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Sexy japan girl

  • Sexy Lady - Lil Boosie
    "(boosie bad azz) Lets take a trip to tha Carribean (lets go crazy) La da da daaa [ ] Sexy lady, lets go crazy we can take a trip to the Carribean hey lil mama, thats no problem girl lets fly away [ ] Japan,"
  • Sexy Girl - Sabrina
    "Sexy girl Sexy girl Sex Sex Sex Sexy girl Sexy girl Sex Sex Sex Sexy girl Sexy girl Sex Sex Sex Sexy girl Sexy girl Sex Sex Sex Sexy girl Get up and play with me the game of provocation Dont be late tonight"
  • Sexy Girl - 2Raumwohnung
    "Sexy girl, sexy girl Sexy girl, sexy girl Wenn ich sehe, wie du um die Ecke gehst Wie du swingst und dich noch mal locker umdrehst Und dein Rock-Schock der ist doch indiskret Ich mach die Augen zu, sonst"
  • Sexy girl - 2-Raumwohnung
    "Sexy girl sexy girl sexy girl sexy girl Wenn ich sehe wie Du um die Ecke gehst Wie du swingst und Dich nach mir noch mal locker umdrehst Und Dein Rock - Schock - der ist doch indiskret Mach die Augen zu"
  • Sexy Girl - Glenn Frey
    "She moved in next door to me And she showed me her world What a neighbor, thanks for the favor She's a very sexy girl She's a sexy girl, sexy girl, sexy girl She's a very sexy girl She's a sexy girl,"
  • Sexy Girl - Kool Keith
    "Sexy girl! Okay-double-oh-L, Keith Sexy girl! Sexy, sexy~! Sexy girl! Sexy, sexy~! Sexy girl! Sexy girl in sheer panties, I'm the driver in your life I love to steal panties, the more closer you are near"
  • Sexy Girl - Wonderwall
    "Sexy Girl She doesn't look good I mean she isn't thin She doesn't have a perfect skin but she's so mmmhh... hey she's so mmmhh...aha so schalalalala hey she's so mmmhh... she is cool she has red hair the"
  • Sexy girl - Clara Morgane
    "Je n'coute pas lorsqu'ils parlent de moi, Je poursuis ma voix lorsqu'ils dictent leur loi, Je crois en mes choix lorsqu'ils montrent du doigt, Je garde ma foi. Hin, Hin What you want ? Girl, Come on now"
  • Sexy Girl - Namie Amuro
    "Hey baby let me see Your sexy sexy back to me Hey baby let me see Your pretty pretty eyes on me Hey baby motto shy na jibun wo nugisutete daitan ni Keep it Hey baby let me see Your sexy sexy hips on me Hey"
  • Sexy girl - Snow
    "CHORUS Sexy girl i'll never find another She's my sexy girl that i like Sexy girl i'll never find another She's my sexy girl that i like She's got me walkin talkin drinkin sleepin Can't sleep at night"
  • Sexy girl - The Brothers
    "You, give me a thrill I lose my self-control when you are near you sexy girl... x4 I'm not drunk i'm over joy, since you wash away the pain With you life became so good 'cause love ain't so easy to find.."
  • Sexy girl - Bobby Valentino
    "Yea...Check this outFire? you like a?Saw what I had to have herThe word out on herIs she so hard to getIndependent she got her ownAnd rather be left aloneBut when I see herI'm gonna change all of that"
  • Sexy - David Guetta
    "O baby you're so fine Got me on a line on your beautiful skin, Sexy 17 honey you're so shy Baby you're so young I know you wanna try, games with my tongue Beautiest I've seen know you wanna do it, on and"
  • Sexy - Black Eyed Peas
    "I took ur picture, with one particluar reason and its to capture ur character, I like to sit and stare at 'cha Aint nothin wrong with starin at cha Girl don't be scared at the fact that I envison us getting"
  • Riot Girl (Bonus Japan Only) - Zebrahead
    "Here she comes, T-minus 3 Watch your back Walk around the debris Light the fuse and if you're ready come on She's my riot girl She's my riot girl Is it something that she might've just missed Is it something"
  • Sexy Body Girl - Shaggy
    "Ya ya ha ha Let them know, let them know Sexy body girls worldwide Let them know, let them know Shaggy pon dem case oh yes Well Sexy body gal from NY hear me now Sexy body gal from Jarmone hear me now Sexy"
  • Sexy sexy lover - Modern Talking
    "Oh I tell you once and I tell you twice I'll be there for you in your paradise Oh please stay with me and I'll show you what I feel You're the nearest thing to heaven girl Baby just for you, fly around"
  • Sexy, Sexy Lover - Modern Talking
    "Oh, I'm Looking At The Same Old Star I'll Be There For You - But You're So Far Please Come Back To Me - I Can't Love A Memory You're The Nearset Thing To Heaven Girl Baby, Just For You - I'll Fly Around"
  • Made In Japan - John Entwistle
    "(J. Entwistle) Track Music, Inc. I went down to my tailor, to get myself a suit, and to measure It's been a long long time since I looked like a gentlemen of leisure He spent an awful lot of time on my"
  • Stereo in Japan - Spiller
    "Hey man dont you know Theyre playing me on the stereo in Japan And as crazy as it seem Its coming from the x-girl of my dreams And Id like to be with you If you want the same thing too Just to travel to"

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