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Show me the ocean

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Show me the ocean

  • Ocean - Sebadoh
    "So you think you're in the middle of the ocean Stranded on an island of your own Or stuck in the top of a mountain Either way you're gonna say you're all alone And I hesitate to say that you're a liar I"
  • The Ocean - Lemon Demon
    "Set sail For I am like the whale I'm on am different frequency Salt water's my cup of tea Literally Look around Adventure can be found Dozens abound and say hello They'll show me which way to go I know There"
  • The ocean - Dar Williams
    "When I went to your town on the wide open shore, Oh I must confess, I was drawn, I was drawn to the ocean, I thought it spoke to me, it said, "Look at us, We're not churches, not schools, not skating ponds,"
  • Ocean - Collide
    "Liquidized emotion water takes you in deep within the ocean i could sleep for days hours only minutes thoughts of imagery lure you from your spectrum solve your misconceptions you and me under the ocean"
  • Ocean - Darren Hayes
    "Even though I know you're goneThe memory lingers onI see your footsteps on a sandy beachThat waves have been crashing onDanger goes where emotion flowsI wish sometimes I'd never known loveIt's dangerous"
  • Ocean - Pixie Lott
    "I'm an ocean pouring from my eyes Built a boat and catch the rising tides I'm so over yesterday, Now just watch me sail away on this ocean Oooh, the tears I've cried It's deep in the night I miss you"
  • Ocean - Goldfrapp
    "I’ve lost __ I’ve lost my will I’ve lost this ocean Appose on me People collect them People collect them I’m over moon for you Oh, I What a life What a feel __ To save me from the heaen Your fantasies And"
  • Ocean - Cerys Matthews
    "Two ships passing in the night Drop an anchor for a while We'll share some company We're the same you and me It's in the air that we breathe And there's no shame Wide is the ocean Sweet Gravity And"
  • Ocean - Geia Mesiah
    "Welcome to the ocean Welcome to the Earth Welcome to the new time Welcome to your life Welcome to the Universe Its your life So Welcome, yeah Welcome See my eyes See my body and my soul Come inside of"
  • Ocean - Andreas Moe
    "Lay your love one me Lay your love one me Let your safety fall Let your safety fall Lay your pride on the line Lay your pride on the line No ones keeping score No ones keeping You are away from me All"
  • Ocean - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "Lately, I've been thinkin' about You And lately, I've been dreaming of You And lately, I can't get You out of my head Get You out of my head chorus Something about the ocean Makes me rise up and praise Something"
  • Ocean - Nina Nastasia
    "You're leagues across a room The lighting's so dim I hardly see You're talking and waiting for me You're getting much smaller as you speak You're pulling out your hair for nothing What you say to me rings"
  • Ocean - Tracy Spencer
    "Anytime that you want to I will be there for a talk Just pick up that phone And dial the number on your wall She thinks that she needs sometime To rediscover freedom There's things she thinks she is without There's"
  • Ocean - Lush
    "Come with me Into a cool blue stream Bleed into oceans green Lips open wide Drinking the tide Reach for me Here where the ocean sea Melts and you sink with me Deeper inside I'll make you mine"
  • Ocean - Five for Fighting
    "I got a thing for fish with no eyes Who swim deep in the sea With nothing to see I've got a thing for mountians of sand Left all to their own To quietly stand won't you help me now... Take me to"
  • Ocean - Gorky Park
    "Take me back to see the ocean Bearing sound'o'waves devotion Wash away the words corosion That we left behind Clean me up with wnid and water I'm your sun and you're my daughter I won't let this moment"
  • Ocean - 3LW
    "He who stands by me Through the stormy weather Through good times and bad Always there for me Takes me to the water And quenches my thirst My sweet inspiration I wanna say Your love is an ocean Wide as"
  • Ocean - Tommy Shaw
    "I'm running from the future And I'm looking at the past I keep coming on to detours And I'm overheated, out of gas There's nothing left to keep me here I've tossed it to the wind And I'm too jacked up"
  • Ocean - Sammy
    "Walking on the ocean looking for myself I breath, breath this salty damp air listen to the rush of the oceanso alonebut not lonely Slowly the sunvanish behind the sea it's dark but I am not afraid slowly"
  • Ocean - JÓGA
    "Trick or treat Beautiful skin Long conversation It’s gettin' cold It’s fallin Winter comes There’s no time I obsessed All this things remind me of her I still live in my Mexican dream All this things"

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