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Shadows In The Flame

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Shadows In The Flame

  • Flame - Bell X1
    "When your hand brushed against mine I thought I'd collapse I'm no rolling stone I gather too much moss Maybe it's 'cos I'm getting A little bit older But oh how your neck Flows to your shoulder"
  • Flame - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) I've been searching for so long Now I'm chasing the shadows away I've been trying, yes I tried to find my way No more crying in the make or break decade There"
  • Shadows - Bal-Sagoth
    "Hearken to the grisly murmur of nameless fiends, black jaws drooling blasphemy, Beyond the witch-song, darkly sweet, the wyrm-horn sounds 'cross Dagon's mere, Shadow-gate (portal to the Black Pyramid)"
  • The Flame - Cheap Trick
    "Words and Music by Bob Mitchell and Nick Graham Another night slowly closes in, And I feel so lonely. Touching heat freezing on my skin, I pretend you still hold me. I'm going crazy, I'm losing sleep. I'm"
  • The Flame - Bellefire
    "Bellefire Miscellaneous The Flame Thanks to Lela Chisholm for these lyrics. Another night slowly closes in And I feel so lonely Touching heat freezes on my skin I pretend you still hold me I'm going crazy,"
  • The flame - Jennifer Rush
    "Another night slowly closes in And I feel so lonely Touching heat freezing on my skin I pretend you still hold me Im going crazy, Im losing sleep Im in too far, Im in way too deep over you I cant believe"
  • Flame - Sam Phillips
    "Flame why do I come so close to you Vain telling me what I shouldn't do I saw you smoldering before I let him burn me to the floor - Flame Flame why do you paralyze my soul Pain if I hold you or let go There's"
  • Flame - Sebadoh
    "I don't want to be the one to ride flame I don't know her name And I don't want to go where the seekers all go I dont want to know And you can feel anything you wanna feel And you can feel anything you"
  • Flame - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
    "On the 7th day the magic gets a curse On the 8th day whos going to give in first On the 9th day bags are being packed On the 10th day no ones coming back Some relationships just fall sick Being Master,"
  • Flame - Tinashe
    "Cold in the night When I hold you close Searching your eyes But you’re gone like a ghost And I said: “Baby, you can put it on me Coz I know I don’t make it easy” My body hurts with every heart beat Just"
  • Flame - Pete Townshend
    "'''ANNOUNCER ON RADIO:''' ''Number one this week, Roz Nathan with "Flame".'' '''RUTH:''' ''There you go, Rastus. It's Rosalind on the radio. I can't wait to see Ray's face.'' '''RASTUS:''' ''Yeah, well"
  • Flame - Paulina Szymańska
    "I’m in the club So everyone look at me I hate to wait But I wait if you come to me Strait to the fee I’ve be A little check please Champagne Blinks in your eye You can’t stand it! Listen to the bit It’s"
  • Flame - Cheap Trick
    "Well the streets are all crowded Lots of people around And there's music playing But I can't hear a sound Just the sound of the rain Falling silently down Livin' ain't been livin' Since you put down Yeah,"
  • Flame - Crustation
    "Bruised she feels Insecure and jilted Like a thief he tried to steel her soul Slyer than his easy smile He tried to use her for a while Underneath she's empty as a whole Oh flame's still burning She's"
  • Old Flame - The Church
    "Naomi will not be consoled by your blues She calls down the crows then she pulls on her shoes Out into the empty street she walks Past the little piles of smoldering leaves Beware, an old flame is still"
  • Shadows - Joe Walsh
    "I am standing in the middle of my shadow In between the daylight hours And when the sun go down We are hiding in the shadows We are silent, we have nerve Like to think out loud We just don't think out"
  • Shadows - Shocking Blue
    "Golden shadows in your hairWhen I see you walking there,The shadows in your hair.Velvet shadows in your eyesNever tell and tell so lies,The shadows in your eyes.Dreaming of the colours of a rainbow,Dream"
  • Shadows - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "In the shadows buried in me lies a child's toy. In the shadows the name is unknown to me. In the shadows grey crusaders with tails mother made. In the shadows will to become their pride. In the shadows"
  • Shadows - Andy Griggs
    "Perfect little job Perfect little live A perfect little house for my perfect little wife One trip outta town a couple o lonely days The whole thing turned around By decisions that we made Shadows down"
  • Shadows - Deep Purple
    "Walk through the night looking for your kind of smile ?Hoping to meet you I walk my love for miles Your face, your eyes, I can't find the girl I look for refrain: Shadows can conceal you you can't hide,"

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