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Shell of you

  • Shell - Arrested Development
    "Just a shell until U decide to rebel (4x) Just a shell, just a shell, just a shell until u decide to rebel whether you're white or black your soul does not dwell inside your shell until you decide to rebel worldly"
  • Shell - Susie Suh
    "A time is coming, is coming soon I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my shoes I was lost, now I'm found And all my troubles are turnin' around Oh I feel I'm getting' so close to you Heaven's holding my"
  • Shell - Young Dro
    "(feat. TIP & MacBoney) Hey Pimp Squad Pimp Hard We Gettin Ours Of Top Hit Broad Ass Niggaz In Dey Jaws Of Top Pisol Whip Em Then Bust Em In Da Leg Wit Da Glock Leave Em Fuckin Shell Shocked Dont Get"
  • Shell - Steve Kilbey
    "Hello sweet creature Won't you give me some bloodlike guarantee I've been listening to myself too long And they're making a prophet out of me I'm as empty as a shell can ever be I've been walking through"
  • Shell - Memento
    "crawl away into the shell you put yourself in crawl away, I watched you crawl away not one set of footprints in this burning sand it fell away, I watched it fall away who am I in your eyes? how does it"
  • Shell - Bloodlet
    "Echoes of rage shatter stone hate seeps through the cracks of wisdom molten tears of emptiness cracked wide open wretched inside out arcane fingers rip through my spine to find a way to my heart tear through"
  • Shell - Peter Hammill
    "Turn a card, turn a page, the action sure to start, second-stage reaction to illogical thoughts on random lines in a Borges dream we move toward the writing of lives. Leave it out, leave it in, no edits"
  • Shell - PIG
    "Young lips drink deeply on the bitter waters of hate Suspicion and despair Those lungs choked on the stale stench of poison and decay Oh Lord, don't give me what I deserve Give me something I need Don't"
  • My Shell - Smog
    "When you crawl into my shell You're after my jokes They serves you well When you crawl out of my shell You stole my jokes They serves you well When you crawl into my shell Your after my jokes They serves"
  • Empty Shell - Shihad
    "All the fables that you know Light 'em up and watch 'em blow So forget what you been told Evolution calling Bury the truth and bury it well Empty shell Explode Empty shell It's starting to show All the"
  • Snail Shell - They Might Be Giants
    "Sir hand Or is it ma'am I fell out of my right place again And you Considered me And now I'm where a snail has to be I want to thank you for putting me back in my snail shell I want to thank you for putting"
  • Shell Shock - Manowar
    "(R. Friedman/J. DeMaio) I don't know Well, there's no charge for the haircut And the bullets come free My Uncle Sam send a letter, said: He's got a mission for me Now I'm a ranger, not a stranger And"
  • Empty Shell - Pacifier / Shihad
    "All the fables that you know Light 'em up and watch 'em blow So forget what you been told Evolution's calling Bury the truth and bury it well Empty shell Explode Empty shell It's starting to show All"
  • Isolation Shell - Twilightning
    "That's funny you mentioned It is the lack of my patience Nobody ever told me why to take these pills That's weird and I don't follow Too much crap to swallow Tell me what to take, when to drown my thrills Shock"
  • Empty Shell - Allegiance
    "Allegiance Miscellaneous Empty Shell Can pride be the essence of what drives a man? Motivational force a will to succeed World be captured an untamed need What strange secrets do you hide? Expressionless"
  • Shell shocked - Mac
    "feat. FiendIntro: Mac(Fiend) What's up world (Whoa nigga) Welcome to the battlefield (Shell Shocked nigga) Where all them niggas is Shell Shocked (9 8) Ya heard me (Shell Shocked nigga) Chorus: Mac I represent"
  • Shotgun Shell - Blues Traveler
    "I made you; or did you make me? Who survives our partnership will be interesting to see You serve amazingly Your proficience undefined I can't believe your attitude I think you've lost your mind Oh, don't"
  • Solitary Shell - Dream Theater
    "She can't stop pacing She never felt so alive Her thoughts are racing Set on overdrive It takes a village This she knows is true They're expecting her And she's got work to do He helplessly stands by It's"
  • Blank Shell - 10 Years
    "Inside this is all that helps Only to feel your existence (stop) Deny the truth that my life has changed Hoping that this is all just a dream. Living inside of just what could not be No way to read your"
  • Shell Shock - Gym Class Heroes
    "Skiddily beat bop we rock steady over kicks and snares so what you scared for unprepared for Tunnel rat schematics far from your average rappers new era we rockin' sewer caps breathin' bricks exhale trainrail"

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