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She up and down

  • She Goes Down - Motley Crue
    "Little Miss Muffet Sweet girl's school stuff and A country smile and charm Out in the back Of my '58 Chevy She said she'd do me no harm You know she makes me feel good Just like a bad girl should She"
  • She - Shawn Mullins
    "She never loses She never chooses I don't know which way is up I drink her down She fills my cup again I'm always changin' while she's rearrangin' I can't tell you how I feel except I know this"
  • She - Parsons Gram
    "she, she came from the land of the cotton land that was nearly forgotten by everyone and she, she worked and she slaved so hard a big old field was her back yard in the delta sun ooh, but she sure could"
  • She - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "She-e-e She came from the land of the cotton A land that was nearly forgotten By everyone She-e-e She worked and she slaved so hard Big old field was her backyard In the delta sun Oh oh she sure could"
  • She - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "She-e-e She came from the land of the cotton A land that was nearly forgotten By everyone She-e-e She worked and she slaved so hard Big old field was her backyard In the delta sun Oh oh she sure could"
  • She - The Sundays
    "she's all weak and her heart beats so she can't speak with the lights so low just to be one of a crowd feet scuttling across the floor spinning lights round and round it's adolescent war she craves"
  • She - Elvis Costello
    "She's pulling out the pin That lets her hair fall down She shakes her head and It goes tumbling Her smile was out of place So she swept it off her face Let me find the words and say them Like some softly"
  • She - Hayley Kiyoko
    "she act like she’s in 7 grade but actually she’s 20-gay and she been tellin’ people she don’t date that it ain’t for her she’s been so in love for a real long time and it ain’t her first she keeps driving"
  • She - Marvelous 3
    "(B. Walker, J. Harte, D. Child) I first saw her struttin' down the street, decked in black. She had her hair teased up lookin' sharp as a tack. She had all the guys lookin' like zombies in a trance."
  • She - Fractured
    "Everytime you speak my name my ears will ring drive me insane all I ever wanted it's all you ever gave to me Everytime you reach out to me, embrace the love you cannot see emptiness you feed on me from"
  • She - Tyler, The Creator
    "Golden rubbers in these denim pockets (denim pockets) On my waist, there's a black Glock (black Glock) New girl moved on the block (on the block) She been plottin' on my brown cock (brown cock) Last night"
  • She - Human Nature
    "If I hailed a taxi cab would it Send me the right way If I had another chance would I want to change my life today Cause lately I've been thinking Is it really worth the ride But she's the one that's telling"
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start - Curl Up And Die
    "She sent a curve in the current of faintly feeling alive and insecurity got the better part of me. Courage came seeping out and left me the weakened boy. Sleepless nights enveloped in you. Just say your"
  • And She Drowned - Ass Ponys
    "The girl paused at the doorway looking in Her past was in there somewhere It was hiding in the rafters For the chance to drop and get her The girl paused at the doorway looking in She could smell it as"
  • She Burned Me Down - Type O Negative
    "She burned me down, down to the ground Blood - though thicker than water - is harder to clean up Youll get it in the end boy if the weapon of choice is love Expecting it from a stranger or maybe an acquaintance Never"
  • When She Comes Down - dEUS
    "Fanfare, I'm bringing the news Time sticks like a bottle of glue Lots of trouble is travelling through Will you come tonight New home, looks like a dream Bite in you like a fresh tangerine It's narcotic,"
  • Up And Down - Vengaboys
    "We have already in the past produced records These records were successful And produced considerable results But the funds have been spent And very well spent And for this reason we are now producing A"
  • Up and down - Opus
  • Up and down - Tweenies
    "I wish I could bounce on a pogo stick Boinging up and down Bounce like me on my pogo stick Boinging up and down Up Down Up Down High up in the sky I wish I could fly Then down to the ground I wish I could"
  • Up And Down - Mr. T Experience
    "Hey Jon, can you count to four? 1, 2, 3, 4 I look up and see a pigeon flying high and free I look down and then the sidewalk is what I see I look up and see the sky I look down and see the ground I look"

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