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Sex girls 10

  • Sex - Frank Zappa
    "What's the ting that they's talkin' about everywhere? Sex When they wanna be suave 'n' debonair Sex What's poppin' up the most from coast to coast Sex At yer bongo party an' yer weenie roast Sex Even"
  • Sex - Ice T
    "Sex I the morning,sex at night,sex in the afternoon's alright Ain't a man on earth,that can stay alive Without a .....sex drive Sex (x4) I was in a contest to rock the world First prize was a virgin"
  • Girls - Kalwi & Remi
    "Girls really wanna make it with you Girls are dying to let you to do it Girls are coming into your dreams Girls gonna give you all what you miss One Kalwi, two Remi, three X Polish dancers are the best"
  • Girls - Kalwi & Remi feat. Mr. X
    "Girls really wanna make it with you Girls are dying to let you to do it Girls are coming into your dreams Girls gonna give you all what you miss One Kalwi, two Remi, three X Polish dancers are the best"
  • Girls - Akon
    "Feat - Beenie Man Intro: Beenie Man (Akon)Girls, zom dom dom dom dom girls, zom dom dom dom dom girls(Konvict Music) Zom dom dom dom dom (Hey!)Girls fi tek note when mi mark up dem blackboardMi highway"
  • Girls - Afroman
    "Girls (wow wow wow wow wow) I like the girls (ay loco sing that one more time sound good cuz) Girls yeah (oh yeah yeah) I like the girls (give me a light loc a tell that girl over there my name is Afroman) I"
  • Girls - Prince
    "Girls and boys! He only knew her 4 a little while But he had grown accustomed 2 her style She had the cutest ass he ever seen But he did 2, they were meant 2 be They loved 2 kiss on the steps of Versailles"
  • 10 Out of 10 - Beenie Man
    "Intro:Zo! Zagga zeh! Anyway!And if yuh did a wuk yuh girlfriend right Tell mi weh she woulda leff yuh fah, like how Puff could lose JenniferAnd come 'round yah and a murma (Bout him waan a girl)And if"
  • 1St & 10 - Ludacris
    "Click, click Click, click Yeah Click, click DTP nigga! I started with ten mack tens And ten clips and ten pens Got ten times richer in the span of ten years Bitch I'm ten times two on a scale of one"
  • Blunted 10 - Black Sheep
    "Bust it, bust it, Friday night swingin you know what I'm sayin With Mista Lawnge and my man Jermaine, and Jack whose names is Joe Check it check it check it yo c'mon I been around, I been around I"
  • 10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage) - Metro Boomin
    "in peace in peace may you rest may you rest never ever shoot below the neck never ever shoot below the neck you a rookie you a rookie I am a vet I am a vet that’s why I got a glock you got a tec you got"
  • Sex - Girls Aloud
    "Why don't you stop yelling at me. It's not my fault that i cant give you good enough sex. Will you be home early I will make it up to you Chorus I heard you come in late I asked you where you'd been I"
  • Girls Gone Wild - Ludacris
    "10, 9, 8, 7 6, 5, 4, 3 2, 1 (uhh) Never scared to be different The improviser was put into existance For in-stance, this is me What did you expect from the 5th LP Gone for a minute now I'm back again Back"
  • Sex Shooter - Apollonia
    "I need you to get me off I'm your bomb getting ready to explode I need you to get me off Be your slave do anything I'm told I'm a sex shooter Shootin' love in your direction I'm a sex shooter Come on,"
  • Sex Shop - Monika Mo-J Jarosińska
    "I’m a woman You plastic doll from a sex shop From a sex shop I don’t wanna () I want my make-up, Just my make-up Girls, girls What happen? Beauty’s gone Telling yourself: you’re ugly on and on Unofficial"
  • Sex Boy - The Screamers
    "I can take it anywhere any time that I can. I'm the goddamn son of a superman. I got a weapon that's as deadly as life, it's the well trained tool of a master guy. Every day it's the same wet dream: 20"
  • Generation Sex - The Divine Comedy
    "Generation sex respects the rights of girls Who want to take their clothes off As long as we can all watch that's o.k. And generation sex elects the type of guys You wouldn't leave your kids with And shoutsoff"
  • Sex Maggot - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Well I was hanging around the railway station My mind was in the state of total degradation Little boy blue came and blew his horn now Scared those cows right out of the corn now I hear you screaming but"
  • Sex maggot - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Well I was hangin' around the railway stationMy mind was insane from total degradationLittle boy blue was a tootin' his horn nowScared those cows right out of the door nowI hear you screaming but you can't"
  • Food, sex - NOFX
    "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me I'd rather watch 10 hours of tv But since I can't I'll think of food I'll think of sex I'll think of music And I'll think of you I'd rather have a cold one by the"

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