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Shata QS - You're beautiful

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Shata QS - You're beautiful

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Shata QS - You're beautiful
  • Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz BREATH (feat. Skinny)
    "it’s been a long time I still feel the ice slowly melting now there’s no mountain high enough look around sing what you see you got to lose to know how to be the one you want I’ll be waiting for you looking"
  • Sigma Anywhere
    "i’ll go Anywhere with you Anywhere with you Anywhere with you i’ll ride, i’ll ride away with you we were following the Cambridge signs tryna get the music right in my shitty old car with the scratched"
    "Who am i someone that’s afraid to let go you decide if you ever try to let go I’m sad and low I’m sad and low Who am i someone that’s afraid to let go you decide if you ever try to let go I’m sad and low I’m"
  • Martin Garrix Ocean (feat. Khalid)
    "Tell me what you’re crying for Oh my god ,taste so rough it you’re so in, take in love we’ll come for you for sure if we’re caught in a wave I will carry you over it don’t matter where you are I’’ll"
  • Gorillaz Fire Flies
    "if you see me floating too many times my face will be painted in these white brick lines cos all my fears invaded all the crazies put on buses and sent up here to find you living on the limits and if"
  • Tom Odell If You Wanna Love Somebody
    "You should look at your reflection If you wanna see a lie You’re heading in the right direction If you wanna pick a side Give me more perfection if you wanna see me cry if you wanna love somebody if"
  • DHARNI x ZUZA JABŁOŃSKA Friends (Marshmello) / Sami
    "you say you love me i say you’re crazy we’re nothing more than friends you’re not my lover more like a brother I know you since we were like ten don’t mess it up talking that shit only gonna push me"
  • Lily Allen Lost My Mind
    "I caught some feelings now i sense a change something beautiful has slipped away I let you in and when you disappear like a dying of another day I was never planning on and of this chaos I wasn’t being"
  • Lauren Jauregui Expectations
    "I've been there all alone Wondering where you have been Ten past three No club closes at two A.M I've already been through all those sad scenarios And it doesn't change your mind Know it very well that"
  • Lauren Jauregui Toy
    "I'm holding it to the side and fucking playing every day Tell me [?], [?] you're questioning Told him "even though I'm small, I'll take you to the space" Wait for me, side of [?] on the other play Sometimes"
  • Trillium Time to Shine
    "Today dawned, raining down a fire of promise In beautiful bright hues I blaze on while shadows from the peaks in the valleys Are made to consume truth I’ve found myself amongst the false and fearsome But"
  • Make It Pop I Promise You That (feat L3)
    "Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh Slow down, Get my feet back on the ground Cause I'm letting everybody know I can see that you're beautiful Blue skies, reflected in your eyes Just an ordinary perfect day All"
  • Christina Aguilera Like I Do (ft. GoldLink)
    "Right Talk to the reverend but i know you better and I’m trna and you know we perfect baby girl, look at us make a young nigga cash out that running all the little booty in your trunk make a man wanna"
  • Bars And Melody Friends (cover)
    "Charlie] Ohhh-ohh, Ohhh-ohh Ohhh-ohh, Ohhh-ohh You say you love me, I say you crazy We're nothing more than friends You're not my lover, more like a brother I known you since we were like ten, Don't"
  • Why Don't We Hooked
    "you’ve got a bad reputation in my neighborhood you drive me mad with temptation cause it taste so good you know I wouldn’t walk away even if I could it took one night, one try damn, I’m hooked you were"
  • Sugarland Babe (feat. Taylor Swift)
    "what a shame didn’t wanna be the one that got away big mistake, broke the sweetest promise that you never should have made I’m here on the kitchen floor you call, but I wasn’t hear it you said no one else how"
  • Eminem My Daddy's Gone Crazy
    "Daddy, what are you doing? Ok then! everybody, listen up! I'm goin' to hell! Who's comin' with me?!?!?!?!? *WHISPERS* Somebody, please help him! I think my daddys gone cray-za! There's no mountain"
  • Christina Aguilera Beautiful
    "Don't look at me Every day is so wonderful Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe Now and then, I get insecure From all the pain, I'm so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring me"
  • The 1975 Give Yourself A Try
    "You learn a couple things when you get to my age like a friends don’t lie and all tastes the same in the dark when your vinyl and your coffee collection is a sign of times you’re getting spiritually enlightened"
  • Michał Szpak King of the Season
    "Look at yourself what do you see? is it still you The great King of the Season you want more and more you’re afraid of the trap Oh, is it you? No one can save us Who else will give us another chance? It"

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