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  • Cradle of Filth Shat out of Hell
    "Eclipsing violent centuries Like a dark scar over France Enter the nascent Gilles de Rais A warrior and a scholar He fought for Joan Of Arc Before she met with martyrdom in flames Far from fairytale A"
  • Megan Thee Stallion Don’t Stop (feat. Young Thug)
    "Real hot girls hit Ayy ayye I got a stank ss walk And a reckless ass mouth And my shit so tight When the fuck my pussy talk I on ever say: What’s up? I sut tell him what i want Cause i got another nigga"
  • Natalia Safran Daylight
    "Daylight Sometimes Daylight It’s much to hard Daylight Daylight Some times Daylight Shines the light too bright Undercover of the day I dream on the I feel It’s on me When the day shat .. Like a washes"
  • 8 Foot Sativa Emancipate
    "bitter semen, rotten and putrid to hand down all imperfections cloned and shat upon rancid vomit upon the canvas all the makings for a needed abortion the time to sever the head is long overdue to fell"
  • Primal Scream Full Strength Fortified Dub
    "In every hick town in caledonia Across this pseudo nadon You can see the most fucked up scum That was shat into creation Where a blue mckewan's lager top equals No imagination You're hunbelievable You're"
  • Hiperkarma Felis
    "Nem mutathat, nem is shat olyan vermet nektek senki, Amibl egy csettintssel kinn ne tudntok teremni. Nem mutathat, nem, nem is shat olyan vermet nektek senki, de senki, de senki, Amibl egy csettintssel"
  • Aidonia Laugh & Shot Dem
    "Addi: ahh mia tell u star ah joke dis jahkno star Yow ah di teacha inno weh diddy Deh weh u seh diddy Aidonia: weh mi do Hahaha we laugh and shat dem Nuh run we walk pass an shot dem Gun pop off an shot"
  • Colin James Postman's Sack
    "Well the postman came And the postman went And he brought the mail That my baby sent No, she didnt say yes Yes, she didnt say no But from what i read Man it's time to go I'm going put a stamp in the middle"
  • Xiu Xiu Pox
    "You look so ready to kill me with your bosses saw Mendocino, Siskiyou, Klamath, Shasta a wasp will find its way into your pointless life its stinger will sting you away this where I live dripping"
  • Macc Lads Dan's Underpant
    "We all went down New Delih, We had too much curry and aching bellies. Peter got gut rot and puked on the floor, Stez Styx banging on shithouse door. I says, come on lads and finish your Bombay duck, We're"
  • JOYRIDE Joyride
    ".. But don’t you fight with us We’ve got to make some trouble That sing kick ass You are so confuse But let me stay Only .. wheels Shat up and let us stay Joyride Run through the night Joyride And won’t"
  • Spirit Of The West D For Democracy
    "You with the jaundiced eyes, drunk on your own reflection Propped up wiht desks and flags, 8 chairs short of Perfection Lines drawn here, there and everywhere None of your own volition Unrecognized you"
  • Spirit Of The West D For Democracy (Scour The House)
    "you with the jaundiced eyes, drunk on your own reflection propped up wiht desks and flags, 8 chairs short of perfection lines drawn here, there and everywhere none of your own volition unrecognized you"
  • Zeds Dead x Diplo Blame (ft Elliphant)
    "It's just another Monday [?] make me live Life can’t just be fun, babe Yeah, really that's not deal So, you're standing here then I won't be home till late Anecdotic pleasure Don’t, do not [?] Yes, I'm"
  • Turbonegro Locked Down
    "Kick it, mister Summers! I've been locked down I've been locked up I've been shut down So just shut it up I've been laughed at I've been spit at I've been held back So what are you looking at? I've"
  • Upstate Escape The Network
    "Welcome to thrills, Politics and pills Youre running like a gerbil Round the Ivy League wheel You loved it until You got stuck with the bill I know just how you feel So don me now a three-piece suit Enter"
  • The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches And The Flame Dies Out Again
    "Potpourri of uselessness. Sit with much pain as I watch a summer go by with the boredom of watching paint dry. Why this time? Gone away. Nothing good can ever stay. Basic freedom, cigarettes and free pornography. It"
  • Dystopia Backstabber
    "lying bastards decieving fuckers you are a curse violation kicked in the head when i hurt the worse my body boils with both anger and confusion thorazine is such a bitch to endure i wanna rip your fucking"
  • Lunachicks Apathetic
    "I got run over and I dont care my sterio got stolen and I dont care the casserole is burning and I dont care the phone is broken and I dont care I dont care I dont care I farted on the train and"
  • Neva Dinova It's Worse When You're Young
    "She wakes up with her hair down, her heart's infected. Her makeup's the least of her worries now. Her heart's infected, but she's already gone. But it's worse when you're young, it's worse when you're"

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