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Shakira Shakira Gets Loca In Parking Lot

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Shakira Shakira Gets Loca In Parking Lot

  • Shakira - YK Osiris
    "doin that shit in the mirror she doin that shit in the mirror bouncin’ that ass on the dick hed me still like a paraplegic you seen her with me and she nasty and freaky you better beliebe it occasional"
  • Get It Started (feat. Shakira) - Pitbull
    "To all these rappers I apologize I know it ain't fair, the only ball I drop New Years, Times Square The world is mine sixth sense I see seven signs now baby, let's get started for life Everytime I look"
  • Parking Lot - Boris vs uamee
    "haha parking lot this our spot come on uamee let’s show how it is black Volga limousine we buy beer whit money for gasoline what are we doing under people’s windows put on music and lets chill in the"
  • Parking Lot - Skandalous All-Stars
    "Things fall to pieces and I'm happy about it Happy about it Happy about it Hear the people screaming in their respective houses Respective houses Respective mouses I don't need to die in your Field of"
  • Parking Lot - Nivea
    "Home no where to go,My mans in the bed out cold Calling you on your phone three fo' times in a row And I ain't gone quit until I finally get you to pick up the line And you want to know what I want Well,"
  • Parking Lot - Nelly Furtado
    "You caught me off guard, you know Hey I'm wasting my judge Don't know if you can hold me but, I gotta honor it yeah Depending on the minute and depending on the hours I guess I got some time to waste so We"
  • Parking Lot - J-Kwon
    "RRR, RRR, RRR, RRR Hey I can do it, too RRR RRR RRR RRR RRR RRR RRR RRR I can do it RRR RRR RRR Now everybody in this place is as high as me so why the hell is you over there eyein me? Peace with"
  • Loca (feat. Dizzee Rascal) - Shakira
    "Loca... Loca... Dance or die... Loca... Loca... She's playin' dumb all the time Just to keep it fun To get you on like (ahh!) Be careful amigo she’s talkin and walkin just to wake you up She’d die for"
  • Walmart Parking Lot - Chris Cagle
    "I remember the summer I turned 16 And that old jalopy daddy gave to me It had holes in the floor and just a 305 But I didn't care 'cause I could finally drive There wasn't much to do in my hometown So"
  • Parking lot romance - A Day Away
    "Here I am again and I've been waitingI took my time and now I'm contemplating what to say to you, I don't know what to doAs you stand there my heart it starts to tearThe smell of coffee lingers in the"
  • Parking Lot Pimpin' - Chamillionaire
    "Chamillionaire, look Check.. Ladies and Gents, in the prince of all parking lot pimps Yes I'm the Grinch and I ride twenty inch, like it's a synch Might convince your woman, to let me leave my paw prints On"
  • Parking Lot Pimpin' - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek) Yeh, it's that knock right here You fuck around not have the right speakers in your system your shit be soundin like this Big thangs, thick chains, ain't shit"
  • Parking Lot Nights - Transit
    "The wind stole color from the trees With a burst of October air. It's tearing out the roots, What's left has falling apart. How the branches used to sway. They were singing songs of beauty. But you"
  • Sunday Parking Lot - Terminal
    "I heard the news states away You were fairing through white sleep Collapsed outside the restaurant Couldn't dry my eyes at the thought of you Went to visit you in a hospital room downtown You barely saw"
  • Out In The Parking Lot - Guy Clark
    ". . ."antithesis of the 'Boot Scootin Boogie'. Right up my alley." I was sittin' on the fender of someone else's truck Drinking Old Crow whisky, hot 7-up Out in the parking lot You can hear the band"
  • La bicicleta (ft. Shakira) - Carlos Vives
    "(Carlos Vives pracuje nad nową, piętnastą studyjną płytą. Jedną z piosenek, która na nią trafi, będzie duetem z Shakirą. Piosenka zatytułowana będzie ”La bicicleta”, jej premier wyznaczono na 3 czerwca"
  • Lovers In The Parking Lot - Solange Knowles
    "Left your heart behind when I played us instead I’m up and done See I’m just living on the back away from anyone And maybe you love me but I just left and wanted to run Back and forth behind and down when"
  • Out in the parking lot - Brad Paisley
    "I'm sittin' on the fender of someone else's truckDrinkin' Old Crow Whiskey and hot 7 UpOut in the parkin' lotYou can hear the band playin'Right through the wallsAin't no cover chargeAin't no last callOut"
  • Out In The Parking Lot - Body Count
    "This next record is dedicated to some personal friends of mine: The L.A.P.D. For every cop that has ever taken advantage of somebody, beat 'em down or hurt 'em, because they have long hair, listen to the"
  • Mi Verdad (ft. Shakira) - Maná
    "Hay mentiras en los labios Hay mentiras en la piel, que dolor Hay mentiras, hay amantes Que por instantes de placer Ponen su vida a temblar Hay mentiras compasivas Hay mentiras por piedad Que no quieren"

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