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Sey you want let

  • Gal Sey Woooee - Tanto Metro
    "Chorus: Gal sey woooee From you sure sey you man naah stall When him mek yuh skin crawl Sey woooee 'Cause you know sey you hot and have it all Fi you body man a bawl (Repeat) Verse 1: How much"
  • Wha Ya Sey - Spragga Benz
    "Intro: Yeah Is all about the reasonin an di seasonin Hey... hey Verse 1: So whappen... A weh ya seh star Long time mi nuh see yu... A weh yu did deh star Certain things cris star... A you jus pass"
  • Sey Something Sayable - Limp Bizkit
    "Hey motherfucker Hey bitch motherfucker Bitch got a twitch for the ditch motherfucker I see you dug yourself a ditch for your dancin Pop goes the weasel now it's all avalanchin I see your lips movin I"
  • Don't want let you down - Lee Ryan
    "So here we both stand after so long apartWant to let go, but you're still in my heartShould I give in to what's on my mind?Should I just surrender, let fate decide?Cos I don't wanna let you downNo I don't"
  • Want - Disturbed
    "Your mind wont let you say that you want me Your mind wont ever, never let you say what you want You howl and wail like a banshee Still your mind wont ever let you say My little tired devotee Your mind"
  • Want - Lagwagon
    "Been staring for a hundred hours run down A spiral drain keep mouth clamped tight, And it isn't right three words keep running through my mind But my tongue is hard to find I need to let it go, Because"
  • Let - Patrizio Buanne
    "Baby I've been drifting away Dreaming all day Of holding you, touching you The only thing I want to do is be with you, as close to you as I can be. Let's make love all night long Until all our strength"
  • Let - Color Me Badd
    "You never know It's hard to say sometimes, where a love will lead It's a mystery, you take a chance It's in the hands of faith, If we'll make it sugar Time alone will show us what will be Until we're sure"
  • You Want - Fonzie
    "You never said I'll be there for you it's all ok you were around how many times I let you down but you say (oh oh) you want (oh oh) you say (oh oh) you want (oh oh) you say you want this song for you a"
  • Want you - Lil Wayne
    "(ft. Lloyd) Right Off The Back Man The Boy Got Dollars So Woman Come Frequent Like, Flight Mileage It Aint No Secret Uhh I Might Holla But Aint Gon Sweat Ya Baby Ima Let Ya Catch Up Wit Yo Gang Run Faster"
  • Want You - Lloyd
    "Want You (ft Lil Wayne) (Lil' Wayne) It's major move right here baby You gotta get with it or get lost, ya understand (Lloyd)'s young Lloyd Reportin' live from Atlanta Georg (yeah weezy F baby) The"
  • Want You - Lil Wayne
    "(Lil' Wayne)It's a major move right here baby you gotta get wit it or get lost, you understand? (Lloyd)Yea, its young Lloyd reporting live from Atlanta, Georgia Decatar where its great and ah i want all"
  • Let you - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey you Look what you do to me You bend and you bruise me While you try to control me But you don't own me How come you just wanna hurt me How come you just wanna push me I can't ignore you anymore Cause"
  • Never Want To Let You Go - Take That
    "Lying here beside you, in a cloud of warmth I've been awake all night but move Though I know I should Counting curls n your hair, as you sleep so tight I wonder if you'll ever know 'till I go The"
  • You Want What You Want - Youngstown
    "Verse 1: Too much of any thing can Bring you down Rather live in excess than to die and drown You better have a damn good soul for going in the ground As long as you can swim, as long as you can be Chorus: You"
  • I Don't Want To Let You Go - Max Romeo
    "Don't want to let Don't want to let Don't want to let Don't want to let Well, I don't want to let you go, girl Out of my life I want you to wear my ring, girl And be my wife, and be my wife Darling I love"
  • Crazy For You - Let Loose
    "Intuition tells me What I'm missing When I look at you So tell me, honey Am I dreaming Or do you feel it too? 'Cause I feel that you know You've got me just where you want me I'm crazy, crazy for you And"
  • Crazy For You - Loose Let
    "(spoken)From the corner of my eye I see a pretty lady and she's posing on the cover of a magazine And although the magazine it wasn't there to hurt me I just couldn't keep it from a man I'm going crazy! Intuition"
  • Younger - Seinabo Sey
    "There's a conclusion to my illusion I assure you this There's no end to this confusion if you let it wish you well Soul to sell Highest bidders, can't you tell what you're getting? There is a light to"
  • I want you - Neo Cortex
    "Let me feelyour heat is asideand take me by your handCome and hold me tonightnever let me downI want your love nightI want to knowso take my by your handlet me be your storm of lovenever let me goI WANT"

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