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  • Shift - Jennifer Nettles
    "Nobody would've ever thought, nobody should've ever guessed that I would open my mouth and fire would breathe from my chest "Now isn't she the girl that's all daisy and clover? She's so easy to work with."
  • Shift - Reffer
    "My life is changing again It's so fast I'm passing to another site To resolve it isn't a simple fact I can't pay attention to my doubts Yesterday it was okay Something's now awaiting me And i'm afraid,"
  • Touch - Shift K3Y
    "Feel to get a suit for tonight You know I got a pretty young thing by my side She's gonna call me when she's finished with her hair And when she's found something sexy to wear And if she wants to We can"
  • Still Love You - Shift K3Y
    "Still love you, still love you Still love you, still love you Still love you, still love you) When you left I deleted every picture of you But I think of you sometimes, I just don't know why you're still"
  • Graveyard Shift - Wilburn Brothers
    "Graveyard shift works all night long it works from sunset till early dawn The work is hard but your back is strong graveyard shift works all night long While everybody else is a snoozin' away I got a"
  • Stick Shift - Humble Pie
    "Working every day of my life See what you can under candlelight A dollar a day don't go so far My mowan's alive and I know she strive for me I know that times are bad but I'm so glad My woman come back"
  • Red Shift - Peter Hammill
    "Once, all the stars in the sky were bright, now they're red and fading and all the colours we wore, the shades that we bore have moved. And the gold turns to red with no time for changes. Red Shift, all"
  • Night Shift - Bob Marley
    "The sun shall not smite I by day, Nor the moon by night; And everything that I do Shall be upfull and right. And if it's all night, It got to be all right! If it's all night, Got to be all right! Your"
  • Night Shift - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "The sun shall not smite I By day, nor the moon by night And everything that I do Shall be upfull and right And if it's all night It got to be alright (Repeat) Your mamma won't lose this one You're the"
  • Night Shift - Foghat
    "Price / Peverett - Riff Bros. Music - ASCAP Working on a night shift, high on a 'fore day drive I'm energized from sundown to sunrise, and I'll sleep from nine to five Shadows fallin' all down the line Get"
  • Graveyard Shift - Nosferatu
    "Well don't look back Because he'll take away his promises Like he took away the light And tomorrow, You'll be hanging from the ceiling Chained and bleeding to his book of love Don't go inside, of the"
  • Graveyard Shift - Afroman
    "(Is night shift okay with you? Yes. Hey, well you got yourself a job, homey.) Graveyard shift ain't never dead. We got to work when people go to bed. We got a tremendous work overload. The boss don't"
  • Graveyard Shift - Phantom
    "(Green, Taylor, Buckland) I can see by the look in your eyes you don't believe in me But revealed just before you die Trust in what you see Feel that you're paralyzed as you drain to white It's been"
  • Power Shift - Sonic Syndicate
    "I really doubt this is the right side of the force You better grab onto some hope Cause you are going to need it as we go Keep on fighting ignorance with even more ignorance You'll see that sometimes the"
  • Night shift - O.A.R.
    "It's three a.m. and I want to go to bed. I got a lady running through my head Ran out of money looking for a night shift. It's three a.m. and I want to go to bed. I know a lady way down in my country."
  • Blue Shift - Red Animal War
    "peer through the cracked stained glass closely observe open up your mouth follow it down you'll never learn go witch-hunt your friends go shed skin blue shift the blame all i want we just can't get and"
  • Night Shift - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Only at night time I see you In darkness I feel you A bride by my side -- I'm inside many brides Sometimes I wonder... What goes on in your mind, always silent and kind Unlike the others... Fuck the mothers"
  • Night Shift - South Park Mexican
    "Now spread the word I got them bricks on the dead end street And watch them jump out boys Cause they rollin' ten deep Creepy crawlin' the night Ya'll know the deal On the muthafuckin' Hill We all strapped"
  • Night Shift - South Park
    "Now spread the word I got them bricks on the dead end streets And watch them jump out boys Cause they rollin ten deep Creep crawlin the night Ya know the deal In the muthaf**kin hill We all strapped to"
  • Graveyard Shift - Uncle Tupelo
    "Hometown, same town blues Same old walls closing in Oh what a life a mess can be I'm sitting here thinking of you, won't you give A few thoughts to me Well, time won't wait, better open the gate Get up"

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