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She wanna kick it with a rockstar

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She wanna kick it with a rockstar

  • Rockstar - B5
    "I got my girl, I want your girl, I got his girl, Im a get they girl. Im a rockstar (without a damn guitar) Im a rockstar (I dont need no damn guitar) I got new kicks, I got new whips, on some new shit,"
  • Rockstar - Nickelback
    "I'm through with standing in line To clubs we'll never get in It's like the bottom of the ninth And I'm never gonna win This life hasn't turned out Quite the way I want it to be (Tell me what you want) I"
  • Rockstar (Bonus Track) - B5
    "I got my girl, I want your girl I got his girl, I'ma get they girls I'm a rockstar without a damn guitar I'm a rockstar, I don't need no damn guitar I got new kicks, I got new whips On some new ***, she"
  • Kick it - Vandals
    "I don't need much attention anymore sometimes i cringe at the thought of the things that i did before and i don't wanna take up all your time sometimes i cringe at the thought of being left behind she"
  • Rockstar - Chipz
    "Rock star Come on 1,2,3 We're gonna make our way to Hollywood A star on Sunset B. is understood We put our make up on and hit the stage We're gonna blow - you away Cause when the music starts And all the"
  • Rockstar - Sebadoh
    "We're not here to crawl away Or find blame for wasted time Straight or high is not wasted time Feeling true in poor Paranoiaville Excuses are so easy When any jerk could push you down We got reason to"
  • Rockstar - Curious Lil' Jay
    "Yo I'm hitting it right from the big KY, But there ain't no contry in this guy, The way I put it down, the way I flow, The way I put it down I just let go, If you like my rhymes or not I don't care, I'll"
  • Rockstar - Poison
    "Who the hell you guys think you are, rockstars or somethin' Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah Limousines, champagne Get my clothes custom made I take handfuls of pills trash my house in the hills Smash up my cars Just"
  • Rockstar - Jay Delano
    "I remember when you was young, you pictured yourself livin' large You was havin' these dreams about the pretty girls and fancy cars Your mama always told you that you have to be a good man And your daddy"
  • Rockstar - My Ruin
    "I feel the skies open wide See your blue eyes When worlds collide You're by my side It's hard to lie Sometimes I've cried Wished it was me Wished it was me who died I can see you in the sunshine I feel"
  • Rockstar - Third Day
    "words by Mac Powell / music by Third Day I wanna be a rock star But, I ain't got what it takes The drive and the determination And the lucky breaks I wanna be a rock star But, I ain't got the face I wanna"
  • Rockstar - Meek Millz
    "(feat. Mel Love) I no u heard of meek yeah I'm a rock stare I rether heard of philly din play them block heard as who I be they say I'm top dogg is where a cuppole of g's get a nigga nocked off like"
  • Rockstar - Brokencyde
    "I'm feeling frisky tonight. Girl You can frisk me tonight. I'm Feeling tipsy alright. Lets get This party started. Hand me my Drink and the pipe. Girl what you Thinking tonight. Lets drink some Whiskey"
  • Kick it with u - Cassidy
    "This for the grown and sexy (Mario- grown and sexy) x2 - If you down with me than im down with you I'll lay a nigga down if he fuck around with you and if you ride with me I'll ride with you if you"
  • Rockstar Mentality - Shop Boyz
    "y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah t-t-t-totally dude!!!! party like the bossparty like the boss is gone party like the bossparty like the boss is goneparty like the bossparty like the boss"
  • Kick It - Peaches
    "(feat. Iggy Pop) How do you do that cool dance? Baby dont split those hot pants I got these moves that we can do to and sing I dont look too good in pink I used to slash myself up I like to play it tough Cuts,"
  • Kick me - Eddy
    "Well he caught her doin' 90 at the top of a hill He called out, "get over, now who you tryin' to kill" Oh she caught her reflection in a mirror on his face In her K-mart collection of leather and lace"
  • Rockstar - Prima J
    "Right about now Woah Tell me what cha think ya lookin at Ohh So I think I'm Queen Elizabeth Now And now I'm stuck inside your memory So That's why it's so hard to get rid of me I am incredible, so"
  • Rockstar - Jimmy Eat World
    "Where you're hiding, the shine off the wall. Stop giving it up now cause you're gonna find yourself a mastermind in time. Rockstar, what's mine is yours. Rockstar, you're looking good. You're looking to"
  • Rockstar - Surfdog7
    "The other day we are returning come returning into a brand new life today and the wheel that keeps on turning playing in another town today wanna be a rockstar, wanna be a popstar wanna go dancing,"

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