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Shalee Caley All
  • Barbershop 2 - Back In Business All
    "It's all about the things you do It's so crazy how I'm hooked on you Deep inside me I'm burning up From your touch I can't get enough Everytime I feel like I don't need your love My mind just gets me going"
  • Collective Soul All
    "Watch my world spin roundIt stops for youI'll give you heaven for a viewI set my sights on high my aim is trueI'd walk on water just for youAll is all I can give youAll is all I can doAll is all I wish"
  • K's Choice All
    "Is there anything you want from me My arms, my life, my energy I don't know how far I can go Everything says no But you know how it goes when You're used to your side of the bed I know you don't belong"
  • Hillsong All
    "You're the one who gives me shelterand you're the ligth that leads me homeyou're the love that gave foreverLord you're all that I knowAnd all that I amUnto you I surrenderLord there is none like youAnd"
  • Al Jarreau All
    "All of my love No one's ever held me like you hold me No one's ever touched me in this way But I'm not runnin' anymore Never felt this way before All of my love, I will give to you All of my dreams will"
  • Hillsong United All
    "Verse 1: You're the one who gives me shelter... and you're the light that leads me home you're the love that gave forever... Lord you're all that I know Chorus: And all that I am... unto you I surrender... Lord"
  • Henri Salvador All
    "- All ! Babylone 21-29, pouvez-vous m' passer Brigitte ?- C'est une erreur, y a pas de Brigitte ici !- All ! Babylone 21-29, pouvez-vous m' passer Brigitte ?- C'est une erreur, y a pas de Brigitte ici"
  • Addiction Crew All
    "All we need to feel it's Just like the others So, I'm over you, I don't feel you, I can't see you When I was down the way I'm callin' you, I don't feel you, I can't see you When I was looking for Something"
  • Avalon All
    "I've had a world of possibilities Slip through my hands And prayers that went unanswered That I couldn't understand There's a faith that can move mountains But I never let it move me I only trust in"
  • Inti-Illimani All
    "Yo no s que tengo yo, corazón que tengo el pecho maluco. Ay, corazón, que tengo el pecho maluco, all viene un corazón, corazón bello que tengo el pecho maluco, all viene un corazón. Ser porque me com,"
  • De La Soul All
    "Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh! Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh! (repeat 2X) It ain't all good, and that's the truth Thangs ain't goin like you think they should - it's"
  • James Darren All
    "Angel Face James Darren Words and Music by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman -as sung on "The Best Of James Darren" -Rhino Records R2 71664 -45 single label showed artist as "Jimmy Darren" -peak Billboard position"
  • Jordy All
    "Regarde ! T'as vu le bel arbre de Nol ? Le joli feu et dehors, tout est blanc Des milliers d'toiles brillent rien que pour nous And I am feeling so happy Tonight the night for us the children Together"
  • Josh Groban All
    "Il vento che soffia piano Questa notte cambia il mio destino E sento che il cuore Ancora si sorprender La vita ora ha pi senso Se guardo questo cielo immenso E la luna inamorata Si illuminer di me E sar All'improvviso"
  • Wired All Wrong After All
    "When you gonna calm me down with your sad face? It never really calmed me down in the first place Now I say it again and again and again Apparently to waste your time and How is it that we seem to always"
  • All Saints All Hooked Up
    "C'mon on, c-c'mon (Say what, say what) Yo yo, there she go Go girl with your fine ass You keep askin' for my time You keep tellin' me, that I'm fine! Give me your number I wont call! Give me your pager"
  • Against All Authority All Fall Down
    "The air stings my eyes, the water burns my skin I've seen the reactions through my actions But I don't try to change a thing at all We're taught to close our eyes and conditioned To believe their lies"
  • Wired All Wrong Nothing At All
    "Once knew a girl by the name of Emily Who I would go and visit on the downtown seat She promised me love but it didn't come free And I don't mean money but the way she'd be like "It makes no sense to"
  • Against All Odds Against All Odds
    "Państwo próbuje czyżby? zadbać o losy kraju Ale krótko o tym powiem, bo chce dotknąć innej sprawy Dodam tylko, Że nie posądzam wszystkich o złą wolę O kradzieże, draństwo, nadużycia, i świadome złe wybory Wśród"
  • Sick Of It All Going All Out
    "Right now, I don't care how shame feels Don't care how pain feels inside Right now, don't care what I hear Don't care what I fear inside So now I'm going it alone It feels like me against the world I"

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