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Shubidu Elis

  • Shubidu - Elis
    "Shubidu I am walking trough the rain What the hell is going on? So much sadness so much pain In people who are walking around Everybody looks angry That it´s raining today But I am smiling and enjoying"
  • Elis - Elis
    "Elis, wenn die Amsel im schwarzen Wald ruft, dieses ist dein Untergang. Deine Lippen trinken die Khle des blauen Felsenquells. Lass, wenn deine Stirne leise blutet Uralte Legenden Und dunkle Deutung des"
  • Elis - Erben der Sch
    "Elis, wenn die Amsel im schwarzen Wald ruft: Dieses ist dein Untergang, deine Lippen trinken dieK hle des blauen Felsenquells. Lass, wenn deine Stirne leise blutet, Uralte Legenden und dunkle Deutung des"
  • Samba Pra Elis - Joyce
    "Claro luar vulco no vesgo do seu olhar quem v no diz quem Elis, essa mulher. Mouro pilar braso da msica popular quem viu bendiz a voz de Elis, essa mulher. uma santa garganta que Deus fez e quando"
  • Aoi Hitomi No Elis - Anzen Chitai
    "Nakushita yume wa aoi umi no iro Anata ni sotto uchi aketai Hitori kiri wo Wasureru youni Donna ni kanashii kotomo Watashi ni tsutaete Anata no hitomi no ERISU (Elis) Mitsume kaeshite Nakitai yoru ni Hiraku"
  • Song for Elie - Ballydowse
    "i see a fire in the distance mother my love i see those rising flames are those the sabbath candles glowing no my love, but you will rest the same i haven't seen you since the separation i watched you"
  • My Only Love - Elis
    "I'm a lonely stranger In this world of pain In my darkest hour I'm alone Why did you leave me But one day I will find you My heart and soul My only love Wandering through the fields Of disease"
  • Sie Erfasst Mein Herz - Elis
    "Schwere Tranen Vergebens geweint Rinnen wie Silber In Sehnsucht vereint Verlassen und traurig Geh'ich durch die Nacht Der Wind folgt mir nach Und trstet mich sacht Hart wie Stein Und still ist"
  • Where You Belong - Elis
    "Don't weep Just see Come here Call me Just follow No sorrow You're there Where you belong It's where you belong Don't you see When memories are gone Sent to be free Always be aware Of your memories"
  • Seit Dem Anbeginn Der Zeit - Elis
    "Ihr leises Weinen dringt durch die Abendluft Ob sie nach meinem Trost und Beistand ruft? Tief verbunden seit dem Anbeginn der Zeit Durch die eine Kraft die alle Wunden heilt Ich trag sie stets in mir Voller"
  • Abendlied - Elis
    "Dieses ist lange her. Da ich deine schmalen Hande nahm Dieses ist lange her. Schlugst die runden Augen auf, Dieses ist lange her. Am Abend, Wenn wir auf dunklen Pfaden gehn, Erscheinen unsere bleichen"
  • Betrayal - Elis
    "Betrayal, you betrayed me You betrayed me with a kiss I thought you were my friend Now I hate you So much You betrayed me with a kiss You never really cared It turned out to be wrong So wrong Can you trust"
  • Child - Elis
    "A child is born Out of the womb of a mother Who didn't want it It happened in a night Of drunken passion and no thought About the consequence Two bodies cling together Drunken loneliness Two bodies"
  • Heart In Chains - Elis
    "Your cold cold heart has drowned my life in pain Your cold cold heart has tortured my mind and soul You have never learnt To leave your prison Your heart lies in chains And who will break them Your heart"
  • Perfect Love - Elis
    "Peel off my skin, make me helpless Taste my body Let me die in your sweet embrace I never thought that I could find Someone like you and still I feel the union of souls I never thought that I could find A"
  • Rebirth - Elis
    "The long summer Has gone The autumn leaves Start to fall Yesterday I was touched by the breath of winter His cold fingers searched for my heart But in my heart I felt the warmth of this summer So the"
  • Show Me Heaven - Elis
    "There you go flashing fever from your eyes. Hey babe, come over here and shut them tight. I'm not denyin' we're flying above it all. Hold my hand, don't let me fall. You've such amazing grace. I've never"
  • Sleep And Death - Elis
    "Dreaming under willows Our cheeks caress the stars The faded night's brow inclines Sleep and death, the dark eagles Roaring for nights on end around our heads. The countenance of our white tombs Stares"
  • Der Letzte Tag - Elis
    "Es geschah in der Zeit, Als die Sonne die Erde zum Glhen brachte Und die Menschen sich nach der Nacht sehnten, Nach den Schatten Und der Linderung ihrer Qual: Die Luft steht stickig still Die Erde in"
  • Lost Soul - Elis
    "He took my soul Took my soul In his hands My mind got dark Mind got dark In his hands When did I begin To follow the shadows They fill my dreams with pain and sadness When did I begin To feel the sorrows Then"

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