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Show me what you have

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Show me what you have

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Show me what you have
  • Nelly Show
    "(ali) Yeah, yeah, check, check See I aint about playin, leezy bout cash in advance Cash in on the casual, actual, factual plan Makin a killin man, went from that to makin a livin Rightous willin, the only"
  • Bree Sharp Show Me
    "Solitary girl I have been Living in a cell made of skin Sealed inside myself Nothing gets out or gets in I can't feel what you feel Show me the way to my heart Show me the way Show me the way to my heart"
  • Ryan Tedder Show Me
    "It could have been that you and I Were always meant to be Sometimes I don't remember all the reasons why But deep inside I know I tried to be the one who you wanted But all I got was flack from you"
  • Modern Day Zero Show Me
    "It could be so simple, if I just walked the line I've never been ashamed of what I've done before Could it be my time? If you don't care, I don't care I'm gonna get it somewhere You're never really there"
  • John Legend Show Me
    "I realized as I lay down to sleep We haven't spoke in weeks So many things that I'd like to know Come have a talk with me I need a sign, something I can see Why all the mystery? I try not to fall for make"
  • Jade Valerie Show Me
    "Ice cold, yot got me on hold deal me out enough so I don't let go You go fast, slow, keep it on the hush leave me empty and happy like a cocaine rush You're a cheap king, fake diamond ring I'm a brand"
  • Seal Show Me
    "Different kinds of people Different kinds of life We go walking towards the future With different size strides Show me the way to solve your sorrows And I'll do what I can 'Cause we have the experience If"
  • Brettell Show Me
    "When I'm sitting so close to you There is only one thing I want to do But I know what your likely to say And I'm going about it the wrong way We can't agree about anything Even when I try to compromise"
  • ShattereD Show Me
    "Make me believe that my life here is worth something more than nothing, All I can see is your faith that is made of a perfect disease. All I can feel is your face bleeding behind that burning wall of pain. Show"
  • Massari Show me
    "Chorus] Why u lookin at me like u want me If she wasnt near me, upon me Damn girl why u acting lonely Didn't you know that she'd be watching closely. Shoulda listened when my hommie told me Heard you're"
  • Michael McDonald You Show Me
    "(Harry Garfield And Michael McDonald) Not every hope is a dream come true Not every heart is made of steel Not all love sees the end of time And more hearts than not will be broken tryin' But I believe"
  • Chamillionaire Show me what ya got
    "(feat. Famous) Ch-ch-cheah, your tuned into your boy the ChamillionatorCause I stay killin 'emKnow what I'm talkin 'bout?Mixtape Messiah Part 2Lets go"Hey" - This is why I'm hot little mama (woo)This"
  • Ashanti Show You
    "Baby what yur going thru Know that im here for yuh Yuh dont ever have to worry bout it Cuz everything else ill do without it Ill share yur struggle (ill place) No one above you (incase) You didn"
  • Pussycat Dolls Show me what you got
    "We got to show 'em what we got.Don't be scared of sitting on topWe gotta say what's on our minds.Ain't nobody leaving us behind.Together, we'll stick together, and thats forever, for life.Hey CarmityYeahYou"
  • Blessed By A Broken Heart Show Me What You Got
    "I won't bow down To the god of this wold False prophets who sell Their souls for silver and gold I won't rest until Your idols fall to the ground Just try and stop me Just try and stop me now So take your"
  • Jay-Z Show Me What You Got
    "This is State Of Emergency What you want me to do? Im sorry! I'm back..hehehe UH, huh uh, lets go get 'em Just HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY Show me what you got, lil mama Show me what you got, pretty lady Show"
  • Limp Bizkit Show Me What You Got
    "keepin it real world wide baby limp bizkits in the house so bring it on i'd like to dedicate this song to you for makin my dreams come true for the millinum are you ready? then get the fuck up Where you"
  • Busta Rhymes Show Me What You Got
    "Hoo! Yeah it's another one of them marvelous shits Yeah, Flipmode, huh, Busta Rhymes shit, yeah So remarkable, yeah As I say it over and over again From song to song, yeah, so remarkable Hah, heh, yeah,"
  • Natasha Thomas Show Me What You Got
    "Your eyes are glued to my body I can tell you're thinkin' bout somethin' naughty I gotta know what you cha got for me Before I onna let you touch this Lickin' your lips like your eatin' chicken Like"
  • Within Temptation What Have You Done
    "''Would you mind if I hurt you? Understand that I need to Wish that I had other choices Than to harm the one I love'' What have you done now? I know I'd better stop trying You know that theres no denying I"

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