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She corns the mone

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She corns the mone

  • Mona - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Mona she comes in the morning She brings me a bottle of wine She comes to my bed soothes up my head Makes me feel alright Makes me feel alright Mona she comes on a friday She stays into the"
  • Mona - James Taylor
    "Life's good, friends are hard to find and now one of mine is dead. And things I should have said to her, I shall say to you instead. Mona, Mona, so much of you to love, too much of you to take care of,"
  • Mona Mona - Jericho Jones
    "I can see her, Mona Mona Now she's comin', Mona Mona. Outside my window She is passin' on the way Watchin' her eyes Shinin' light in summer's day. Ev'ry move of Mona Mona Make some bad with Mona Mona. I"
  • Mona Mona - Cetera Peter
    "Cetera Peter Peter Cetera Mona Mona I remember sayin' She came out of nowhere Like the devil in disguise I believed it when she told me That she loved me .....tellin' lies *Everybody knows her name Mona"
  • Mona Mona - Peter Cetera
    "I remember sayin' She came out of nowhere Like the devil in disguise I believed it when she told me That she loved me .....tellin' lies *Everybody knows her name Mona Mona Everybody knows her game Mona"
  • Mona Lisa - Strangelove
    "Something in your eyes that says you've seen the whole of time A secret hidden in the dirt That flashes on your smile A secret we all lost today Of something once divine The beauty of the world has flown I"
  • Mona Lisa - Shakin' Stevens
    "Well, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa men have named you You're so like the lady with the mystic smile. Is it only cause you're lonely they have blamed you. For that Mona Lisa strangeness in your smile? Well, is"
  • Mona Lisa - Britney Spears
    "This is the story about Mona Lisa Tha' Mona Lisa Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell About Mona Lisa, And how she suddenly fell See everyone knew her, They knew her oh so well Now"
  • Mona Lisa - DeSol
    "There's a little black girl in my neighborhood who was always out clapping and jumping rope She'd dance for people passing by Always giving a stellar performance in exchange for a smile but people paid"
  • Mona Lisas - Sister Hazel
    "Why'd you have to be Everything to me I can't believe what's falling from your mouth Why'd you have to go and Tell me that you know This ain't gonna work out like we planned If we survive the winter We"
  • Mona Lisa - Slick Rick
    "Ladies, and gentlemen... and lowlifes It is with outstanding pleasure that we are here to present tonight... Slick Rick, the Ruler! And MC Ricky D!! Doing their smash hit, "Mona Lisa," you know, like"
  • Mona Lisa - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Neville Brothers) Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday and if your busy, I wouldn't mind taking Saturday. Right about now, if you are in your jeep. Please turn up your radio. If"
  • Mona - The Rolling Stones
    "I say hey, Mona Oh, Mona I say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Mona Oh, Mona I tell you Mona what I wanna do I'll build a house next door to you Can I see you sometimes? We can blow kisses through the blinds Yeah"
  • Mona - The Beach Boys
    "Mona Come-a come-a come-a come to me Gimme gimme gimme some lovin' Tell me tell me tell me you want it Listen listen listen my Mona How's about an eight o'clock dinner How's about a nine o'clock movie Won't"
  • Mona - Wall Of Voodoo
    "In the shadows Beneath the bones We lie down Sicker than sun stricken animals Wearing his roman gown Yeah those crazy roman gowns Dinosaurs making up my world And we all be T-rex Cars and factories digging"
  • Mona - Quicksilver Messenger Service
    "Bo Diddley) Hey, Mona, hey hey hey hey, Mona, I'm gonna build my house next door to you, I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do, Maybe we could do a little kissing and tellin' lies. You'll listen to my"
  • Mona - Mike Batt
    "I have spent some heavy nights like every sailor and I know some seedy ways to spend my pay. I've been arrested in the streets I've been drunk along the beaches of Marseilles. And you know that when"
  • Mono - Courtney Love
    "Hey yeah we had everything vinyl in mono and we looked the other way man we were so dumb is this the part in the book that you wrote Where I gotta come and save the day did you miss me did you miss me"
  • Mono - Fightstar
    "If time can break us down And not keep us around I wont wait I wont mind Not this time I've started up the clocks It's time I left behind And everything we've lost, disappears I'm calling, I'm calling"
  • Mona - Beach Boys
    "MonaCome-a come-a come-a come to meGimme gimme gimme some lovin'Tell me tell me tell me you want itListen listen listen myMonaHow's about an eight o'clock dinnerHow's about a nine o'clock movieWon't it"

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