonna"
  • Seven years bitch - Slade
    "Woh hohowho ho wohwohwohou, Woh hohowho ho wohwohwohou You're going round the circle through another phase Your temperature rising, you're wining and dining A girl who's half your age She gives you all"
  • Seven Year Ache - Trisha Yearwood
    "You act like you were just born tonight Face down in a memory but feeling alright So who does your past belong to today Baby you don't say nothing when your feeling this way Girls in the bars thinking"
  • Seven Little Indians - John Hiatt
    "There were seven little Indians Living in a brick house on Central Avenue Gathered 'round their daddy Tellin' stories in the living room From a slightly unrealistic point of view Momma was off yonder"
  • Seven Years Gone - Quasi
    "Seven years gone Skeleton pilot the ghost ship home He carried on, but now he's all alone Dead on his feet, he hits the streets of old town without a dime Sweet baby's breath could bring him back from"
  • Seven inch cowboy - Pain
    "I'm a seven-inch cowboy With a tiny pair of six guns. Five'll get you ten, I betcha never seen one. Well I'm a seven inch cowboy How do you be? And I'm used to people gawking and a-staring at me But I"

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