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Shane macgowan

  • Shane - Kim Wilde
    "Written by ricky & marty wilde I dreamed I lived the whole thing just last night Somehow this film just seemed to get it right I watched a gunfire under dirty western skies The one man's vision seems"
  • Shane - Pendragon
    "(1st Astronaut) 'That looks like Istanbul down there' (2nd Astronaut) 'No it's Vienna' (1st Astronaut) 'There's Buffalo' (2nd Astronaut) 'Ah, Buffalo Schmuffalo' Shane you've gotta lay down your guns Pick"
  • Shane - Girlysound
    "I know that it was the night The war broke out because You and I were driving around You were doing a story About if people understood What had happened to their world Tonight in bed sleeping A world in"
  • Shane - LIZ PHAIR
    "I know that it was the night the war broke out Because you and I were driving around And you were doing a story About if people understood what had happened to their world Tonight in bed sleeping The world"
  • Shane and Dixie - Richard Thompson
    "Oh Shane and Dixie, they were two-bit crooks They wanted to be famous like you read in books Shane had the brain and Dixie had the looks for glory As a bankrobber Shane really was no use He'd end up likely"
  • All About Shane - Subb
    "She's been around a couple of years ago She's doing cool things, like porno videos With all her friends and her caravan I wanna take a ride and travel across the land She's the kind of girl that make"
  • Cheers To Shane - Molly Maguire
    "There's a toothless man staring down in his glass He's the kind of man who never says no to a drink He hears tunes and words like the wind through the grass Judged by the look you'd never expect him to"
  • Shane, She Wrote This - Television
    "(Verlaine) Shane I want to know Sisters rejoice in a B-minor chord, With wildly impassioned delight Rapture is mine now as I behold All turning holy and bright So bright. She gives me all the love Why"
  • Mother Mo Chroi - Shane MacGowan And The Popes
    "It was 1962 and I was two years out of school When I got on board a boat That was bound for Liverpool The day we sailed away I remember it so well Took one look at the North Wall And bid a fond farewell It's"
  • Haunted - Shane McGowan
    "sinad: do you remember that sunny day? somewhere in london in the middle of nowhere didn't have nothing to do that day didn't wanna do nothing anyway shane: you got a way of walking sinad: you got a way"
  • Change Your Mind - Shane Minor
    "(Shane Minor/Mark Spiro/Dann Huff) From the minute you were gone 'Til this moment here tonight It's clear to see that all I need Is you in my life 'Cause the road that I've been on Left you waiting"
  • Saved By Grace - Shane & Shane
    "Just a singin' a gospel song today Get a ready to send the years Of guilt and shame away The years of failing The years of nailing up yourself To a cross you can't bear That's why He was there What a"
  • Vision Of You - Shane & Shane
    "Come meet us, King Jesus. Oh wind of change blow through this temple. Sweet spirit of God, come and mend our hearts. For all we have are songs. Unless you come. Awaken what's inside of me. Tune my heart"
  • Make Believe Jesus - Shane & Shane
    "Emmanuel God with US?? Come Lord Jesus Make believe Believe With all Your beauty Mountains groan And seas roar Because all they know Is You for who You are Bright, Morning Star Jesus, make ?? believe Like"
  • 737 - Shane Barnard
    "where'd You get that shade of green? awesome, splendor, majesty! where'd You find the notes to play? glory and honor to Your name! my life, but a grain of sand Your life, so worthy of...! how amazing"
  • Amazed - Shane Barnard
    "Tell me, reveal to me how can i be a young man keeping my way pure by living by your word for i seek you lord with all of my heart im amazed i will praise i will praise im amazed i will praise i will"
  • Barren Land - Shane Barnard
    "barren land can overflow with life and fruit and fields that grow in the barren land with labor and toil planting seed and tilling soil will stay the same, stay the same but if for rain! but if for rain! but"
  • Be Near - Shane Barnard
    "You are all, big and small beautiful ohhh And wonderful to trust in grace through faith But I'm asking to taste For dark is light to you Depths are height to you Far is near but Lord I nead to hear from"
  • Beauty For Ashes - Shane Barnard
    "beauty for ashes a garment of praise for my heaviness beauty for ashes take this heart of stone and make it Yours, Yours i delight myself in the Richest of Fair trading all that i've had for all that"
  • Breath Of God - Shane Barnard
    "A life you cannot define A purpose that's benign They need to see and believe Be lead to the rugged tree The one on which He cried not for His pain but for our debt The very same tree that He conquered"

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