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Sharon Jones

  • Jones - Mike Jones
    "You can catch meHustlin, gridin, shakin haters who's whining I'm blindin the world, cause I was day 2 day grindin I'ma blow up, I told ya, think I'm lieing, I'ma show ya From Houston to Penscola we candy"
  • Sharon Tate - Babasnicos
    "Angel de Satn Luntica endemoniada Blonda beldad, sierva del mal Agua tónica Beberas de mis manos Princesa de California Lucifer la espera Viaja intoxicada Ultra velocidad Nada puede detenerla El diablo"
  • Sharon tate - Babasonicos
    "Angel de SatnLuntica endemoniadaBlonda beldad, sierva del malAgua tónicabeberas de mis manosPrincesa de CaliforniaLucifer la esperaViaja intoxicadaUltra velocidadNada puede detenerlaEl diablo debe poseerlaDaltónicaChica-bunda"
  • Jones - Brian McFadden
    "Wake up JonesStop sleeping on your mama's couchWaiting for it to happenGet off home with your yellow finger tipsAnd belly full of whata could beensWell I could do, but I'm happy doing nothingThis way the"
  • Rose of Sharon - Veda Hille
    "I am a rose of Sharon A lily among thorns As an apple tree within the woods So my lover among men I open to my lover My lover he had gone I looked, I could not find him I called, he did not come I open"
  • Sharon And Hope - Stina Nordenstam
    "Sometimes it's all around you Sometimes that love surrounds you And even gone it's with you Tasting of salt He learned about love the hard way She learned that nothing would stay They knew all about"
  • Rose Of Sharon - Xiu Xiu
    "It's light outside when you finally see a quiet failure sleeping next to you don't think don't try don't rush away when i say you deserve less you try so hard to be as sweet as you can for me"
  • Rose Of Sharon - Clay Kevin
    "If I'm not dreaming, I should be screaming now. If I'm not lying, I should be crying now. How can I reach for Heaven, when I can't find the door? I can't get my feet off the ground. You tell me that my"
  • Song For Sharon - Joni Mitchell
    "I went to Staten Island, Sharon To buy myself a mandolin And I saw the long white dress of love On a storefront mannequin Big boat chuggin' back with a belly full of cars... All for something lacy Some"
  • Rose Of Sharon - Camel
    "Love, are you awake or are you sleeping? I'm so excited I could die... starting out our lives. Must make some plans for the future now we need to settle down... make a home our own. What we gonna do when"
  • Mr. Jones - Mike Jones
    "You can ride all day long Another mike dizzle production(Mike Jones) But you'll never catch Mr. Jones ha ha ha ha ha haaa(Mr. Jones) He's got a shot gun so (Who?) go back home (Who? Who? Who?) Cuz you'll"
  • Casey Jones - Spike Jones
    "You all know Casey was the engineeer, but have you heard the story of the bombardier? Casey Junior was a gentlemen's name, he's the fighting son of Casey and his name was the same. The call to scramble"
  • Jones Vs. Jones - Kool & The Gang
    "We don't feel like talking There's nothing to be said I guess it's just confusion Rolling 'round our heads Still, we know there's love here The hardest part of all, babe It breaking up and out So here"
  • I Ain't Sharin' Sharon - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Every time I take you out on the town the boys look at you like they're dumb found How can I blame them though you look so fine But they're just gonna have to wait for their time So stop starin' I ain't"
  • The Curse Of Sharon - Primal Fear
    "Shadows in black As the hour glass cracks The candlelight's burning As I realized The world of tomorrow The haunted yesterday Spin the wheel of emotion As I saw your face.... ....For the first time, are"
  • Radio (ft. Sharon Van Etten) - Margo Price
    "Utwór 'Radio (ft. Sharon Van Etten)' z albumu 'Strays' Margo Price (premiera 13 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Xiu Xiu - Rose Of Sharon - Xiu Xiu
    "It's light outside when you finally see a quiet failure sleeping next to you don't think don't try don't rush away when i say you deserve less you try so hard to be as sweet as you can for me"
  • Indiana Jones - Dzony
    "Dzony prezentuje nowy utwór "Indiana Jones" (premiera 30 marca 2023 r.). To moja moc studio to mój nowy.. zgarniamy go jak jebany Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones jak jebany Indiana Jones To"
  • Doctor Jones - Aqua Teens
    "Sometimes, the feeling is right, you fall in love for the first time heartbeat, and kisses so sweet, summertime love in the moonlight. Now that summer is gone, you had to go back home. Please come"
  • Dr-Jones - Aqua
    "Sometimes, the feeling is right You fall in love for the first time Heartbeat and kisses so sweet Summertime love in the moonlight Ah-yippie-yi-yu Ah-yippie-yi-yeah Ah-yippie-yi-yu-ah Now the summer is"

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