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Shaking of the ground couse it easy

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Shaking of the ground couse it easy

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Shaking of the ground couse it easy
  • Ultimatum Crash Couse
    "Living life like in reckless abandon, ignoring the signs like lifes just begun. Eternity is a long time to place into the hands of chance. So many asking, so many searching, the truth is right before"
  • Our Lady Peace Shaking
    "So, you fucked this up again It's time for you to leave You never had many friends And you thought this was all right You're rushing to meditate Should eat but probably wait You never thought of yourself,"
  • Sugarcult Shaking
    "I'm searching for a change of pace Trying to pull away all these names Tell you how it all works out I'm terrible on the phone It's better when it's us all alone Tell you how it all works out You're not"
  • Nields Shaking
    "Your words are kind and your eyes are sweet All of my beginnings end in defeat Meanwhile I know it's time to go home. You're whispering kings I cannot believe I don't know what you want to achieve All"
  • Andy Bell Shaking My Soul
    "Shaking my soul now, baby Down to the very foundation Back in the day now, honey You were my one temptation Starting to drive my soul now Down to the ground and through the dance floor Back in the day"
  • R.E.M. Shaking Through
    "Could it be that one small voice doesn't count in the world? Yellow like a geisha gown, denial all the way Could this by three be turned? Honor marches on. Yellow like a geisha gown, denial all the way Shaking"
  • Ashtray Hearts Still Shaking
    "Ashtray Hearts Miscellaneous Still Shaking Whats that writing on your hand A reminder that will take you away Back to your life one that I once knew I'd give anything to be there with you Sitting in your"
  • Roy Drusky You're The Shaking Kind
    "(Hey Mister there's something you ought to know) You're shaking the hand that's shaking your world to pieces Don't you understand that the time and place were right To you she's a wife but to me she's"
  • Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree
    "Souma Yergon, Sou Nou Yergon, We are shakin' the tree Souma Yergon, Sou Nou Yergon, We are shakin' the tree Waiting your time, dreaming of a better life Waiting your time, you're more than just a wife You"
  • Mr. Shadow Shaking In Your Bootz
    "(Mr. Lil' One (talking)) Aight, here we go Oh yeah... triple sixin Mr. Lil' One, GPA And that mothaf**ka Shadow (Mr. Lil' One) Comin through my return Mothaf**kas fin to burn It's the Little I came to"
  • John Newman Easy
    "Just another song, just another tale Of a broken heart Don't wanna see you hurt There's something you should learn From the start My friend you ought to know I'm afraid it's time to know Whoever"
  • Gluecifer Shaking So Bad
    "It was a long long hour in a long long year it took a time to get out of the rut Now the long gone power got you bendin over and it is time to get out of the rut Can this night go on Can this night go"
  • XTC Shaking Skin House
    "Zap, pow pow zap Zap, pap, pap, pap zap Da da da da Zap, pap pap zap Pop, pop pop pop There's something coming Maybe a song or two Can't stop from strumming Can you feel it too? I'm merely a man and"
  • Rivermaya Ground
    "Could you sleep tonight And be dreaming tight in your heaven? Your warm heaven Would you be feeling right When children cold outside dream in rain? Dream in rain Would you come down From"
  • Edge Of Dawn Losing Ground
    "He felt invulnerable Absolute control His soul worked like a mine He would Exploit the present Flood dead-ends If they sparkled, stakes would sometimes be too high He was offered A buffet of seduction More"
  • Black Sabbath Shaking Off The Chains
    "Is life everything you want to be, Does it give you everything that you need, Does it live up to your expectations, Are you ready for the celebrations. This is not for the weak of mind, Are you sure"
  • Nanci Griffith Shaking Out The Snow
    "(Nanci Griffith - James Hooker) Snowing - through Dakota I once drove With the wife of my best pal Who cloaks her heart from cold with gold It was well into the winter Of December in the cold Off to see"
  • Olivia Newton-John Shaking You
    "(Gordon/Foster/Keane) Why do I have to care for you? When I should have known to stay away Why was I there for you? I don't know how I lost my touch I never believed that I could ever want Somebody's"
  • Cat Power Shaking paper
    "Hold the gun Way deep down Look out young son Look out young son Good things coming Cause the good thing's coming Shotguns with no guns Shot army with no army at all I don't know what is worse And I can't"
  • Michelle Shocked Shaking Hands
    "Shaking hands and fingers that do tremble Soldier's Joy has been a bitter pill Though in battle, a brave man I resemble Alone I am a coward without will Pierce McGee from the great State of Missouri To"

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