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She drink

  • Drink - Fiction Plane
    "No drink no drugs no cigarettes no loose woman because I'm weak well that's all fine for you to say but I'm too shy to even speak I can't go out in the world without a little fire in my soul it puts a"
  • Drink Tonight - Street Dogs
    "Go out tonight, to get lit up Drink tonight, gonna drink tonight Fourty hours done, I've had enough Drink tonight, gonna drink tonight Don't care what my family thinks Drink tonight, gonna drink tonight It's"
  • Drink & Dial - James Otto
    "Well my good buddy John likes to tie one on And get drunk on Friday nights And hes just fine till the beer and shine combine Then hes Jekyll and Hyde Starts cussin bout his boss and the job he lost And"
  • Drink and fight - Flogging Molly
    "Well i stumbled and i am all drunk and full of smokeMy wife said i have had enough, im sick, thats it, get out!So i stumbled down to kellys pub across the edge of townAnd i told the boys me story and we"
  • Drink Drank Punk - Anti-Flag
    "Gulp gulp gulp.... Gulp gulp gulp.... I want to Drink more beer Until I Puke! Drink drank punk! Drink drank punk! Drink drank punk! Drink drank punk! I'm so cool 'Cause I can drink so much! And I can drink More"
  • Drink Wit Us - Tha Alkaholiks
    "Yeah, Alkaholiks! J-Ro, Tash, E-Swift That's right We're not done Uh-uh, c'mon Ain't it drunk King, Tee, he drink wit us Defari, he drink wit us The Loot-pack, they drink wit us The homey Stylistic he"
  • One Drink Down - Gerry Rafferty
    "To Rafferty's Bar in my old jaunting car I took myself one Friday evening To think on a son so deceiving It's one drink down and another to go. He was married in haste to a woman unchaste Much to the"
  • One More Drink - Mel Tillis
    "See that house across the street from this barroom bottle The people who live in it I love so So I come here every night and I pray that I'll see them Think I'll have one more drink and then I'll go There's"
  • Drink With Me - Les Miserables
    "Enjolras Marius, rest. Feuilly Drink with me To days gone by Sing with me The songs we knew Prouvaire Here's to pretty girls Who went to our heads Joly Here's to witty girls Who went to our beds"
  • Drink The Fear - Nixons
    "Carry what they say you'll need, Regardless of it's weight The orders from the high machine say We must leave today And the fathers in the war room Picking out a place We'll drop the bombs tomorrow... in"
  • One More Drink - Ludacris
    "It was friday night And I was feelin' AIIIGHT,(Yep) Downtown Atlanta, big city, bright lights, Mixin' Henny wit tha Sprite, While I'm drinkin' and drivin', No police lights, No police sirens, I'm headed"
  • Drink The Water - Buckcherry
    "Yeah, alright A curse of deception it urgent We're self sufficient but blind Time to create tormented butterfly So instromental its easy Deadlines, commitments, drink the caffine Well don't mind me,"
  • She - Shawn Mullins
    "She never loses She never chooses I don't know which way is up I drink her down She fills my cup again I'm always changin' while she's rearrangin' I can't tell you how I feel except I know this"
  • She - Saves The Day
    "She is a dying dandelion floating on the breeze Swirling sweetly in the evening She is the stars glowing gorgeously She is the sloping clouds Forever scrolling Unfolding She is the sun burned blue and"
  • She - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "SWEET CHERRY WINE Tommy James & The Shondells Come on everyone we gotta get together now Oh yeah, love's the only thing that matters anyhow And the beauty of life can only survive If we love one another Oh"
  • Clink, Clink, Another Drink - Spike Jones
    "Clink, clink, another drink Plenty in the cellar when it's gone. Drink, drink, the glasses clink Making tinkly music till the dawn is breaking. Clang, clang, who cares a dang? What's the difference when"
  • Drink, Drink, Drink - Mario Lanza
    "Drink, Drink, Drink(Drinking Song) Mario Lanza Ein zwei drei vier Lift your stein and drink your beer Ein zwei drei vier Lift your stein and drink your beer Drink! Drink! Drink! To eyes that are bright"
  • Just A Drink Away - Ernest Tubb
    "See that girl at the bar she just took my house and car And the little ones that meant to world to me She gets wilder day by day now she's just a drink away Just a drink away from anyone but me So step"
  • Get My Drink On - Toby Keith
    "I'm gonna get my drink on, I wanna hear me a sad song. My baby just left home, I didn't treat her right. Right here's where I belong, I'm gonna stay 'till the money's gone. If it takes me all night long,"
  • Eat me, drink me - Marilyn Manson
    "In the wastelandOn the way to the Red Queen...It's no wonder our stage clothesHave dreams to be famous.The trees in the courtyardAre painted in blood,So I've heard.She hangs the headlessUpside down to"

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