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  • I Need You (feat. Heidi Anne vs Syntheticsax) - Sheikh & Sundave
    "Baby, baby You must be _ when I gone Baby, baby I don’t like to be alone No! Baby, baby You must be _- when I gone I promise you My love is true I promise you My love is true I promise you My love"
  • Fuel Of My Soul - Acid Drinkers
    "Fuel Of My Soul Bring in front of my face: The drunkard, the poet, the virgin's grace... Bring the man, who saw whole world Let him sit by my right hand Cads - out of the door !!! Kick the abstainers ass"
  • A Christmas Camel - Procol Harum
    "My amazon six-triggered bride Now searching for a place to hide Still sees the truth quite easily But shrouds all else in mystery While madmen in top hats and tails Impale themselves on six-inch nails And"
  • Sympathy For The Human - Sammy Hagar
    "Ladies and gentlemen, hobos and tramps, Cross-eyed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants; I'm here before you to stand behind you To tell you something I know nothing about... Next Thursday, which is Good"
  • Caitlin's Dream (Summer Birds Are Leaving) - Maggie Reilly
    "What doleful thoughts an absence brings When one's so tired from longing Thoughts banished in the daylight hours At night time come a thronging. The daily round of village life No patience has for"
  • You're Only Jealous - The Beautiful South
    "Perhaps it was the holiday we spent abroad last year It could have been the wine we drank last night Possibly the palace needs a second coat of paint But that doesn't condone setting it alight Why does"
  • Here Come The Talkies - Peter Hammill
    "Hair in the gate, let's take a minute to find out where this character's lost his way... unless I'm much mistaken I'm at the limit of what I can and can't say. Something untoward seems to be occurring, the"
  • Najba muzik (feat. Seta & Mantha) - TEDE
    "Przestań mi pierdolić o oldschool, newschool, kurwa stary, to jest następna szkoła, mam propozycję do wszystkich, wypierdalajcie, ponieważ teraz przejmujemy ten kurwa interes. Ziom, ej! Jesteś nudny,"
  • Do This My Way - Blackalicious
    "I be the first ever Asian astronaut Blastin' off, castin' off The ties that bind like a smashed guitar Rode a mastodon out Jurassic Park Chased by a fan in a Tyrannosaur mask Travel the traffic cop Past"

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