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Shot Me Down David Guetta Skylar Grey

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Shot Me Down David Guetta Skylar Grey

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Shot Me Down David Guetta Skylar Grey
  • David Guetta Shot Me Down (ft. Skylar Grey)
    "I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang"
  • Jessie J LaserLight (feat. David Guetta)
    "In the blink of an eye I was falling from the sky In the blur, you took my breath away And my heart starts beating And my lungs start breathing And the voice in my head starts screaming I'm alive! You're"
  • Bebe Rexha Blue (feat. David Guetta)
    "I’m Blue, yeah I’m feeling alright Baby, I’mma have the best f*cking night of my life And, wherever it takes me, I’m down for the ride Baby, don’t you know I’m blue? Yeah, I’m feelin’ alright I’m Blue,"
  • Kaskade x Deadmau5 Beneath With Me (feat. Skylar Grey)
    "Can't escape All the fire burning bright Water still is rising Throughout the long nights Come on, take my hand And focus on the light down at the end Say words to comfort me We still have time for home, That's"
  • Nicki Minaj Bed Of Lies (ft. Skylar Grey)
    "Do you ever think of me when you lie? Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies And I knew better than to look in your eyes They only pretend you will be mine And you know how you made me believe You had"
  • Papa Roach Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey)
    "I want to feel your wreckage It’s a firestorm I’m falling like a loaded weapon In your arms Paranoid it might be reckless No matter what I say It’s only going to steal your breath And slip away I don’t"
  • Akon Change Comes (prod. David Guetta)
    "Standing around outside the club. Wishing everyone knew here it was. But that days soon come. Static trying get some love No one cares when you ain’t got none When you getting day all gone. Dose say you"
  • Jack Back Wild One Two (ft. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia)
    "Hey I heard you were a wild one Oooh If I took you home It'd be a home run Show me how you'll do I want to shut down the club With you(oooh) Hey I heard you like the wild ones Oooh If I took you home It'd"
  • Lady GaGa Mistery (ft. David Guetta ft. Sia)
    "How do you always know what I was said You know my in the clearest way I want to run and hide Keeping you from bending me You shouldn’t feel what is my mystery But when the time was right It could be"
  • Rihanna Who's that chick (ft. David Guetta)
    "Feel the adrenaline moving under the my skin It's an addiction such an eruption Sound is my remedy feeding me energy Music is all I need. Baby, I just want to dance I don't really care, I just wanna dance I"
  • Dharma She Wolf (Davd Guetta cover)
    "A shot in the dark A past lost in space Where do I start? The past and the chase You hunted me down Like a wolf, a predator I felt like a deer in love lights You loved me and I froze in time Hungry for"
  • Nellie McKay David
    "look at you you're young havin' so much fun gonna be a star blah blah blah and click there goes the phone I don't wanna know what my horoscope's predicting just pour me a drink cuz I need a kick I"
  • Ludacris Rest Of My Life (ft. Usher & David Guetta)
    "If you live for something, you’re not alone, my friend So fill up your cup and, lift your lighter, and toast to life Luda! They say: "What don’t kill me, can make me stronger" So two drinks a night should"
    "MACKLEMORE You know I’m back like never left Another spirit Another step Another day Another breath Been chasing dreams But I never slept I got a new attitude and a lease on life And some peace of mind Seek"
  • Fireflight Grey
    "Why do we stand here, you and me my friend? I see you've fallen down, turned around again. I watched you grow up tall, always had your head up in the clouds. You know I love you, always stand by"
  • Neil Diamond Shot Down
    "Shot Down, Was a proud young bird Flying high in the sky I was shot down Uh uh huh I got 'round Any sweet piece of pie I could take I would buy Now I'm shot down She turned me out slammed the door. Why"
  • Rhino Bucket Shot Down
    "Turn the music up, turn the lights down Betcha can't go the distance It's the same old song I've heard it all night long Summoning up my resistance I did my time on the other side Just to please those"
  • Rihanna Right Now (feat. David Guetta)
    "Tomorrow's way too far away And we can't get back yesterday But we young right now We hot right now So get up right now 'Cause all we got is Right Now Tomorrow's way too far away And we can't get back"
  • DMX Shot Down
    "(feat. 50 Cent, Styles P) Grrrr... ARF! ARF! [50 Cent] Move on over, I done told ya boyyyy I'm a G-Unit motherfuckin soldier boyyyy And when you gon' get it in your brain The gate's wide open and the"
  • Black Bomb A Shot
    "So I live in this city, live with this shame Live with this hate which is growing insane So I live in this city, live with this pain Live with this hate which is growing insane Shot!! I can't believe"

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