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Shed Seven Mark

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Shed Seven Mark

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Shed Seven Mark
  • Seven Shed Mark
    "Mark my words: Don't forget where you are Don't forget who's the star Do you think that I'll go far Mark my words: Don't stop if it's wise I can see through your eyes And I've left my mark Lover I wanna"
  • Shed Seven Mark
    "You're a long time dead So I'll forget that you said If I can't have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you I think you stopped learning Cause you think you know everything, and"
  • Keaton Simons Seven
    "Seven Seven was her lucky number Before she met you She was a spunky girl, a bummer, a hand-drummer And she loved you She had long hair She was never all there If you look away, youll miss her Sometimes"
  • Boondox Seven
    "(A tiskit a taskit The scarecrows out his casket Turn out the lites and lock the doors Prayin that he passes) A vision of the dead and the inbread of the backwoods Muthafucka born inside a tool shed Momma"
  • Rheostatics Seven
    "Dave Bidini and Janet Morassutti Wake up, raise the curtains From your deep provincial eyes. Speak up, for I am certain That it's no disguise. 'Cause soldiers stopping traffic Couldn't keep these wheels"
  • Wet Wet Wet Shed A Tear
    "You've been talking in your sleep again. About the way you've been pulling my heart strings When I think I'm on my feet again I fall down, I fall down At Frothy Seven Park Avenue Loud is the singing down"
  • Geggy Tah Shed
    "I wanna be honest more than I know how I wanna be honest more than I know how So honest I'll surprise myself Surprise me now, surprise me nowt Ooh, I'm scared I'm afraid I'm not afraid I' m a terminal"
  • Rainbow Shed
    "I'm like a freight train feelin' no pain I never turn back one track Better step aside Like a shotgun I'm really someone You'll feel my heatwave Won't save anyone near to me I'm steel So come and try"
  • Shed Seven Missing Out
    "Mark my words: Don't forget where you are Don't forget who's the star Do you think that I'll go far Mark my words: Don't stop if it's wise I can see through your eyes And I've left my mark Lover I wanna"
  • Sepultura Nuclear Seven
    "Living with the sin, a dirty world all around Another missle speech, as they preach with no leash Seven nations threatning the world with a bomb Sevens sins creating a world from the whomb Show me"
  • The Police Seven days
    "Seven days was all she wroteA kind of ultimatum note she gave to meShe gave to meWhen I thought the field had clearedIt seems another suit appeared to challenge me Woe is meThough I hate to make a choiceMy"
  • Chris Squire Lucky Seven
    "In the shadows of the fading light Nothing in sight, nothing in mind. NOthing gained when you're feeling restrained The more you look, the more you find Take a bite from the apple of life's not as bad,"
  • Overkill The Mark 2:14
    "Steal it, take it, know my name in loving memory Sand it, brand it, in your brain, a forthright eulogy I am but a sinner here, my faults are underlined I have but to hold you near to cleanse the sins of"
  • Refused Mark
    "Bottled up inside angst ridden The pain strikes scars badly hidden Effect of love easy to see just a normal kid just like you and me feels unclean undeserved Wipe away the tears unheard How much pain can"
  • XIII.stolet Mark
    "Noc pokoenou m, z obrazu promlouv Zlomen asy dn, a utajench sn Ve vi zcenin, zapomenutch chvil Tv sta dotyk jsou, stala ses legendou Tvj pohled ledov, zn tajemstv vech dn Kdy v noci procit, ke hvzdm promlouv Na"
  • Marie Rottrov Mark
    "To byl mj, blzniv vonl bez a noc nm splvala s rnem, to byl mj, z nebe by modr snes a brzy se pr mme brt. Na e schly jeho koile bl, ekala ns oba velk chvle. Kor s mou lskou minul n dm a vzal ciz dvku, j"
  • Jeff Finlin The Perfect Mark Of Cain
    "She walked the aisle in eggshell blue Compromising white While the purple thistles twisted In the fading spring twilight She said I do to Gene her boy As a thunderstorm blew in Then they ducked inside"
  • Trick Daddy Thug Life Again - Money Mark
    "(Verse 1: Money Mark) It's hard for a nigga just to breathe in the streets Let alone trying to make cheese in the streets Nigga's bleeding in the streets So I don't go, unless I'm chillin' on the low"
  • Mark Medlock Seven Days
    "Uhuhuh Oh why we cant touch the sky? Theres no reason why You hurt my heart. Oh why you will make me blue? Its just me and you And no one else. Please dont believe what theyre telling about me. I love"
  • Craig David Seven Days ( Remix )
    "Oh no! Look at who they let in the back door It's been 7 days so let's roll From the UK to Brooklyn they know Craig David, Mos Def, and Premo When we step on the mic we too cold This remix might fracture"

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