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She is on my mind np cooper

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She is on my mind np cooper

  • Cooper - Roxette
    "Cooper went out late last night I heard the slam from her door Foggy ways, November daze All the white wolves were smiling Cooper went out walkin' the clouds She left everything in a mess "Shut your"
  • Dear Mr. Cooper - Keziah Jones
    "Seen a face I don't recognize Making discord, turning my days sadder Don't confuse the word ostracise It'll make it fit more or disorganise matter It's all in your game, yeah. It's all in your game. Dear"
  • Girl Is On My Mind - The Black Keys
    "Girl is on my mind, Girl is on my mind, Try to ignore it, I try to unwind, But she is on my mind, Eyes are in my eyes, Eyes are in my eyes, Where I've been, How time flies, When she is in my eyes, See"
  • Mini Cooper - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: san-gatsu no aru hi kumori-zora no ohiru sugi 'record' kai ni futari-kiri de 'drive' 'sun-glass' kaketa kimi wa boku no 'driver' kuroi kawa no tebukuro yoku niau 'back"
  • Alice Cooper - Poison - Alice Cooper
    "Your cruel device Your blood, like ice One look could kill My pain, your thrill I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch) I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop I want to kiss you"
  • She Knows When You're On My Mind - George Strait
    "She knows she's holdin' someone who don't love her She knows she's where you could have been She knows I turn to her because you turned me down And she knows when you're on my mind again Every night she"
  • She Doesn't Mind - Luther Vandross
    "SHE DOESN'T MIND Luther Vandross and Reed Vertelney (album: POWER OF LOVE - 1991) For love you pay the price You give it up, you sacrifice And if necessary you compromise Sometimes it's bitter sweet You've"
  • She doesn't mind - Vandross Luther
    "For love you pay the priceYou give it up, you sacrificeAnd if necessary you compromiseSometimes it's bitter sweetYou've got to try eight days a weekTo create a good enough love to keepYou see hearts belong"
  • Ackan (feat. Dillon Cooper) - Sido
    "Aus'm MV in die Welt raus, ich geb Geld aus Lederjacke von LV, in hellblau, Charlotte gefällt's, wenn ich ihr Pelz kauf Und aus dem Schlüpper deiner Frau kannst du'n Zelt bauen Ich geb noch immer'n Fick"
  • On My Mind - Benzino
    "Let me tell you all thats on my mind (repeat x4) Why take one bad apple to f**k the whole batch With alot of willpower to get shit back Things got low some habbits have its own track niggas was hatin"
  • She's On My Mind - JP Cooper
    "She's On My Mind She's On My Mind She's On My Mind She's On My Mind I can’t sleep at night Cos she ain;t by my side I seen a lot of pretty faces ain;t nobody like you and I never had a love like the"
  • She is - Houston
    "Girl i wouldn't think a year ago That you'd make me feel this way And you know it's not that often girl That you make me wanna say That i'll cool on you i wanna do Anything that you might say you want"
  • Black Juju (Alice Cooper cover) - Entombed
    "Body Body Touched by the toil and plunged into his arm Cursed thru the night thru eyes of alarm A melody black flowed out of my breath Searching for death, but bodies need rest Body Under the soil now"
  • My Mind Is Gone - ZZ Top
    "I have to go to my parole-boy To remember just who I am One thing else I don't enjoy is Forgetting her monogram She electrifies my physical mass She Really Turns Me On My mind is gone My mind is gone She"
  • Love Is On Her Mind - Sa-Fire
    "I see the way that she's looking at you I know what's on her mind, her mind, her mind She thinks I don't know what she wants to do But I know her kind She's the kind of girl who hates to see two people"
  • Your Mind Is On Vacation - Elvis Costello
    "I see you laughin' Right in my face I guess I'm gonna have to Put you in your place You couldn't raise a dime Because if silence was golden Because your mind is on vacation And your mouth is working"
  • She - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "SWEET CHERRY WINE Tommy James & The Shondells Come on everyone we gotta get together now Oh yeah, love's the only thing that matters anyhow And the beauty of life can only survive If we love one another Oh"
  • Always On My Mind - Loverboy
    "I knew her since high school We were seventeen I was old enough to know She was old enough to dream I try to remember, bring back memories And you know that she is always on my mind She knew what I needed Never"
  • Always On My Mind - Phantom Planet
    "Everybody in this place can up and move away For all I care this town's already dead and empty I'm told that I'm a victim of obsession That's what my friends say Oh I'm a fool for having ever let her tempt"
  • Rambling On My Mind - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
    "I got rambling, I got rambling all on my mind I got rambling, I got rambling all on my mind Is to leave my baby, 'cause she treat me so unkind I'm going down to the station, catch that old first mail"

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