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Shelter the xx

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Shelter the xx

  • Shelter - Shelter
    "Nama om visnu- padaya Krsna- presthaya bhu- tale Srimate bhaktivedanta Svamin iti namine I offer respectful obeisances unto His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is very dear to Lord"
  • Shelter - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Eye Of The Hurricane Shelter Shelter, oh I've been branded I've been washed up and left for dead I've been cast out from this world I'm in exile I'm stranded on the streets Ain't got no place"
  • Shelter - The Alarm
    "Shelter, oh I've been branded I've been washed up and left for dead I've been cast out from this world I'm in exile I'm stranded on the streets Ain't got no place left to run No one wants me anymore,"
  • Shelter - The Brand New Heavies
    "I was born in the city There's no flies on me Life can't deliver No surprise to me Got a head full of trouble The world's weight on my back I'm a fighter I survive like that I'm a modern enigma I am living"
  • Shelter - Sarah McLachlan
    "They're crowded into the smallest spaces While outside all of nature cries It's known to be cruel and unfair But there is no place to hide Oh, I've seen a part of people that I never really want to share Oh,"
  • Shelter - Sister Seven
    "Rain come down, come falling down Purified with no shelter All at once you leave all at once Testify that what you want is mine And the dreams are waking me All the dreams I'm wanting you She'll close"
  • Shelter - James Taylor
    "Superficial life condition fun Just book yourself in work must be done Motions on hand well youll be one The money has time and time has gone Confusion at large to keep men down I cant seem to turn"
  • Shelter - Ray LaMontagne
    "I guess you don't need it I guess you don't want me to repeat it But everything I have to give I'll give to you It's not like we planned it You tried to stay, but you could not stand it To see me shut"
  • Shelter - Acrostichon
    "misery's pouring down impossible to ignore everywhere he goes his head gets filled with more never mind direction the clouds will always haunt like a knive above his head killing without a sound always"
  • Shelter - Pink Cream 69
    "You've been trying to believe in what you do Always looking for a reason to go through This incompatibility has Got you focused on another dream, and yeah Giving meaning to the purpose just don't kick All"
  • Shelter - Eyes Of Fire
    "Look in me. Can you see that some things should never be? There's no shelter, so this is really me. When you look in my eyes you see something that's just not right. There's no shelter, so this is really"
  • Shelter - FINNEAS
    "there’s no one else could ever hold me like you do there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be than whit you they call us lucky but I think we might be cursed cause the way you love me I could drink the river"
  • Shelter - Duran Duran
    "I watch you from my window working this vicious road You shudder when the wind blows Girl you're looking beat and cold Don't know your situation but you look so alone to me In my imagination this is how"
  • Shelter - Remy Zero
    "i locked myself inside this room 'cause i cannot stand the things that people do so, i kept myself inside this place the world has said enough i could not face Chorus: so i just sent them all away i"
  • Shelter - Dying Wish
    "Cold obscurity falls on me Into my soul the winter to return Whips of the storm shivered I hear I waited for you, but you didn't come Monotomy of misterious stars Hit a nail to the coffin of dusk My soul"
  • Shelter - Xavier Rudd
    "Well, Here I Am This Is My Shelter Here I'm At One With These Trees And All These Birds Sing To My Rhythms And These Waves They Comfort Me Do What You Will While Your Able Find What It Is That You"
  • Shelter - Jaci Velasquez
    "Mark Heimermann, Dan Huff & Wayne Kirkpatrick How the mind can wander How the heart can stray Suddenly you're on the edge of darkness How it makes me ponder How I'm led away Down a path that leaves me"
  • Shelter - Extol
    "I close my eyes It's not the picture of You I see The impressions, the sight, the thoughts Are stuck into my mind My vision is blurred I can't see clearly I can't hear Your voice It's all disturbing my"
  • Shelter - Ten Foot Pole
    "If I lose all respect for you Can I still call you friend? Why expose myself to disappointment Over and over again? The cycle has to end (chorus) Can someone give me shelter From the pouring rain? If"
  • Shelter - Airlock
    "Calling me, calling me Back to the air that I want breathe (?) Drawing me, drawing me Back to the ground, that I once stood upon Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls Deep calls to deep in"

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