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Shakespears Sister - Hello

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Shakespears Sister - Hello

  • Hello - Big Tymers
    "Ladies and gentlemen, see its like Hello, Hello, Hello Hello Hello See baby Hello, Hello, Hello Hello, Hello Now I been trying to fuck with you since 7th grade But I didn't want to fuck"
  • Hello - Jaden Smith
    "h Hello (hello) Eh hello (hello) How you doing there? Hello (hello) Like hello (hello) Like hello My name is Jaden and I am a young fellow I like to keep it mellow, I like to make friends and make trends"
  • My Little Sister - Jordy
    "Jordy, Jordy, mommy's gone Take care of daddy and if you behave yourself You'll get a big present Big kisses, honey, I love you Hey, Daddy, why did mommy leave? I want her to come back Hey, Daddy, what's"
  • Me & your sister - Verbena
    "I say hello to your sisterShe's the one that I wantI hear shes got a pocket full of angelsI tell her I'll be her mirrorAnd we pretend that we're virginsA silver lining stay on golden rosesCut the skin,"
  • Hello Cancer - Sister Solitude
    "Hello cancer, come dance with me Tell me the reasons again Why I'm still here Three days and you'll be allright Drinkin' tea and laughing But I broke my promises And ended up at the first day Again Again"
  • Hello Mother Earth - Dharma
    "We’re flying to the sky, where the clouds never cry We move as fast as the ray of light Hello Sister Venus Hello Brother Mars, hello Father Sun Let us dance with the rings of Saturn One with the universe One"
  • Dear Sister, Dear Brother - The Dingees
    "Hello in the name of our Father Though we don't share the same mother We know how we will be forever To those who know they are our brother Do not stand ahead of another You can't freeze me cuz you can't"
  • Me And Yr Sister - Verbena
    "I say hello to your sister Shes the one that I want I hear shes got a pocket full of angels I tell her I'll be her mirror And we pretend that we're virgins A silver lining stay on golden roses Cut the"
  • Hello It's Me - Sister Hazel
    "You left your coat in my car A fortunate excuse to take it anywhere you are You got yourself under my skin A permanent reminder of my temporary times with you You left your words on my lips The sweetest"
  • Sister - Span
    "Sister Sister I asked for the world to stop, life but the living has blown it up. I give my prayer to you. I cast my face in the deepest mud, I killed our mother with the coldest blood. But still I pray"
  • Sister - Moist
    "She leaves her wings on The waves The sweetest voices Relay And crucifies me To change And still destroys all The same Oh sister andalea Look what you've done to me Hail sister andalea Look what you've"
  • Sister - Creed
    "Caught up in the middle Had no choice, had no choice Birthright forgotten, so silent No voice I see you You know who Little sister, little sister Now realize little sister Overlooked little girl Now realize"
  • Sister - Live
    "see me walking aimlessly about, don't know whether to whisper or to shout, i could be wrong, i could be very, very right. here i stand, innocence in my room she's naked in my bed, wild thoughts inside"
  • Sister - Holly McNarland
    "he's gone miles high is he going miles higher? he's gone miles high isn' t that your sister climbing in the window? tapping on the glass hoping that you'll open easy does it easy are you standing down"
  • Sister - Prince
    "I was only 16 but I guess that's no excuse My sister was 32, lovely, and loose She don't wear no underwear She says it only gets in her hair And it's got a funny way of stoppin' the juice My sister never"
  • Sister - Devendra Banhart
    "Sister, sister Keep the fire inside And your dogs wont die And now its all clear, its all clear You can see the child Before its born Its all clear, Its all clear You saw your little sun smile Before"
  • Sister - Far
    "My sister always wanted.I always wondered what.Thought I asked too often.How much is never enough?My sister used to tell me.I used to understand.With words and smile and little whispers.Just slipped right"
  • Sister - Sebadoh
    "Damned if I do, and damned if I don't I told you I loved you, I wish that I hadn't You don't seem the same I guess I know you too well I knew I was falling, but I didn't know how low I'd fell Sister, oh"
  • Sister - Lenny Kravitz
    "Sister Did you have to fall in love With a man That never was Up to no good He took your soul And he stole your only heart Flipped your wig and left a permanent scar Sister Did you have to go away You"
  • Sister - Kelly Price
    "Sister You Don't Have To Cry Everything Will Be Alright My Sister You Don't Have To Weep Cuz Things Are Getting Better A Mother Worries About The Son She Raised Alone Cuz He Is Fighting With Danger"

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