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Sheryl Crow "Tomorrow Never Dies

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Sheryl Crow "Tomorrow Never Dies

  • Tomorrow Never Dies - Sheryl Crow
    "Darling I'm kill I'm in puddle on the floor Waiting for you to return Oh what a trill Vacillations good lord How to tease How you leave me to burn It's so deadly my dear The power of wanting you near "
  • Tomorrow Never Dies - Amazing Dave
    "Amazing Dave Get Serious Tomorrow Never Dies You think you're something special Don't look at me that way You think I'm going to say it for you But it's not for me to say Tonight you're afraid to face"
  • Sheryl Crow (I Need You So) - de Mens
    "Sheryl Crow I need you so Hoe laat is bij jou De moed staat in mijn schoenen En ik heb het kou Sheryl Crow I need you so Ik loop hier langs de gracht De zon komt op de nacht verdwijnt Wie had dat gedacht Moet"
  • Love Me Like That (Feat. Sheryl Crow) - Michelle Branch
    "well you stole my heart and I'll get it back but look me in the eye babe tell me why ya gonna love me like that why ya gonna love me like that well I've walked this world five times or more and after all"
  • Crow - Deerhoof
    "You see crow of one, Bad Crow of two, Mirth You see crow of three, Wed Crow of four, Birth You see crow of five, Rich Crow of six, Theif You see crow of seven, Leave Crow of eight, Grief If you see crows"
  • Crow - Meliah Rage
    "Feeling lonely feeling used I think I'll fly awhile Escape the demons escape it all Take on a new style Give in to the darker side Let the rivers flow Rip it up raise some hell You're flying with the"
  • Love Never Dies... - Belinda Carlisle
    "I never knew how long a day could be It was winter and the sun was shining Beyond the shadows I could see It was winter and the wind was blowing Love never dies I know that true love never dies The seasons"
  • Love Never Dies - Belinda Carlisle
    "I never knew how long a day could be It was winter and the sun was shining Beyond the shadows I could see It was winter and the wind was blowing Love never dies I know that true love never dies The season"
  • Love Never Dies - Fancy
    "Days come and go Children may grow It's strange When time slips away Stories are told We all must grow old But when time passes by Love never dies Maybe you feel like it's over But baby it's strong Maybe"
  • Love Never Dies - Bee Gees
    "You say you saw the dark side Baby I know It Gets you through the night and love is like a red rose baby and so It's coming around again If we can take the same direction we'll find the road that never"
  • Love Never Dies - Michael Schenker Group
    "I've been looking for a reason I've been looking for a clue How to help me keep the promise I once made to you When I feel the cold wind blowing On your endless desert miles No matter where you're going Love"
  • I've Been There (Old Love Never Dies) - Absynthe Minded
    "If talk could undress your Truth form her dress Id be by your side for a while If words could express what I Felt that night Then you would be mine For all time If anyone asks me if I know Whats good"
  • Love never dies - Lacrimosa
    "Im sure that I know you It even seems like centuries Perhaps we know each other for a million years now Maybe I met you long before the human race But today I feel like I saw you the first time. Love never"
  • It Never Dies - Six Feet Under
    "Salvation - is a crippled bitch Satisfaction - from murdering Evil voices - made me do it The devil - made me want it The Priest - he had to die So did that family of five No way to stop what you cannot"
  • Love Never Dies - Shades
    "Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Verse One My days just ain't the same without you baby No sun up in the sky since you've been gone Rainy days seem to cloud my life Since we said good-bye, my heart don't"
  • What Never Dies - Sense Field
    "eyes like a search light at night, aimed at the sky... there ain't no doubt, they'll shoot you out, for what you're about, dodging these bullets they aim for you... you've been invited to fight in this"
  • Love Never Dies - Patti LaBelle
    "Looking at these photographs I contemplate the way life used to be I see my family And I think of the good times We would share What a joy to have you there I never thought we'd have to say goodbye time"
  • Ignorance Never Dies - Your Demise
    "I wont shy away from anything I've done I'm so fucking proud Of even my biggest mistakes If I didn't make them I wouldn't be where I stand now You can act so fucking righteous But you won't ever learn"
  • Magic Never Dies - Power Quest
    "It started long ago, when stories still were told And heroes still defended their world The centuries went by and all the stories died And no one knew that magic survived. The last of the mage line Conjured"
  • Evil Never Dies - Overkill
    "Revenge is sweet for thouse who waitNever early always lateWaiting now to consummateA marriage made in hellHand in hand, walk aloneAs good advice seems to droneEvil cuts right to the boneChorusHas it come,"

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