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She liik si perfect

  • Perfect - Alice Cooper
    "(Alice Coopr, Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson) She's an overnight sensation In the mirror on her wall She gets a standing ovation At every shower curtain call And she becomes a pop star In the safety of her"
  • Perfect - Fady Maalouf
    "Standing, in the doorway Is the most perfect little thing I'v ever known But she's crying ,letting it all out So frustrated by the things she can't control And from the moment that she wakes in the morning Till"
  • Perfect - Jon McLaughlin
    "I used to stare up into the sky,and fill the space around with my whysbut now I've got it all figured out,and I'm embarrassed that it took me till now,The simple answers in her repliesUnlock the universe"
  • Perfect - Nobodys
    "Blonde hair and brown eyes. She really turns me on. First time that i saw her, she was f**king ron. I don't know what she does but she does it to me, but taylor wayne's the only girl that i will ever need. I"
  • Perfect - Ephemera
    "Watching every step he's taking Giving him no space He's putting down the book he finished Another slap on his face She's standing there above him Emphazising he's wrong He leaves the room So tired of"
  • Perfect - Ed Sheeran
    "I found a love for me Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet I never knew you were the someone waiting for me Cause we were just kids when we fell in love Not"
  • Perfect - The The
    "******************************** I'm a man without a soul...Honey--- Who lost it while parading it, in a town full of thieves-- Y'see I didn't wanna be with any people I know. But god knows, I didn't wanna"
  • She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Simmer down, simmer down They say we're too young now to amount to anything else But look around We worked too damn hard for this just to give"
  • Si - Perfect
    "W mediach straszna zawieruchaKto bohater a kto wrógNikt nikogo już nie słuchaPotok piany leci z ustJeszcze raz baw się Janek, dobrze bawSzansę masz Tylko nie oczekuj brawPóki czas baw się Janek, dobrze"
  • She - Tub Ring
    "First We Made Plans And Price Was Just A Fee Then I Looked At Her And She Looked Back At Me Soon I Frequent A World Made In My Head Sometimes The Truth Is Better Left Un Better Left Unsaid Soon"
  • She - Chemia
  • Zamieniam si - Perfect
    "Słowo kocham spadło z ustKtoś z nas dał sygnał do tej walki wręczPora jużTen kto ma gotowy planOdczeka chwilkę nim popalić daTo taka graChcę czy nie chcęZanim się obejrzęNa twój znak jaZmieniam się w psaNa"
  • Opanuj si - Perfect
    "Pies zaskowytał jakby dopadł go kleszczKły w krzesło wbija , nie wie za kim biecDystyngowanym krokiem płyniesz do drzwiI tylko minimalnie ręka ci drżyHej, hej, hejZa taką scenę możesz Oskara miećHej, opanuj"
  • Perfect Stranger - Arthur H
    "Et mme si tu es l Tout prs de moi Tu sais bien que maintenant Tu es a perfect stranger to me, a perfect stranger to me Tu as chang, tu ne mcoutes pas Mais cest la dernire fois Que tu entends ma voix, La"
  • Perfect World - Billy Talent
    "All we shared was a mattress, and a lie, and an address Baby I don't need you, well baby I don't need you Once occupied by a goddess, now it's a room full of boxes She said, "it's time to leave you" but"
  • Perfect Mother - Basia Trzetrzelewska
    "she's gonna be a perfect mother, perfect mother in her mind there's no doubt though no one could show her how to be a perfect mother, perfect mother people say--she's too young should a child have a child? hers"
  • Perfect day - Collective Soul
    "There she stumblesFalling to her kneesI think she tripped on realityI have witnessedTragic comediesThat's the world in which she leadsWell I would walk a million milesTo give her all that she needsBut"
  • She's Perfect - Eggstone
    "I've been waiting for this moment to arrive I was misstaken 'cause it didn't make me glad now I'm waiting for this moment to come again and now I'm searching for someone who understands she's perfect,"
  • Perfect One - Lit
    "I'm an ordinary man With an ordinary life Does she know that I'm alive Man she's really something else You're the perfect one And I don't expect a thing from you at all You're the perfect one And I can't"
  • Perfect Life - Steven Wilson
    "When I was 13 I had a sister for 6 months. She arrived one February morning, Pale and shellshocked, From past lives I could not imagine. She was 3 years older than me, But in no time we became friends. We’d"

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