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She sad say

  • Sad - Pearl Jam
    "All the photographs were peeling and colors turned to gray He stayed... in his room with memories for days He faced... an undertow of futures laid to waste Embraced... by the loss of what he could not"
  • Sad To Say Goodbye - Jackie Greene
    "She was a young girl with a fair heart, he could tell it was Heaven, by the way she moved but he aint nothing but a spare part the boy ain't broken, but boy's been bruised and ain't it funny when you're"
  • Sad Girl - Everlast
    "I seen her at a stoplight on Alverano Was sittin in a pearl white Eldorado In a gangsta lean she was revvin' the throttle Got a sticker on the bumper say she like techano She looked like Selena The truth"
  • Sad Moon - Bruce Hornsby
    "I think maybe I knew her in school In my memory's faded view I remember years ago Her name I barely knew Years later I saw her in town Knocking on my window talking loud She said, "Baby do you need a"
  • Sad affair - Simple Minds
    "I called you last night But I got no reply There's something not right By the look in your eye Makes me laugh To walk the path So many pass this way It's so unreal I can't help but feel I gotta wake you"
  • Feeling Sad - Holly Tree
    "sitting here all alone, i'm thinking of her i feel like a crap, cause she's not here as she was and all alone, i try to do something day after day but it's impossible cause she's now so far away phone"
  • Sad Disco - Rhesus
    "Oh, I'm coming around to see you I'm whistling and smiling in the pouring rain Oh, I'm coming aroung to see you My head is floating hight in the fast lane She said I couldn't think of anything to"
  • Sad Boy - The Black Halos
    "Deep in your heart you can't be wrong Lost in that feeling way too strong They say you're going nowhere 'Cause that's as far as their eyes can see And in that case you'd best be leaving (Chorus:) There's"
  • So Sad - Mott The Hoople
    "(Well, don't you touch me baby 'cos I'm shakin' so much) (Now don't you touch me baby 'cos I'm shakin' so much) Ah, well there ain't no other woman that makes me feel this way (Don't you touch me baby"
    "Who am i someone that’s afraid to let go you decide if you ever try to let go I’m sad and low I’m sad and low Who am i someone that’s afraid to let go you decide if you ever try to let go I’m sad and low I’m"
  • It's what she didn't say - Paul Young
    "Theres a suitcase at my door tonight All my dreams are locked inside Never hurt before the way I do Im afraid of someone new Only once, you give it all Second time you know the fall She was everything"
  • Sad - Nirvana
    "And if you say your prayers, you will make God happy And if you do what's true, you will make me happy I'll keep you in a jar, and you will seem happy I'll give you breathing holes, you will think you're"
  • Sad To Say - Dying For Extra Lives
    "you dont know what you put me through its okay ive forgiven you but in some way hope it fucks with you iam okay and ive made it through but whos to say what your going thorugh you called me names but"
  • A Sad Clich - Clifford T. Ward
    "She's causing a commotion it's a curious thing Everyone thought she was a delicate thing And now they're making her learn the hard way Say, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? They're"
  • Some Sad Someone - Wonder Stuff
    "I'm sitting watching all the merry people go by, So once around the park before I die. I hate this jealous feeling and I want to cry, So once around the park before I die. Don't say that you are sorry,"
  • She's Sad She Said - Judybats
    "Her beautiful arse Cantilevering over a table of hors d'oeuvres She took a sip of her drink and said, "Hey, this music really gets on my nerves." I said, "What music?" She said, "The music in my head Sometimes"
  • So Sad To Say - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "I'll let you in on how I'm feeling You've got alot of nerve You'll get what you deserve Granted this feeling's unappealing I'm bitter I'll admit Now I've gotta deal with it Just one more thing, ok It's"
  • Sad, Sad Day - Muddy Waters
    "Oh, sad, sad day Since my baby, she went away Oh, sad, sad day Since my baby she went away How long she been cheatin' I just found it out yesterday Oh, sad, sad day My baby, she don't love me no more,"
  • He Say She Say - Atozzio
    "We back at it again Fussin because of your friends Talkin to all of them Tryna catch [? ] Cause they heard about my past Out of the chicks that I've had How many of them are bad It's either kinda funny Cause"
  • Sad, sad world - Amy Studt
    "Come say hello to me,when you're in town(when you're in town)I know you're crazy about me,and want me aroundYou move in closerwhen you should run away,a little rabbit in my hunting gameand I got perfect"

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