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Shawn Colvin Close Your Eyes

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Shawn Colvin Close Your Eyes

  • Close Your Eyes - Shawn Colvin
    "Close your eyes Close your eyes Go to sleep now, my darling There's a Sandman Old and white Bringing happy dreams to you Tattle Tail Go to sleep Til the quiet night passes You are safe in my arms In my"
  • Close Your Eyes - James Blunt
    "You have seen the singer And he said ' believe in me' Now let me wash my bloodied hands In this pool of ecstacy Cos you know what's required of us And you know that they're tired of us And you know That"
  • Close Your Eyes - Hello Mark
    "Just Close Your Eyes Forget about what happened here So, Just Close Your Eyes Forget about you’re dreaming for"
  • Close Your Eyes - Suicide Commando
    "Close your eyes for the real world And dream of how it might have been Close your eyes for the real world It's much to ugly and always will We're killing nature We're killing men The blood and the violence The"
  • Close Your Eyes - Queen Latifah
    "Close your eyes When you open them dear I'll be right hear by your side So... Close your eyes Rest your head on my shoulder and sleep Close your eyes And I will close mine Close your eyes Let's"
  • Close your eyes - Goo Goo Dolls
    "I wish I had a saxophoneI'd play the blues 'til you came homeWith a little sadness in your eyeNow that all my time was spentIn the walk that heaven sentThinking 'bout all the nights you criedHad a certain"
  • Close Your Eyes - Pink Cream 69
    "Don't believe All that you dream is just illusion Don't believe You look for things not made for you You'll win in everything But don't live in confusion Some days will come alive And dreams will turn"
  • Close Your Eyes - Anita Baker
    "Stars up in the sky Said your heart won't lie to me You speak and dreams are real Free to follow what you feel Chorus: Close your eyes and see Life's no mystery Dreams become reality Close your eyes and"
  • Close Your Eyes - Micah P. Hinson
    "And close your eyes And don't you make a sound There's no worries now And close your eyes And don't you make a sound There's no worries now There's no one else around, to hear you cry You're so asleep Again,"
  • Close Your Eyes - Jump
    "Tell me you had bad dreams last night 'Cause you were rolling in your sleep Tell me you hate those bright street lights Sometimes the shadows give you the creeps Please Close your eyes Please If you dont"
  • Close your eyes - Smolik
    "Did you ever let yourself Fall and loose your faith Hey take my hand, don't let me wait Lets take a ride, vanish into world Close your eyes be a child for a while, for a while Close your eyes, free"
  • Close Your Eyes - Olivia Lufkin
    "Haiiro no kumo no sukima kara Taiyou no hohoemi koboreru Umaretate no kaze kami wo nade Katari kaketeru no kikoreru? Curling curling under your breath Close your eyes Close your eyes Put your thoughts"
  • Close Your Eyes - Charlie Landsborough
    "Close your eyes While the summer clouds release their silver load And the evening rain makes patterns on the road The world is clean And evergreen Close your eyes ------- Close your eyes Let the"
  • Close Your Eyes - Paradise Lost
    "For our saviour could not deny All born the same All born the same You won't hear the truth I can feel it, close your eyes I still see... You invent the proof I can feel it, close your eyes I still see... You"
  • Close Your Eyes - DJ Limmer
    "1.If you wanna know Tomorrow morning i have to leave But wherever I may be Best believe I'm thinking of you I can't believe how much I love you All we have is here tonight We don't whant to waste this"
  • Close Your Eyes - Petra Berger
    "Close your eyes, the children are asleep The night will surely keep, my Queen Close your eyes, to tides that run too deep I know sometimes you weep unseen While you dream, the treason and the fear"
  • Close Your Eyes - Meghan Trainor
    "Everybody is on the same page No new chapters Will never change Everybody wants to be cool Yes they do I'm just like them But I won't be no fool I guess I could waste all me time and my money Just trying"
  • Close Your Eyes - RHODES
    "Maybe, maybe I am just a skater too It's alright, stay by my side On the edge, on the edge of everything we know It's alright, just don't look down And I will hold on I'll never let go You're right beside"
  • Close Your Eyes - We Are The Fury
    "you told me who you were but i guess i never heard you thought it treason 'til i saw you from the floor running out the door you had your reasons but don't close your eyes 'cause you might need"
  • Close Your Eyes - Norther
    "Your guilt bleeds through Your eyes it's true There's no way out Your mouth is full Of your lies in disguise You walk away you turn away You run away you fade away Wash your sins away, scratch your skin"

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