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Shayna Zaid- It's you

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Shayna Zaid- It's you

  • Among The Dead - Shayna Zaid
    "my flesh and bone not my own you have changed me to my core took control of my soul i am not me anymore Im gone now you live on Im among the dead blood dont reach my head suffering what you made me become slipping"
  • It's You, It's You - Joe Dolan
    "It's You, It's You, It's You The only one i want The woman I've been searching for And if you look at me You'll see a lonely man Who's been too long without a home So why don't we just get together And"
  • It's You - Rez Band
    "It's You Make the atoms dance It's You Creates pure romance It's You I am thinking of It's You, You, You It's You Lifts the poor man's head It's You Gives us daily bread It's You Sums up reality It's"
  • It's You - I Hate Kate
    "Go Let it go Let it go Put it all behind For you Show Let it show Let it show That you're not afraid of this For you And there's only one person I know That is worth all the time in the world It's you Life This"
  • It's You - Epoxies
    "It's you I'm sure 'Cause I can't find a cure But I don't belive The effect you have on me I can't find the antidote for you I'm sure That love is nothing more Than a host, a strain It's you I have to blame I"
  • It's you - Michelle Branch
    "If tomorrow never comes I would want just one thing I would tell it to the stars and the sun I would write it for the world to see And it's you-ou-oooou The light changes when you're in the room Oh it's"
  • It's You - Simply Red
    "Loving you just goes on On and on, on and on And on Growing with you Is pleasure for two Raising my spirits Hoping for you And I do And being with you I see a side of my life A chance to grow In a"
  • It's You - The Partridge Family
    "It's you It's you Hello baby, yes it's me again and I'm Looking for the rainbow's end It's hidden in your mind I'll tell you baby I think I can bring you through The answer lies within those lonely"
  • It's You - The Hollies
    "(Clarke / Hicks / Nash) Don't raise your voice to me And don't be unkind I'm just a foolish man Who doesn't know his mind There is a reason I don't love you like I should And it's you Yes, it's"
  • It's You - Westlife
    "It's You Verse 1 There's a laugh in my eyes There's a waltz in my walk And it's been such a long time Since there was hope in my talk If you never knew what it is that's new... it's you 'Cause when your"
  • It's You - Annie Stela
    "So when we all took our first breath We line up in a row outside And passed around a cigarette Just babies squinting up at the street light Whispering about what's coming next And you said "Just say you"
  • It's You - Annihilator
    "I'm all alone Nothing to help me through the night I wait by the phone Hoping that everything's alright (alright) No one can tell you If it's wrong or if it's right But how am I supposed to know There's"
  • It's You - Phil Joel
    "It's You that I've been looking for In worn out faces Behind closed doors It's You I've been looking for It's You that I've been trying to reach I spent my money on beautiful things But it's You I've"
  • It's You - Chaka Khan
    "(Tony Patler and Portia Griffin) It's you, no one else will do I knew one day Another true love would come my way Only time will tell If it's right, it just can't fail And there you were And my quest"
  • It's You - Buffalo Tom
    "There's no time - a few hours to sleep Just drive 'til tomorrow Here I go - my drunk tank's on empty I've run low on sorrow One last lemon drop is all that's left from our last trip And that is the taste"
  • It's You - EMF
    "I feel like a world gone crazed At the thought of you Your hot ways still chill I'm closing in on you Temptation never leaves me But leaves me every once and a while And it's you, it's you That leaves"
  • It's You - Duck Sauce
    "It’s, it’s, it’s It’s, it’s, it’s It’s you, hey you It’s you, hey you It’s you, hey you It’s you, hey you It’s you, hey you It’s you, hey you It’s you, hey you It’s you I wanna kiss tonight It’s you I"
  • It's You - Zayn Malik
    "She got, she got, she got Her own reason for talking to me She don't, she don't, she don't give a f* about what I need And I can't tell you why Because my brain can't equate it Tell me your lies Because"
  • It's you - Lady Sovereign
    "Give Me Your Answer Let Me Know TodayI'm Searching in Wonder You're Making Me PayI Need You 'cause My Life's Turning GreyOh, It's You, Oh I'm BlueYou Left a Message to Say You Had FledCouldn't Believe"
  • It's you - Talk Talk
    "Say it again Heart of stone Red on your face So alone Say it again and I'll know it's you God only knows Why do lies about this girl bother you? Time is waiting to explain Why refuse? It's you Say it again"

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