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Shut the door, turn the light off

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Shut the door, turn the light off

  • Shut The Door - Mad Caddies
    "When you leave Shut the door Don't wanna to talk about it anymore When you're gone Don't forget to leave the light on When you go Please say goodbye to me Will I go alone Or will you stand by me And follow"
  • Shut Down, Turn Off - Little River Band
    "SHUT DOWN, TURN OFF WRITER GLENN SHORROCK Turn off all life support systems, I'm finished for the day, I'm on the midnight flyer, and I've really got to get away. Shut down all your main engines, I'm"
  • Turn off the light - Dio
    "A rumble of thunder, I'm suddenly under your spell No rhyme or reason, or time of the season, but oh well The darkened deliver, I shake and I shiver down your soul You know what to cover, I think for another"
  • Turn Off The Light - Hollywood Undead
    "Jeffree Star: This is Jeffree fuckin' Star and this is a big FUCK YOU to all you jealous bitches, that get mad that I'm fucking your boyfriends.. An don't get mad that they suck my dick.. an then they"
  • Shut The Door - House Of Pain
    "Baby, bounce to my rhythm, I be radiatin' static With toys in my attic, styles automatic I love 'em Asiatic, Japanese, and Puerto Rican Every time I start speakin', I wind up freakin' Some little fleusy"
  • Turn Off The Light - Nelly Furtado
    "It's getting so lonely inside this bed Don't know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead And there's an aching inside my head It's telling me I'm better off alone But after midnight morning"
  • Don't turn off the light - Enrique Iglesias
    "I don't have to tell youWhat this is all aboutCause baby half the fun isIn us figuring it up all outSo why you gotta ask meWhat I'm doing nowCause I don't like to questionWhat I still haven't foundChorusSo"
  • Shut The Door Behind Me - Kino
    "They say they cannot afford any risk They got a home, there is light there And I do know who of us is right Rain's waiting for me outside Dinner's waiting for them at their home CHORUS Shut the door behind"
  • Shut The Door - Fugazi
    "i broke the surface so i can breathe i close my eyes so i can see i tie my arms to be free have you ever been free? she's not breathing she's not moving she's not coming back i burn a fire to stay cool i"
  • Shut the Door - Arachnes
    "Shut the door, shut your suitcase and come along, we can't carry on like this. Money, money, (eh) I don't care about it, I want to live to be old; to fly in the sky over the town, I would kill myself"
  • Somebody Turn The Lights Off - Dead Celebrity Status
    "(Click Click Click, sshh) Somebody turn the lights off. Sometimes my eyes are hollow and sleepy Somebody turn the lights down. Sometimes my skin wishes I was somewhere else Somebody turn the lights off. Sometimes"
  • Shut Out The Light - Bruce Springsteen
    "The runway rushed up at him as he felt the wheels touch down He stood out on the blacktop and took a taxi into town He got out down on Main Street and went into a local bar He bought a drink and found"
  • Turn Off the Dark - Bono&The Edge (Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark)
    "Between regret and despair Between faith and fear Between longing and necessity In the shadowland In the shadowland Turn off the dark Turn off the dark Between the looking and the seeing Between"
  • Time To Turn Off The Light - DJ Bobo
    "Chorus 1: Now it's time to turn off the light Now it's time to - say goodbye Planet colors is coming back Once again - someday Verse 1: Time was flying by, on silent wings Now we have to say goodnight"
  • When I Turn Off The Living Room Light - The Kinks
    "Who cares if you're Jewish And your breath smells of garlic And your nose is a shiny red light To me you are gorgeous And everything's right When I turn off the living room light Your clothes are old-fashioned Your"
  • Door - Martha Wainwright
    "There's a door Handle's cold Made of iron & brass And this door it used to lead Into what is now my past If you were to have opened this door It would have lead you on to a floor Where my mother had played"
  • Shut up - Nick Lachey
    "Oh, oh, oh Shut Up You say you want me That you hate me Try to love me wanna break me Guess I'm sleeping on the couch again You say no, when you mean yes Is this a game some kind of test Now why cant we"
  • Turn The Light Out - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "I closed the door. She stole the key. I gave her pearls. I washed her feet. I said "My love," She was asleep. Dreaming of Other things. She's going to turn the light out. Close your eyes, let it be. She's"
  • Turn Off The Lights - Sarah Connor
    "Turn off the lights And baby close the door This is the night We've both been waiting for To fall in love it only needs The blink of an eye and then you feel Some kind of longing and wanting and wishing"
  • Turn The Lights Off - Tweet
    "(featuring Missy Elliott) (Chorus) Boy why don't you put the needle on the record Turn the lights off Lets get closer than closer than most Turn the lights off I think we can get to know each other better"

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