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Shade on

  • Shade - Memory Garden
    "It knows no time, life or race Terminates, leaves just an empty space It rises high, black and shapeless Falls low, smooth and soundless All in it's way, will be gone like yesterday Crawling faster, our"
  • Shade - Feeder
    "Would it always be the same Give it all to reason Let me down You watch me drown Hold me down I can't explain Though I never could - that's the problem Fight about the plate again, Climbing up to free"
  • Shade - Indukti
    "Cold mists, burning fire on my face Written names in the sky, I read my fate Red eyes, hear them calling out my name You'll never taste the bliss of the chase The world is black and white I'm running with"
  • Night Shade - Winter's Bane
    "In the dead still night grows a plant so divine that atropa belladonna puts the extract in her wine The goddess of man's destiny on jealousy she feeds will cut the thread of live if the bitch she feels"
  • Darker Shade - Phantom Planet
    "Oh that the sun shone down today, Maybe then you'd see me. Until then there's one more day, Patiently I'll wait. Oh that the sky were blue again, Maybe then I'd smile. Until then there's one more day, Patiently"
  • Ashen Shade - Girlyman
    "There goes that old postman Riding on his bike He's got a bag full of phone bills And nothing to justify I'm as naked as a winter tree With promises remote Wish I could fly away above the ashen shade Observe"
  • Walking Shade - Billy Corgan
    "(Billy Corgan) look at you now look at you torn estates took forever couldn't wait on words, on sound I just want you so you're everything, so cold the perfume of your rose in bloom I just want you so anywhere"
  • Silhouettes On The Shade - The Diamonds
    "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, hut-hut ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, hut-hut Took a walk and passed your house (late last night) All the shades were pulled and drawn (way down tight) From within, a dim light cast two"
  • Shade On Your Sun - Dream Child
    "Even though you don't know me, It don't prevent you to judge me. All your prejudicies, Are as sweet as serpent's kisses. You think you are superior, But your ideals are such a bore. You fear the difference, I"
  • Meet My Shade - BOKKA
    "Meet my shade of blue The secret, undetected shade of blue This is what I've been hiding... from you I kept it on a leash, now it's loose Don't go, don't go Meet my shade of black The sorrow running"
  • Shade Tree Mechanic - Cledus T. Judd
    "Well his house was nothin' more than a big junkyard A retirement home for old lawnmowers and them blocked up rusty cars He couldnt read or write a word and he stu-stuttered when he spoke But he was Albert"
  • The Bluish Shade - Aesma Daeva
    "When you whispered your secret, floating afar on a winter's fog, you lashed your saint, so I sing my silent vow. Nothing in this world lives on, my friend. Nothing in this world brings back our silent"
  • Light Ang Shade - Fra Lippo Lippi
    "He will paint the light and shade The colors of the trees He will climb the steepest hill Believing what he sees He will lay down on the ground Beneath the old oak tree He will sleep forever If you try"
  • Light And Shade - Fra Lippo Lippi
    "He will paint the light and shades The colours and the trees He will climb the steepest hill Believing what he sees He will lay down on the ground Beneath the old oak tree He will sleep forever If you"
  • A Crimson Shade - Ashes You Leave
    "I went down one day with you entwined The hard rains of another April day Pouring on us strange shades Unravelling the story of your grace Wishing we both stayed I went down one day with you entwined The"
  • Every Shade Of Blue - Bananarama
    "Every shade of blue I see when you're away from me Thinkin' about you, oh oh, thinkin' about you I have the saddest feelin' deep inside Don't think that I will hear from you tonight Now the moon lights"
  • Colours Of A Shade - Robert Plant
    "The day was old - the light was dim, as I stepped through the door And all my friends were gathering that day that I recall I shivered and shook, Lord I stood just waiting to chase the fall I wondered"
  • Shade Of My Soul - Almah
    "Listen - To the sound of quiet Whispers - Fade on the horizon Living - Through the light and shadow Waiting - For the night to take the sky I knew all the way It would tumble Over And still Once again I"
  • Hazy Shade Of Winter - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The The Greatest Hits Hazy Shade Of Winter (p. simon) Bangles Time, time, time See what's become of me Time, time, time See what's become of me While i looked around For my possibilities I was"
  • Maxin In The Shade - Kool Keith
    "Hey girl, you frontin on that phone That cellular phone ain't workin What's that? Pre-paid, from J&J And your voice mail is off, cause I called you So you're extravagant, think you all that There's some"

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