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Shata QS - You're beautiful

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Shata QS - You're beautiful

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Shata QS - You're beautiful
  • Imagine Dragons Next To Me
    "something about the way that you walked into my living room casually and confident looking at the mess I am but still you still you want me stress lines and cigarettes politics and defects late bills"
  • Big Bad Bosses Angel
    "Club hoppin' See her dancin' alone In the corner I'm just checkin' my phone I should join her Step right into the zone Get to sweatin' I ain't tryin' to unwind Girl you're smokin' Damn you're one of a"
  • Krewella Alibi
    "always been a black sheep living in a daydream in too deep /2x I;ma give you everything /2x for ever everything you and me go no sleep gonna keep it O.G. on the same team same damn team till my body 6"
  • Serenity The Final Crusade
    "Let me write these final words and turn the page Of a book that tells a story of crusades For the cross I lived my life until the end For the throne and all the memories I saved Time – time has come Time"
  • The Chainsmokers You Owe Me
    "i don’t really say this that often but there’s something that the papers forgot every time I read them, I know I feed them but I know they’re painting but they can’t leave a mark because my friends don’t"
  • Bad Things Caught Inside
    "reach inside your mind cause we don’t ask for much dream it’s beautiful sleep and we don’t ask for much at all its heavy on my heart when you gonna start it’s another world caught in between all the lies you"
  • Paris Hilton I Need You
    "I wanna put the happy in your Birthday And I wanna be the merry n your Christmas I’m always giving thanks for you on every Thanksgiving Sure as the sun will rise I need you I wanna be the bunny in youe"
  • Khalid & Normani Love Lies
    "sorry if it’s hard to catch my vibe I need a lover to rest tell me you’re on my side and you down or the ride? it’s not easy for someone to catch my eye but I;ve been waiting for you for my whole damn"
  • D'Angelo Brown Sugar
    "1st verse: Let me tell you 'bout this girl Maybe I shouldn't I met her in Philly and her name was Brown Sugar See we be makin' love constantly That's why my eyes are a shade blood burgandy The way that"
  • Ellie Goulding Vincent
    "Starry, starry night Paint your palette blue and gray Look out on a summer's day With eyes that know the darkness in my soul Shadows on the hills Sketch the trees and the daffodils Catch the breeze and"
  • James Corden I Promise You (piosenka z filmu "Piotruś Królik")
    "life is tough when you’re scare and small still tough when you’re big and tall wrong side of MacGregor’s wall suddenly your home is like a tennis ball up and down and side to side serve so hard you think"
  • Kirin J Callinan Big Enough (ft. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, Jimmy Barnes)
    "I’ve lived in lonely cities I’ve crossed deserts on camel back and I’ve filled the halls of folklore with things I’d rather we forget I could sweep you off the streets so saying this goddemn tough but"
  • Happy Prince Don't let go
    "you say you’re calling form cross fire hold you’re ground we maybe late but we still trying to win the fight and no a thing will pass me by this time but Don't Let Go to fall to the ground Don't Let"
  • Felix Jaehn Cool (ft. Marc E. Bassy, Gucci Mane)
    "I see you treat me differently cause you don’t need therapy on a Friday night And you said you’d be there for me I can’t believe I should have known you wouldn’t at the time no no promise me you’ll never"
  • Within Silence You & I
    "I had time for tears that changed nothing I had time to make my dreams come true Now I stand in line By faith I’ve seen our God He made me strong to face the enemy I’ve looked into your eyes Seen your"
  • My Indigo Where Is My Love
    "My mama said he’d love me, right down to the bone My mama said he’d hold me, and never let me go but no more, no no more, no more Why am I here to protect you, here to defend you, I don’t know anymore no"
  • Calvin Harris Nuh Ready Nuh Ready (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
    "mi and di mandem we haffi run from half of di gyal dem so sweet, so sweet don’t want mi children and thing mi nuh ready fi all dem tings so sweet, you’re so sweet mi nuh readu fi all dem things yet so"
  • Whethan, Dua Lipa High
    "you don’t have to be so cautions if you practice what you preach counting up the stacks on the counter a fucking disease don’t ask me to be righteous if you practice what you teach counting all your blessings"
  • MGMT Me and Michael
    "not everyone can be like me and Michael the only problem is forgetting which side you’re on so you think burning light will reapeare on summer nights like all the rest, but they can’t find out in every"
  • Marshmello & Anne Marie FRIENDS
    "you say you love me i say you’re crazy we’re nothing more than friends you’re not my lover more like a brother I know you since we were like ten don’t mess it up talking that shit only gonna push me"

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